Q: Do I have to be a licensed dog trainer to own a Dog Training Elite franchise?

A: No-in fact, we prefer our Dog Training Franchise Owners to have no prior experience as a dog trainer so that we can ensure they are using our proven training method exclusively in their sessions. New Franchise Owners receive extensive classroom and on-site training to perfect their understanding and execution of our method so they can use it for their clients.

Q: What size is the average Dog Training Elite facility?

A: Since we are a home-based dog training business, there is no facility! Our clients love the convenient, in-home training sessions we provide, and we yield better results by demonstrating our proven training techniques in an environment that is familiar to both dog and owner. Not only that, but Franchise Owners love the low overhead investment cost that comes from not having to build or rent a dedicated training facility!

Q: I love dogs, but I don’t want to spend each day training them. Am I still able to own a Dog Training Elite franchise?

A: Absolutely! We understand that not every Franchise Owner has the time and availability to devote each day to training sessions. We offer a semi-absentee ownership model that takes the training aspect off the Owner’s plate so they can concentrate on their career, their family, or expanding their dog training business across multiple territories.

Q: How much does it cost to open a dog training franchise?

A: With an initial franchise fee of $40,000 for a single unit, the average initial investment cost for new Franchise Owners is just $162,250. Compare this with the average initial investment cost for opening a popular doggie daycare franchise location ($373,150) or a retail center that specializes in natural pet care products ($657,100), and you will see that the Dog Training Elite opportunity is a highly affordable entry into the thriving pet care industry!

Q: Can I bring my dog with me to my dog training franchise?

A: Absolutely! In fact, our Trainers’ dogs act as their co-workers! All of our Franchise Owners/Trainers take their dogs with them to work (weather and safety permitting), to demonstrate training techniques for clients and their dogs during sessions. Your dog will be an integral part of your Dog Training Elite franchise, and you’ll get to work closely together every day.

Q: How many employees will I need to hire when starting a dog training business?

A: This depends on your ownership model. If you plan to act as Trainer, all you’ll need to hire is an administrative worker to help with appointment scheduling and other clerical tasks. However, if you opt for the semi-absentee model, you will need to hire a Trainer in addition to your administrative worker. Dog Training Franchise Owners who wish to expand to multiple territories will need to make sure that there is one Trainer/administrative worker combo for each location.

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