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Aidan Rosequist & ArrowFranchise Owner - Utah County

Tired of his dead-end job, Aidan decided to find a business opportunity that he could feel passionate about. Hear his Dog Training Elite franchise story here!

Whitley Cheatham & FlirtFranchise Owner - San Antonio, Texas

Whitley had some serious doubters and critics when she left her corporate job to open a Dog Training Elite. All of the naysayers have since apologized, of course, after seeing Whitley's success! Listen to her story here.

Neal Mestas & BaileyFranchise Owner - Phoenix, Arizona

Neal loves owning a Dog Training Elite franchise not only because of the outstanding economics, but also because of the personal fulfillment he gets from hanging out with dogs all day!

Quotation Marks Quotation Marks

I have never felt so prepared when taking on a new role before. Normally, I have had to figure things out for myself!

-- Cannady Fritzjunker | Des Moines, Iowa

When I read about the services I could provide people as a dog training franchise, I was intrigued. But it was the pet franchise business model that made me immediately know that it was the perfect fit.

-- Alex Price | Houston, Texas

We have been active with various charities and we are looking forward to working with the Malinois Foundation to pair our love of dogs with helping others.

-- Chuck Klingsick | Kansas City South, Missouri

We are very impressed with the Dog Training Elite Franchise family. Although we are not involved in the day-to-day operations or dog training, the DTE team provided us with exactly what we needed to turn people who had zero experience in dog training into world class trainers.

-- Colby Wilcock | Semi-Absentee

I feel people can enjoy their relationships with their pets much better when they both understand what the other one needs, and I’m ready to help them with that.

-- Matt Willis | St. Louis, Missouri

I could jump on a call right now and there are at least 2 people at all times who are available to help me. Even with the growth of the franchise across the nation, they still make time to help and support us. They check in a lot to make sure we always have what we need.

