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2023 is the Year for Dog Training Elite Pet Franchise

Posted on Jan 24th 2023

With the goal of turning your disobedient pup into the goodest boy on the block, Dog Training Elite offers customers innovative, in-home dog obedience services. Using decades of training experience, John and his team of experts began fine-tuning the training method that would eventually make Dog Training Elite pet franchise a huge success in the coming years.

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Taylor Newton is Our Newest Owner in the Pack!

Posted on Aug 29th 2022

We are so excited to welcome Westchester, Pennsylvania’s own Taylor Newton as the newest Dog Training Elite family member!

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Dog Training Elite is Coming to Columbus, OH!

Posted on Jul 23rd 2022

Dog Training Elite is finally coming to Columbus, Ohio! Our newest Franchise Owners are father-and-son business partners Dan and Brennan O’Malley.

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Pet Owner Behavior Can Have an Effect on Dog Training Success

Posted on Jul 22nd 2022

Did you know that your personality could be affecting your dog training success? There’s even research out there that supports this notion. Let’s take a look.

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Dog Training Language and Why It Matters!

Posted on Jul 22nd 2022

Do you ever wonder if the language we use while training our canine companions makes a difference? When it comes down to it, we're prone to become agitated and disappointed if a dog doesn't listen– and how we communicate with them can impact our relationship with our in-training pets.

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