The Pet Care Industry

Can you imagine anything better than a career in a stable industry that allows you to interact with dogs every day? If you’re a dog lover with a knack for business who is wanting to break free from the corporate world, the pet industry may be an ideal fit for you!

Pet Industry Overview

It’s no secret that pet owners are devoted to their pets and think of them as actual family members. Because they’re considered to be such a high priority, caring for them is thought to be essential—regardless of what may be happening economically or globally.

  • More than 70% of U.S. households own a pet—that’s 85 million Americans!

  • The pet industry is growing steadily at a rate of 7.8% annually.

  • Total market value reached $103 billion in 2020.

  • Pet care spending has been known to grow during recessions at a rate of 29% in 2001 and 17% in 2008.

  • U.S. households added more than 3.3 million pets to their homes in 2020.

  • Nearly half of millennials own a dog and are especially dedicated to their care, opting for “fur babies” rather than having kids.

  • Pet ownership is seeing an upward trajectory and has increased by 12% over the past 30 years.

"We step into situations where disobedient dogs are causing real stress in the family. When we fix that, the thanks we get from the owners provides me with a sense of fulfillment I'd never experienced before owning this business."

Aiden Rosequist

Franchise Owner - Utah County

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The Impact of COVID-19

The Impact of COVID-19

The entire market landscape saw a dramatic shift as consumers went into lockdown mode due to the pandemic. Many workers found themselves at home more, often shifting to home-based employment. In light of this change, people were at a loss as to what to do with their time as scheduled vacations, sporting events and business engagements were canceled. This transition led to feeling isolated and uncertain about the future.

As a way to adapt to this change, pet adoption rates went through the roof as the demand for animal companionship experienced a huge increase. This surge in pet ownership bodes well for those in the pet industry.

Numbers: The Sustainable Pet Industry

  • Dog leash sales increased by $44.6 million, a boost of 13%.

  • Toy sales increased by 18%, bumping it up to $243 million in 2020.

  • The average revenue of vet practices increased by 14% with vaccine profits rising by 21%.

  • The pet insurance segment increased by 29%.

  • 21% of pet owners spent more on their pets in 2020.

  • 12% of adults with kids ages 18 or younger adopted a pet during the pandemic.

  • In 2020, the pet training segment, specifically, accounted for $462 million within the pet industry.

  • Pet training is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 6% from 2020-2026.

  • The dog training market is expected to reach over $820 million by 2026.

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More pets only means more money spent on their care. We here at Dog Training Elite see the pet industry as stable and resilient, making it an excellent segment in which to invest.

Strong Segments Within the Pet Industry

To thrive in the worldwide market, it’s helpful to find a strong niche, offer multiple products or services within that niche, and stay on top of up-and-coming trends. When combined with exceptional customer service, almost any business can do well.

So, who’s making it big within the pet industry and how are they doing it? The five most prominent segments worth looking into are:

Dog Training Elite Franchise provides sources of revenue from pet food and industry supplies.

Pet Food & Supplies

The pet food and supplies industry is booming as a consistently essential need for pet owners. However, with big name retailers like PetSmart, PETCO, Wal-Mart and online giant Amazon, the competition is brutal. Start-up costs are also quite steep.

Dog Training Elite Franchises are the leaders in the pet industry.

Grooming & Boarding

While grooming and boarding is a useful segment, it doesn’t rank up there with necessary products and services. Sure, pet owners love to pamper their pets and need a place for them to stay while on vacation now and then, but the demand for those services is minimal, drawing in a smaller demographic of consumers.

Dog Training Elite provides veterinary care in the pet industry.

Veterinary Care

This is as vital a service to pet owners as is their own medical care, making this sector as resilient as pet food and supplies. The only downside is that it’s costly to open a clinic and, of course, requires an average of eight years of specialized training to receive necessary licensing in order to become a veterinarian.

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Dog Training

As mentioned above, this segment is seeing phenomenal growth, especially when an online option is available. In-house training is a popular format—not just due to convenience but because it’s been proven to be far more effective. Valued at $10.7 billion, this sector has many benefits and is on a strong trajectory for future growth.

For those looking for a low-cost investment that doesn’t require years of education, running your own dog training business might be the career for you. With 63.4 million households in the U.S. owning a dog, there’s certainly no shortage of dog lovers in need of assistance. For so many, this service is essential--especially for those with disabilities or other health challenges who are desperate for support.