-- Sarah Ballard | Denver, Colorado

Customer Testimonials

If I could give more stars I most definitely would! There really is not enough words that can be said about this company. Our Frenchie George was a very stubborn and hard headed frenchie and if you own one then know what I’m talking about. The methods they use are awesome! It really opened up our eyes on how this training needs to be done and it’s extremely effective and starts to work right away. Thank you to those of you who helped us with our Georgie boy! 20 stars should be the review
— Josh Thomas
Posted March 2nd 2024
This company really is THE BEST hands down! Our 4 month old Cavapoo Teddy went from a sweet and sour little velociraptor into the cuddliest, most obedient puppy in only a couple of sessions! Evan, Kaycee, and Deidre are so knowledgeable and professional, but also very personable and compassionate. This has been nothing, but the best dog training experience that we could have hoped for, and it’s been amazing to see the night and day difference in Teddy each day we practice our new skills. We have 3 teens and a toddler, and despite how much we love him, Teddy might not have been able to stay had we not been able to stop the territorial biting that started a couple months after we got him- especially after he bit our toddler’s face and punctured a couple of hands. To say they saved us is an understatement, and now we feel extremely blessed to have their help for the rest of Teddy’s life. Thank you Dog Elite Training, we will be singing your praises to everyone who cares to listen! 💖
— April Kirtland
Posted February 28th 2024
Evan and his team have worked tirelessly with me from the start. He drove several hours to help me choose the perfect pup! The team at Dog Training Elite was there for all of my silly questions and late night freakouts! Thanks!
— Chris Gravett
Posted February 15th 2024
Dog Training Elite has been a game-changer in our journey to train our lab as a psychiatric service dog for the police department. Their unique approach not only focuses on training the dog, but also empowers us as handlers, fostering a continuous cycle of learning and growth. Kaycee and Evan have been pivotal in this process, providing invaluable support and expertise. Kaycee's promptness in addressing our questions and Evan's effective training methods have made the experience smooth and enjoyable. Dog Training Elite stands out for their dedication to both dogs and handlers, making them the top choice for professional dog training. If you apply what they teach, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. We love them! Highly recommended.
— Aiza Stevens
Posted February 14th 2024
Evan and Deidre are amazing! Charlie is a 4 month old German Shepard and we could not ask for a better pup. She is currently in puppy training with her last one sessions left and excelling, we will definitely be moving forward. We are so grateful and they truly are the last dog trainers you’ll ever need.
— Madelyn Peters
Posted February 7th 2024
Dog Training Elite has changed my puppy from an obnoxious pain to the dream dog I hoped he could be. Evan's work showed me not only the capability of my dog but the potential and love my puppy has. I could not be happier with the training and the trainers. They are over the top amazing.
— Bob Widrick
Posted January 30th 2024
I have a very adorable, loving affectionate bernedoodle who is going on 2 yo. He is also very determined, stubborn and naughty!! I needed a serious action plan and I was so happy to find dog training elite to come to my home. Evan the owner was great to come out and meet with us first to explain the program. His dog Echo is trained by him to perfection! Kaycee is the frontline for this business and she does a phenomenal job in answering all questions and concerns and was there for me throughout the whole program. She is so kind and understanding as well as responsive. Deidre and Meghan were the ones who came weekly to walk us through the e-collar training commands. They were great. Meghan is new to the program but doing awesome. Deidre accompanied her and she is absolutely a natural at what she does. The whole team is great and I am already seeing big success with my baby boy! I am so happy to have their program as I can now enjoy him that much more as well as not worry about his safety running away and not coming when called. I am looking forward to the group classes now where we can build on what we’ve already learned. Thank you to the whole team! You guys are the best!!
— Donna Anderson
Posted January 26th 2024
Let me start by saying we have 4 kids (5 and under) and our 3 year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this year. We had no idea how we were going to manage a puppy, let alone train it to be a service dog on top of our already chaotic lives. Evan came to help us choose a puppy out of the litter. We started scent training at 8 weeks old and he is now giving us live alerts at 5 months! We’ve had many trainings with Evan and it’s very cool to watch. He knows his stuff! We’ve had great training lessons with Kacey as well, and she is always available to answer our questions. This process has been overwhelming at times and she is our cheerleader that keeps us going! We love her! These people have given us the tools and support we needed, and we are so excited to see the end result. I would recommend these trainers to anyone!
— Madison Valikoula
Posted December 20th 2023
Our experience with this company has been awesome from the very beginning. When we called Kaycee to find out about the process and ask questions, she was so helpful and friendly. Evan met us to evaluate the puppy we were looking at and he was great. Deidre and Megan came for the first training session last week, and were so great at explaining the process and answering all questions, and told us to call with any more.
— Barbara Muirhead
Posted December 16th 2023
I don't normally write reviews, but DTE has been an absolute god send. I have been in need of a service dog for years, but it was never a viable option for me financially. Not only have they made this training program affordable, they are available 24/7 to answer my questions. They come to you for the first many weeks of training, which has been so helpful with my health conditions. Every person I have worked with has been absolutely wonderful. Special shout out to Kaycee, Evan, Deidre (I'm sorry-spelling?), and Megan for their kindness, patience, encouragement, and just overall amazingness. You cannot got wrong here.
