We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

If you need a dog trainer in your local area, Dog Training Elite offers the most effective private dog training in the area. Years of training experience has taught us in-home dog training is the most effective as it offers a personalized training experience for both dog and owner. Many dog owners fail to realize that they play an essential role in the training of their pup - a healthy relationship must be established between dog and owner for training to be successful. Additionally, a personal dog trainer in your local area can address problematic behaviors that may go unnoticed in a classroom setting. Obedience school is typically full of other dogs, people, and often take place outdoors - distractions abound for an untrained pup!

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Dog Training Elite is the last dog trainer you’ll ever need!

Private, in-home training is the only way to successfully train a dog in the following areas:

  • Obedience - Commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come” form the foundations of dog training and most dogs can learn them quickly. While these are typically covered in obedience classes, dogs are easily distracted in group settings and will learn at a slower pace. As Dog Training Elite’s training sessions take place one-on-one in the private and calm setting of your home, your dog will be able to learn obedience quickly.
  • Behavior - While obedience commands are easy to teach, behavior issues vary and can be difficult to address. The reason obedience school trainings fail is because behaviour issues usually occur at home and often go unnoticed by obedience trainers. Examples of behaviour issues include: chasing the mailman, jumping on guests entering the home, bothering the cat, etc. By working with your dog in his natural environment, your Dog Training Elite professional trainer can observe your dog’s unique issues and develop a personalized training program.
  • Pet-Owner Relationship - The most important part in any dog training program is the bond formed between dog and owner. Without a strong relationship, your dog simply won’t listen. At obedience school, a dog learns to listen to the trainer, not you, which causes problems at home. The Dog Training Elite program is focused on fostering a positive relationship between pet and owner. Your personal dog trainer in your local area will work side by side with you to ensure that your dog understands you are the one in control which ensures future success.

