The Top 9 Things Pet Owners Need to be Successful Dog Parents

Posted on Nov 6th 2023


The Top 9 Things Pet Owners Need to be Successful Dog Parents

With pet ownership soaring after the 2020 “puppy boom,” the demand for every kind of pet care service has exploded in recent years. Along with other societal trends, the entire pet industry has seen growth like never before, with many new dog parents placing more importance on their pet’s happiness and well-being than previous generations. That being said, many of these new pet owners don’t have the experience to ensure they have all the tools and resources necessary to maintain this level of care. That’s where providers like our pet Franchise Owners at Dog Training Elite play the role of educators in their communities.

Here are some of the most important things our dog training Franchisees recommend to their dog parents to ensure they’re the most successful pet owners they can be.

9 Things Pet Parents Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy Dog

1. Comfortable, Healthy Environment

The most important aspect that will affect a dog’s life, especially at the beginning of their time with a new owner, is their environment. While this certainly includes the physical spaces they’re allowed in at home, other things like diet, family dynamics, and neighborhood also make up their environment and set the tone for their early development.

If a new pet parent isn’t sure how to make their living space more comfortable for a new dog, a great rule of thumb is to gate off potentially dangerous areas of the home while providing toys and comfortable surfaces (i.e., dog beds, blankets, etc.) everywhere else. This consideration should also extend into the yard with a dog owner, ensuring any outdoor space is safe, securely fenced, and kept clean to any avoid potential health hazards.

2. Trusted Veterinarian

Just as a person needs a primary care physician they can go to for regular appointments and concerns, so too does a dog need a reliable, knowledgeable veterinarian. However, unlike humans, some dogs can’t see just any veterinarian – many specific breeds need a care provider that has a unique understanding of their breed-specific issues and needs to ensure they have the tools they need to live long, healthy lives.

First-time dog owners may not be familiar with the veterinarians in their area and may opt to visit the veterinarian’s office closest to them. This makes creating a support system of pet stores, other dog owners, and a trainer so important because they can receive recommendations and insight they otherwise would overlook due to their lack of familiarity. With the right veterinarian in their corner, a dog parent has a trusted resource they can leverage for all their pet health, diet, and other miscellaneous questions.

3. Bonding Experiences

With the nationwide prevalence of pet ownership continuing to gain more popularity, more people are looking to adopt a pet they can build a lasting relationship with so they can consider them as part of the family. The only way to foster that mutually beneficial relationship is through consistent, favorable bonding experiences. Since each dog has their own unique personality, the types of experiences that work best can be anything from cuddling on the couch to going for a run outside. Often, dog owners will find out what their dog likes best over time, but dog training sessions with a professional can help determine their preferences without the same level of trial and error.

Different dog breeds benefits from the dog training classes at Dog Training Elite.

4. Personalized Dog Training

Dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments can benefit from training, but only if the dog training they receive is catered to them, their environment, and the family’s needs. With dog owners’ concerns spanning such a wide range of issues, one-size-fits-all training cannot adequately address the situation and lead to a successful, happy outcome.

At Dog Training Elite we’ve served communities across dozens of states for years using our tried-and-true dog training methods. With more pet parents making their dog’s obedience and comfort a high priority, the need for customized training has skyrocketed. That’s why we’ve created options that provide pet socialization and in-home services that empower dog owners with lifelong skills to continue having a successful relationship with their pups!

5. Socialization Plan

While dogs may love their owners most, they need to interact and regularly socialize with other dogs to have enriched, exciting lives. Whether that’s through fostering shelter dogs on their way to their ‘furever’ homes, making regular visits to the closest dog park, or adopting another pet, all dogs need opportunities to socialize with other dogs and other animals in general, too. Additionally, group training classes are another fantastic way to socialize dogs, especially young puppies, because these often create the distracting social environments that pet parents want their dogs to behave in most.

6. Consistent Physical & Mental Activities

In some regards, dogs are just like people: they need to maintain a regular routine of activities that keep them both mentally and physically stimulated. While a daily walk or trips outside to use the bathroom are great sources of exercise, most dog breeds benefit from more activity than just this. For example, a dog parent could consider turning one bathroom outing into a trip to the dog park or a daily walk into a short hike instead.

On the other hand, mental exercise is just as essential to a healthy doggie lifestyle and should include interactive toys, feeding puzzles, and games that keep them stimulated while they’re not spending time outside. If a dog parent is enrolled in training courses, their pet trainer will often have recommendations on both toys and activities they can do together with their dog to keep them engaged and entertained.

7. Safety Checklist

If there’s one thing that many dog parents overlook, it’s creating and maintaining a safe environment and checklist for when things go wrong. The most important items to consider include:

  • Microchip Information
  • A Pet-Specific At-Home First Aid Kit
  • A Legible Dog Tag with Contact Information
  • The Address & Phone Number of a Trusted Emergency Veterinarian
  • A List of Dangerous Items (i.e., Plants & Foods) for Dogs

However, if there’s one thing a pet owner can always count on, it’s that something will happen that’s outside of your control. In those instances where a dog parent needs extra assistance, these are the phone numbers to list in a safety checklist:

  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: (888) 426-4435
  • ASPCA APCC Non-Emergency: (888) 426-4911
  • Emergency Disaster Info Line: (800) 227-4645
  • The Spay/Neuter Helpline: (800) 248-7729
  • Pet Travel Hotline: (800) 545-8732

8. Travel Plan

Every dog parent will encounter this situation eventually, so it’s important that everyone has a few plans ready for when they travel – both with and without their dog. When traveling and leaving a dog at home, a good pet owner will need either a qualified and prepared dog sitter or a reliable and trusted pet kennel to care for them. Either way, the owner will need to know their dog is safe, comfortable, and happy while they’re gone.

On the other hand, if a dog parent plans to take their pup with them when they travel, they’ll need an entirely different plan, which will instead include travel supplies like tag trackers, plenty of waste bags, collapsible food and water bowls, and more. To be proactive, dog parents should also assume their pups may be anxious due to their new, changing surroundings while traveling, so extra time should be allotted to help them adjust throughout a trip.

9. Grooming Regimen

Regular dog grooming doesn’t just mean consistent trips to the groomers; it should also include pet grooming tools at home so dog parents can maintain their dog’s hygiene between appointments. This will help mitigate any problems that could arise and will keep them comfortable by reducing fur/hair mats and keeping their nails at a healthy length.

Additionally, a conscientious dog parent should also know the right areas to check for signs of infections, like in between toe pads, inside ears, and in/around their gums. If a pet parent isn’t sure where or how often to look for infections, they can always ask their veterinarian to walk them through the process with their next check-up.

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As the popularity of the pet care industry continues to climb and dog adoptions keep breaking records each year, it’s obvious that more people are becoming dog parents and need the support only a quality dog trainer and connection to the local pet industry can provide. So, are you going to let this potentially life-changing business opportunity pass you by, or are you going to become the next Dog Training Elite Owner and leave the corporate world to join the dogs?

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