A Closer Look at Dog Training Elite

Dog training is our specialty. We offer unique, quality training programs for dog owners. Unlike doggie daycares or puppy obedience schools, Dog Training Elite has developed highly specialized training programs with a variety of focuses: obedience, personal protection, therapy animals, service dogs, and more. Our dedicated training programs help create strong bonds between dogs and their owners. A mix of in-home, personalized training sessions and group classes in a public setting allow us to offer an outstanding, well-balanced program.

Dog Training Elite provides an affordable franchise opportunity to work in the pet industry.
  • Low Start-up Costs
    For as little as $101,400* you can get started as a professional dog trainer.
  • No Experience Necessary
    We offer in-depth training that will qualify you to start with complete confidence in your abilities.
  • Semi-Absentee Option
    For those who would rather have more flexibility, you can choose to hire a trainer while you manage the backend.
  • Fulfilling Career
    When you’re the reason strong bonds have been forged between a dog and its owner, it brings a high level of satisfaction.
  • Ongoing Support
    You’ll never be on your own when you’re backed by a dedicated franchise team such as you’ll find at Dog Training Elite.

As a Franchise Owner, you’ll be able to offer your community comprehensive, quality dog training. Revenue for specialized training programs is typically higher than more basic programs, offering owners more options and better results. It’s not hard to get started, especially with a seasoned team of qualified leaders on hand at all times to offer support.

Learn More About the Pet Care Industry

If you’re interested in self-employment but not sure how to start, consider investing in a pet franchise. Joining a franchise allows you to experience all the benefits of business ownership without many of the same risks.

Whether you’re a longtime pet lover, an ambitious business investor, or are inching closer to burnout in your current workplace, a new adventure starting a pet care business might be just the change you need. Franchise ownership can strike the ideal balance between entrepreneurship and guidance.

As you begin to look for a suitable pet business for sale, take the time to prepare for the steps and considerations you’ll need to think through in order to start a lucrative and thriving pet business. Helping families in your community grow loving and trusting relationships with their pets is a fulfilling and important endeavor. Plan ahead so you can dive into being a Franchise Owner with confidence and ease.

With support and guidance from Dog Training Elite, you can get your pet training business up and running in a matter of weeks, with a reasonable up-front investment and endless possibilities!

You’ve always dreamed about being an entrepreneur, but it can be difficult to get started. There’s no guarantee of success, and where do you begin when it comes to researching businesses and figuring out what industry to join?

Let Dog Training Elite take out some of the guesswork. The pet care industry is thriving, and has proven to be recession resistant. With pets in almost 70% of U.S. households, there has never been a better time to invest in the pet care industry. If you’re a dog lover – or even if you aren’t! Become a “petrepreneur” with Dog Training Elite.

Dog Training Elite, as one of the easiest franchises to start, boasts incredible unit economics and a simple way to operate the business. Its ability to be run as a semi-absentee business leaves you as the Franchise Owner with even more freedom and flexibility.

Couple all of that with the fact that you can work anywhere you want, what more can be said about this lucrative Franchise Opportunity? Maybe bringing your dog to work! Those traditional 9-to-5 jobs aren't exactly dog-friendly.

The world is always going to need dog trainers. You may think that you need to know how to train dogs if you’re going to own a fun franchise like Dog Training Elite. That’s not the case. Not only is prior experience not required, but we will train you in the exclusive Dog Training Elite ways so you’ll be successful.

Dog Training Elite also offers a semi-absentee business owner option, so you don’t even have to spend all your time training – hire some two-legged coworkers! There are many reasons to own a Dog Training Elite franchise — but having fun is a pretty important one. After all, having your dog as your coworker and pet-loving families as your clients is the best way to work!

Whether you’re the world’s most enthusiastic dog lover or whether you prefer to admire four-legged friends from afar, you may be surprised by the lucrative opportunity that comes with opening a pet training franchise. On top of entering a quickly-growing market with strong returns, you get to choose how involved you are in the day-to-day operations of your business.

With Dog Training Elite, the process of opening your own pet training franchise has never been smoother. Take these elements into consideration as you decide whether it’s the right career move for you.

If you’ve long dreamed of being a business owner and you love animals, owning a top pet franchise is the way to go. Not only do you get to combine your two passions — owning a business and animals — but becoming a Franchise Owner has a much higher rate of success than starting a new business from scratch. Dog Training Elite checks all the boxes for a successful business in the pet industry.

Franchise owner with pup who is excited about Dog Training Elite's top home based franchise.

If you are excited about the prospect of working with animals and building a successful career, Dog Training Elite is the perfect opportunity.

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