— Kristen Muirhead
Posted December 16th 2023
Dog Training Elite has been the best dog training experience ever! We had done training through other services with no results for our poor anxious girl and were slowly losing hope. Jeff and Dallin have transformed her into a confident and obedient girl! Walks are no longer a pain and our girl is thriving! I would 10/10 recommend the platinum package to anyone who has an anxious and reactive dog.
— Kennedy Wallin
Posted December 11th 2023
I am so glad I chose to go with DTE. Evan came out to do my assessment with my dog reactive pit bull spartan, and I loved the way he interacted with spartan. He was not pushy trying to get me to sign up with them which was a nice change from other assessments I have had. Ryan and Deidre worked with me and my dog so patiently and not only made him better, but made me better. After our first session, there was already a big difference in Spartans behavior. Today I finished my last one on one session and spartan is an entirely different dog in the best way possible! I could not thank the team enough!
— Collin Kleese
Posted December 9th 2023
We recently started having our dog trained so she can be a service animal for our daughter. I was amazed that only a few weeks in I was able to tell our dog (who thinks she has to be attached to us at all times) to stay, and she stayed in one place while I exercised. I was even more amazed when I then went upstairs, took a shower and came back downstairs to find her still in the same place I’d told her to stay. Such a win! The trainers have been so good to explain every part of the process and the why behind everything. They answer all our questions and concerns with so much patience and kindness, no matter how silly they may be. This is making a huge difference for us and our dog.
— Jessica Sappington
Posted November 28th 2023
After a week our dog, Harley, was obedient to commands like off and come even when faced with distractions like cows and goats. He, being a herd dog, that was huge. Thanks to Daidre and dog training elite program. We are super impressed and grateful.
— Marcine Brown
Posted November 21st 2023
It has been a fantastic experience working with Dog Training Elite Utah County to train our now 4-month-old puppy (we started when he was nine weeks old). We have had the pleasure of working with trainers Ryan and Deidre. We have undergone Puppy training (w/ Ryan) and are three weeks into obedience training (w/ Ryan & Deidre). Ryan and Deidre are so well-prepared and patient with my family and me. We can't speak more highly of their training sessions. We are new to dog training and appreciate their time, expertise, and effort. Our puppy is thriving. We took our puppy on his first experience at Petsmart. We walked in, and a dog immediately barked aggressively; dogs were everywhere. In one of our sessions, Ryan taught us how to handle those types of situations to ensure our pup felt secure and to show him how to trust us, and it worked like a dream. We used many of the tools we had learned in training during that trip; he sat, heeled without pulling, and placed so patiently and calmly. We were so proud of our pup. We wouldn't have been able to have the success we did without Ryan, Deidre, and Dog Training Elite. We also want to share what a joy Casey has been to work with. Casey is always so cheerful and patiently answers any questions we have had. If you are in need of a company to help you train your dog, this is the place to go. They are affordable, their customer service is top-notch, and their trainers are exceptional.
— BATM -
Posted November 14th 2023
We have had a great experience with our Doberman, he was really struggling with reactivity, and just had a lot of puppy energy. Deidre has been an absolute saint. She had so much patience with Jocko & has even boarded our doberman twice & he absolutely adores her! I wouldn’t recommended anyone else! They are absolutely fantastic.
— Gabriela Leite
Posted November 12th 2023
When I first got my puppy Phoebe I immediately felt overwhelmed with the puppy scare and not knowing how to train her properly and feeling that I had made a huge mistake not being well prepared. I called up Evan and set up puppy training and by the first appointment felt so relieved that all I was experiencing was normal for a puppy owner. Now, as Phoebe is about to turn 1 year old I am blown away by her confidence, good behavior, and loving demeanor that has been able to blossom because of the training both she and I received through DTE. Both the home puppy classes and the group behavior classes was crucial in getting to build trust with her and now I am so excited with all she's going to accomplish as my Psychiatric Service Dog. I cannot thank DTE (Evan, Ryan, Deidre) enough for all their hard work with me and Phoebe and helping us gain confidence that have gotten us to where we are now and where we'll get in the future! The price of the program can seem really daunting but DTE are some of the most compassionate folks and are willing to work with your situation and your dog (whether you're training a pet or a working dog) is going to be worth it and the confidence you also gain as they're owner and family member is priceless, in my opinion!
— Katelyn Allen
Posted November 10th 2023
This was such a life saver we appreciate everything the trainers did with our German shepherd! He is a whole new dog from where we started and we are so pleased with him. We cannot thank you enough Daidre and Ryan!!!
— Tristan Keetch
Posted November 8th 2023
We are very happy to have selected Dog Training Elite to help us train our Mini Dachshund. We selected the combination of private lessons and public in the park training. Kaycee is awesome in answering our questions and helping. Evan came to meet with us and assess our dogs training needs and helped us select our training course. Ryan has conducted the private in-home training, and we are very happy having him help us. Deedre is awesome in the park group training. Our dog Dixie is coming along great, and we are very happy with the results so far. Thanks Mike & Jana
— Michael Hershberger
Posted October 27th 2023
I highly recommend Dog Training Elite!! Brock has made the most amazing changes in just a week! I couldn’t do this alone! Jake is incredible and patient with my pup. Even though my Lab was crazy… he’s learning how to be an absolute gentleman! I am so impressed with everything at DTE!
— Sandi Hart
Posted September 6th 2023

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