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Are you ready to take the next steps toward owning a Dog Training Elite franchise?

Step 1.

Download Your Dog Training Elite Franchise Report

Fill out our form to gain access to the Dog Training Elite Franchise Report so that you can learn a little more about the Dog Training Elite franchise opportunity and who we are seeking as our next Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner. Once you submit your form, we will send some more information via email and reach out to you ASAP to schedule your initial qualification call.

Step 2.
Find Out if You Qualify

Once you’ve completed a brief, 5-minute Questionnaire to determine your eligibility as a Dog Training Elite franchise candidate, you will soon receive notice of your qualification status.

Candidates who qualify for our 4-6 week Education Process receive access to these exciting resources to help you determine if Dog Training Elite is the right franchise opportunity for you:

Our Franchise Development Director to personally guide you through our Education Process and answer any questions you have about owning a Dog Training Elite franchise.

Our Franchise Disclosure Document: 40 pages of important information about each of our open locations.

More Detailed Financials including historical sales performance of all our locations.

The Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners! You’ll be able to hear directly from the Franchise Owners about their decision to own a Dog Training Elite.

To get access to all this information within our Education Process, we need to first make sure you qualify to own a Dog Training Elite franchise.

Simply complete our Franchise Ownership Questionnaire. There is no obligation and no cost involved and it takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Are YOU Our Ideal Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner?

It takes a very special person to have the love and patience required to effectively train dogs in obedience, behavior correction, and other specialty areas. We’re looking for Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners who exhibit specific traits and characteristics.

Does this sound like you?

Background in Sales/Training

You may not necessarily have experience in the pet industry but you possess a strong sales/marketing or instruction background.

Strong Leadership Skills

You're coming to us with extensive business management experience and a strong leadership.

Dog Person

You've got a natural, lifelong love and respect for dogs, and go above and beyond in your everyday life to help preserve their welfare and happiness.


You're willing to go the extra mile for clients, and have experience managing customer service queries in a friendly, respectful manner.

Involved in Local Pet Community

You wish to further the education and advocacy of pet-related causes in their local community, and give back to pet-themed organizations in your area whenever possible.

The Next Steps

Welcome to the exploration of franchise ownership with Dog Training Elite! You are entering an Education Process designed to help both of us evaluate your chances for success as a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner. We take pride in sharing who we are; as a franchise system, dog training business opportunity, and most importantly, a wider dog training franchise family of entrepreneurs.

Here's how we do it:

Confidential Questionnaire

Congratulations! You’ve passed our preliminary qualification phase and have been approved to begin the rest of the Education Process!

Business Model Review

A webinar on the brand, model, our support and marketing programs and more. The visual, informative webinar runs 60 minutes.

Initial Call

We find out what you’re looking for in a dog training business opportunity. You learn more about the system, industry and what makes us a success.

FDD Review

In this step, you will read our Franchise Disclosure Document, which provides info on the opportunity, protocols, investment levels and financial performance for our locations. You will also gain access to several educational call recordings from our Franchise Owners at this stage.

Market Research

In this step, We look into the viability of your market for a dog training franchise.

Clearance Call

Getting here means you’ve earned a phone call with our CEO, Kelley Rosequist. It’s your opportunity to learn about running a Dog Training Elite franchise from a master!

Peer Review

During the Peer Review step, you will have the opportunity to speak directly to Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners. This is a two-fold process. First, you will ask questions about what it is like to own and operate a Dog Training Elite. Then, our Franchise Owners will get to learn a little about you and provide feedback on whether they think you’ll be a good fit for the system.

Approval Day

The last step in our process is to invite you to a full day of hands-on discovery. Following an executive review of your progress through the first seven steps, we will invite you to Sandy, UT to spend the day with the Dog Training Elite Corporate Team. There, you will meet the corporate and marketing team, see the business model in action, and attend a ride along with one of our Trainers.

Executive Interview

Within 48 hours following Approval Day, we will set up a final interview to ensure we are aligned on expectations and go over any final details.

Franchise Awarded

CONGRATULATIONS! We will now walk you through the Agreement signing, and then officially congratulate you on owning your dream dog training business!

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