Why Franchise?
The Advantages Of Franchising

Buying a franchise is an exciting venture and intelligent decision! Franchising allows flexibility in owning and running your own business.

If you truly are considering buying a franchise, consider not only the advantages of franchising but the costs as well. We don’t want to put you off from the idea, but only those seriously looking to buy a franchise should continue reading.

Let us help you in learning what it would mean to franchise — and why you should!

The Costs And Benefits Of Self Employment

Running your own business can offer you so many benefits but also cost you a great deal. Your interest in the business world and perhaps even having extensive business experience will help you in your decision to franchise.

You probably know all the ins and outs of running a business, but do you know the pros and cons of going it alone? Self-employment can be a blessing in a corporate world, but we really want you to understand some of the advantages of franchising — and potential drawbacks.

So, here are a few benefits of self-employment to consider:

Be your own boss with a Dog Training Elite franchise.

Be Your Own Boss

Being the boss of not only your workers but of yourself as well means that you call all the shots. You have the first and final say of everything that goes on within your business. There can be pressure and stress with that position, but the people primarily leave corporate America to call their own shots and have control. You assume greater responsibility when you’re the boss, and how you run things will prove your business to be a success or not.

With a Dog Training Elite franchise, you own it all, including the profits.

You Own It All

We don’t just mean that you literally own your business, but that you own everything that goes on in it: The rights, the brand, the literal property, the creative aspects – everything! Your business’ success means all the benefits, profits and rewards you reap are yours to keep. Take the time and energy to protect your business as success is great leverage.

Opening a dog training franchise is risky, but also extremely rewarding.

No Such Thing As Low Risk

Don’t be fooled by catchy slogans or advertising. When you start a new business, there’s no such thing as no risk – or even low risk. Your investments and your livelihood are all put at risk when you go it alone. This doesn’t mean you can’t succeed as a new business, but in reality, 75% of new businesses don’t make it past 15 years. There are a lot of risks involved when starting a business, both financial and physical. Taking that leap of faith is admirable, but it’s worth taking time to really think if going it alone is right for you and your family before making the commitment.

Dog Training Elite provides constant support for its franchisors.

You're On Your Own

Being your own boss is great with lots of advantages, but when times get tough and things get dire, who do you turn to for support? You could reach out to a third party for professional support, but that can come at a high cost to you and your business. Friends and family lend moral support, but that can’t exactly pay the bills or fix the deeper problems in your business.

When considering branching out into self-employment, it’s critical to consider the pros and cons, then weigh them against what you want for you and your family’s future.

There’s no doubt running your own business can be an exciting venture and opportunity, but it may come at a high cost and not pan out the way you first imagined. Consider the points above, do your own research, and see where life takes you.

Starting A New Career With A Franchise

What if we told you it’s possible to experience the benefits of self-employment — but not go it alone and risk it all? If that sounds enticing, then starting a new career with a franchise is the way to go!

The pros of franchising largely outweigh the cons of self-employment! Still hesitant? Here are some of the top advantages of franchising that may sway you:

The advantages of franchising and self-employment with a Dog Training Elite.
  • Sweet Freedom
    When running your own franchise, you’ll abide by the franchise company’s rules, but only the best franchises grant authority and freedom to their Franchisees. Without the Franchise Owners, there wouldn’t be a franchise. A good relationship between the franchise and their Franchise Owners not only helps grow the brand but allows for flexibility.
  • Branding And Marketing Just Got A Whole Lot Easier
    One of the huge benefits of a Dog Training Elite franchise is that most of the hard work is already done for you. The brand and marketing for the franchise already exist and all that really needs to be done is running the business. You’ll be stepping into a system that already has proven strategies in place. And with name recognition, people will recognize your logo and associate you with success.
  • Stronger ROI
    An established company means already having a proven track record — and a Franchise Owner means reaping those benefits. Running a franchise will allow you to see high returns in way less time than you would if you were to go it alone. A lot of franchises will have the information available on their sites to show you the breakdown of running the business as a Franchise Owner and can even show you what your revenue will look like.
  • Training Is Simple
    No previous experience as a business owner? No problem. While experience does help, most franchises offer training to their Owners to better equip them in running the business. Training may be provided in-person at their headquarters as well as online training programs that you can do from home.
  • Support When You Need It
    Franchise Owners never need to worry about going it alone. There’s a huge support team behind them ready to assist in whatever they need. The support team behind every Franchise Owner is there to provide you with ongoing training, education, advice, and the tools to ensure the success of your business.

There are certainly more benefits of franchising than drawbacks. Before you decide to go it alone in the world of self-employment, think about what franchising could mean for your business career.

Franchising: Entrepreneurship With Support

Franchising: Entrepreneurship With Support

As we mentioned above, one of the key upsides of franchising is that you have access to the built-in support system that your franchise offers to their Franchisees. When you build a business on your own, you have limited support systems in place to help you run your business. The support you may have as a solo business Owner may come from family, friends, or business associates. Oftentimes that support is more of a moral capacity than of actual utility. Moral support is great, but it won’t get you through the tough financial strains that are included in running a business. With franchising, you gain the advantage of entrepreneurship with support. You have access to financial and industry resources that would have never been available to you if you had chosen to go it alone in business.

Preparing For The Future

When looking at what franchise opportunities are available in the field that interests you, consider the numbers; not only of the industry market but your own. You’ll want to know what you can afford since many franchise opportunities can have high investment ranges or fees. It all depends on the industry and your overall qualifications.

Let's Look At The Numbers

When you look at the pet care and pet training industry, the numbers for franchises such as Dog Training Elite speak volumes. Even during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the pet training industry saw a rise in the market.

Let's take a closer look:

  • Pet care is a $73 billion industry with a steady annual growth rate of 7.8%

  • By 2023, it’s expected to reach $283 billion

  • 70% of households own pets and caring for them is considered essential

  • Pet care spending saw growth during past recessions, at a rate of 29% in 2001 and 17% in 2008-09

With positive numbers like these, it’s hard to deny the advantages of franchising within the pet care industry!

Dog Training Elite teaches about the advantages of franchising with Dog Training Elite.

Consider The Advantages Of Franchising With Dog Training Elite

When you’ve decided the pet industry is the industry for your franchise adventure, consider Dog Training Elite. Take a look at our page on the advantages of franchising and self-employment with Dog Training Elite.

Think you might be a perfect match and an ideal candidate? Contact us today on what franchising can look like for you and start your journey today!

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