For the best dog trainer in your local area, look no further than your local Dog Training Elite. We work hard to foster a loving, obedient relationship between you and your pet. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Everyone has been super nice with helping me understand what will be best for my dogs issues.
— Ruth Jones, Posted August 27th 2020 on google
Neil and especially Ilara (Gavin and Lexi too) have been phenomenal. Never knew I could be so happy with our Belgian Malinois as much as I am. We were warned about how hard it is with Malis, but DTE has trained us and Kona and we are grateful. Excited and can't wait for the next level. EVERY K9 NEEDS THIS.
— Larry Earl, Posted August 24th 2020 on google
I contacted this group because my German shepherd was impossible. I had decided to rehome her. But with the help of my wonderful trainer, the dog was transformed! She comes when called, heels, waits at doorways, and many other things. Wonderful! And the dog is happier and enjoys working with me.
— Cynthia Brettschneider, Posted August 21st 2020 on google
Dog Training Elite is a great business whom are very professional, reliable, and friendly. They’ve done an awesome job training our German Shepard to be a service dog. Myself and my GSD love attending the group classes with other dogs. Would recommend to anyone from basic training to more advanced training.
— olivia tirado, Posted August 11th 2020 on google
DTE are absolutely amazing!! You will not regret working with them. They genuinely care for your pets, and really help you understand what you need to do in order to improve your pets life and yours. Everyone wins!! You get INSTANT results. I love them!!
— Patricia Slack, Posted July 15th 2020 on google
We decided to put our dog through their service training program and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made and I wish we would have done it sooner. They are super hands on and not only train your dog, they teach YOU how too. Which is something I realize a lot of people need. They have given us the tools to succeed...
— Cassidy, Posted June 25th 2020 on google
I went to Dog Training Elite at the end of my rope with my German Shepherd who's highly reactive to new dogs and strangers. After working with her in their training program, she can now walk alongside new dogs without reacting to them at all. Whenever we went on walks and encountered another dog, I used to have to stop...
— Samantha Puckett, Posted June 25th 2020 on google
I sought out Neal and DTE to help a friend with her two unruly, large dogs. I personally attended the training sessions and saw Neal, Gavin and Lexi expertly and lovingly handle and train them. I was so impressed, I bought the gold package for my own two rescue dogs, ages 7 and 5. Neal and his trainers clearly LOVE d...
— Sharon Sexton, Posted June 5th 2020 on google
So thankful that I found Dave and Whitley. My previous trainer seemed to not know how to train my pup or get his attention which was frustrating. I sought to find a trainer that could not only train him but be understanding of his hip dysplasia since he is still young (8 months old). Whitley has experience with young d...
— Stephanie K, Posted May 15th 2020 on google
A year ago I had training sessions with Dog Training Elite that changed our lives. My dog is an 8 lb poodle mix and had become a “runner” and had also developed some fears of other dogs. Their training drastically changed the relationship I have with my dog. In just a few sessions she learned so many commands an...
— Emily Crane, Posted May 14th 2020 on google
Trevor far exceded expectations with our boxer. We did a board and train session where Brody spent 4 days with at Trevor’s house. He came back a new dog. Trevor has also reached out a few times after to make sure Brody is doing well. Thanks Trevor, Emma and DTE!!
— Ethan Robertshaw, Posted April 11th 2020 on google
Dog Training Elite San Antonio, Whitley and her team, are fabulous!!!! We needed a service dog for my daughter. I knew nothing about how to go about that. I contacted Dog Training Elite and they walked me through their process and gave us recommendations for breed and age. We went with their breeder recommendation a...
— Dr. Perry, Posted January 18th 2020 on google
They are absolutely amazing! They have trained 2 of our dogs, one of which they trained and tested as a service dog! They worked with me on payments we could afford. Everyone always comments on how well behaved my dogs are! I would and have recommend them to everyone!
— Heather D., Posted January 16th 2020 on yelp
We are working with Dog Training Elite to train a service dog for our 10 year old son. They have been professional, knowledgeable, and have supported us every step of the way. They have exceeded our expectations by far and we highly recommend them to any family looking to train a service dog.
— Charlie Vargas, Posted December 4th 2019 on google
People were super nice and answered my questions
— Melony Salguero, Posted October 13th 2019 on google
The BEST dog training EVER!!! I tried other dog trainers, before I tried Whitley and Dave and none of the other trainers worked. In fact, my dog's behavior was getting worst. Within the first week of working with Whitley and Dave, I could see improvements! It's now been seven months, and my dog is now my Servic...
— Kimberly C., Posted September 28th 2019 on yelp
I have been working with DTE for many months now and I am beyond grateful to have found them. You will not find better or more kind trainers around. They are always happy to help with questions, and have worked around a number of unforeseen health issues with my dog to ensure I have a trained service dog. If I could gi...
— Maggie Henstorf, Posted September 7th 2019 on google
Very knowledgeable and kind yet firm with our stubborn fur baby
— C Ellish, Posted July 19th 2019 on google
I thought I was ready for our pup! May not have continued to be a dog owner with Aidan and Dog Training Elite! They are the best!
— James Bagwell, Posted June 27th 2019 on google
Dog Training Elite saved two of my dogs from getting put down. My first Belgian Malinois was human and dog aggressive. He wouldn't show any warning signs, he would just go and attack. I had Neal come out for the free in-home evaluation as a last resort (I either had to find a trainer that would be able to help him or w...
— Anysia Jaramillo, Posted May 7th 2019 on google

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Once basic obedience commands are covered, we offer a variety of other specialized k9 training programs for you and your k9’s unique needs:

  • Obedience training
  • Anxiety / Aggression Training
  • PTSD Training
  • Service Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Personal Protection Training
  • Military / Retired Vet Training

When you choose a trusted dog training program , you are choosing the best for your k9. Our training programs are personalized to you and your pet, specialized for your needs and based on your schedule. We believe the relationship between a dog and his owner is a special one and we work hard to keep it positive. Unlike other programs, we never use punishment or pain during training. Encouragement and positive reinforcement are our methods and they allow for a happy, obedient k9 who is willing to please. Give us a call today to schedule your in-home dog obedience training consultation; your k9 will thank you!