Why Dog Training Elite Franchise?

We’re “Pawsitive” You’ll Love What Dog Training Elite has to Offer!

Most people are drawn to the opportunity to own a dog training franchise because they have an incredible bond with their dog and would love to help others find similar fulfillment with their four-legged friends. If you are excited by the thought that you could be the reason dogs and humans can connect and enrich each other’s lives, you’re in the right place to chase down that dream!

We realize you have several options when comparing dog training franchises, so we’re glad you landed here!

Founded by John Mestas in 2011 with over 40 years of experience, Dog Training Elite was listed in the Franchise Dictionary’s Top 100 Game Changers and received the Best in State award in Utah for its innovative and highly successful dog training program.

On average, our Franchise Owners make $786,059* in AUV a year with top performers bringing in $1,484,943*; that's a net profit of $337,856*! Year after year, our franchises typically see a system-wide growth rate of 92.6%* with a sales-to-investment growth rate of 838%* because of our streamlined management software, exceptional support network, and advanced marketing tools. It’s safe to say Dog Training Elite is the best option out there!

Start-Up Costs

One of an investor’s first questions is usually, “How much does it cost?”. Because this opportunity doesn’t require a physical location to work from and training sessions are conducted in the pet owner’s home or outdoor public setting, it doesn’t take much to get started with our dog training franchise.


Franchise Fee


Investment Range


Liquid Capital

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

The investment covers travel expenses, training, equipment, a vehicle wrap, your grand opening costs, marketing, and three months of capital to help you get rolling. Financing is also available through an IRA rollover or SBA loan.

A Tried and True Business Model

Dog Training Elite provides an affordable opportunity to work in the pet industry.

Any successful company starts with a proven business model. We must have done something right in the way we’ve structured ours because our Franchise Owners are thrilled about operating their own Dog Training Elite franchise.

Here are the top six reasons they teamed up with us in particular:

  • Dog Lover’s Dream
    It’s not very often you find a career in which your dog is the co-owner, but that’s the way it’s set up at Dog Training Elite. With your dog’s help, you can demonstrate commands and obedience skills that impress customers, encouraging them to try out your services.
  • Low Cost, High Reward
    As a home-based business with little to no staff requirements, you’ll enjoy the low overhead and high-profit margins.
  • Community Involvement
    Through the Malinois Foundation, we’re able to promote healing through canine interaction within our communities. This is an excellent way to promote overall well-being and offer hope to those who may need it.
  • Multiple Services
    If you look at our Homepage, you’ll see that we can train a dog to do just about anything; such as learn to obey on command, offer personal protection, moderate anxiety and aggression, serve as a therapy animal, and comfort retired vets as a service dog.
  • Personal Fulfillment
    This is a benefit you just can’t put a price on. It’s highly rewarding to see lives changed for the better with the training you offer through our franchise. Whether a customer now feels safer to go out jogging alone with her dog at her side, or someone with severe PTSD is seeing drastic improvement thanks to his therapy animal, it’s immensely satisfying to know you’ve been the one to make those things happen.
  • Semi-Absentee Option
    Franchise Owners have the option of running their whole operation on their own or hiring a trainer while they run the managerial side of things. Either way, you have control over how busy you are. This leads to a healthy work/life balance that is so critical to job satisfaction.

Why Not Just Start My Own Business?

Why Not Just Start My Own Business?

With the right amount of passion and a good deal of ambition, an entrepreneur could certainly choose to launch out on their own . After all, that’s how our founder, John Mestas, started in 1976! But the growth came slowly and required painstaking efforts to get off the ground. It wasn’t until 38 years later that it had finally grown enough to be ready to turn into a franchise.

In some ways, it doesn’t seem right. Our Franchise Owners—often with no experience in dog training—step into a role in which they can immediately take advantage of over 40 years of hard-won experience. What a way to make your start!

Here are a few reasons why this may be the way to go:

Reliable Business Model - There are no more guessing games at Dog Training Elite after so much time doing business. We’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. New business Owners make costly mistakes and take far longer to get off the ground.

Strong Support System - It’s a lonely uphill battle when you’re doing business on your own. With our dog training franchise, you’ll receive outstanding training and be equipped with all the tools and skills needed to thrive right away in your new business. Our corporate team is always on hand to help and answer any questions you may have.

Built-in Branding - To create a dynamic and appealing brand takes years of strategic planning. But once it’s polished to perfection, it can send just the message you want out to the public.

For many, it’s simply not worth the risk to start from scratch. Knowing how much time it can save you and how much sooner you could see healthy revenues come through, why not invest in a promising dog training franchise like Dog Training Elite?

Dog Training Elite is known for their affordable dog training franchise opportunities near you.

Am I Qualified?

Candidates who make the best Franchise Owners have just a few things in common. Do any of these qualifications describe you?

Dog Training Franchise dog and trainer icon.

You LOVE dogs and simply can’t get enough of them!

Dog Training Elite man on a mountain holding a flag icon.

You believe dogs have the power to change lives.

Dog Training Elite people icon.

You care about people and want to make a difference.

Dog Training Elite graph with upward trend icon.

You are driven to work hard to succeed.

It doesn’t even require having a license to be a professional dog trainer. The extensive classroom training and onsite instruction you receive will be more than enough to qualify you for the job.

A Bright Future with Dog Training Elite

Can you see yourself pulling up to someone’s home in one of our professionally wrapped vehicles with your dog by your side? Maybe it’s the trainer you’ve hired who is playing this role and you’re back at home managing the backend with plenty of time to spare. Either way, we hope you can see what a promising opportunity this is!

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, it seems people are in greater need of companionship and stress relief than ever before. That’s what these amazing animals can do for them. Our dog training franchise was adapted easily to the COVID-19 mandates by conducting training in a place where we could practice social distancing.

Dog Training Elite provides an affordable opportunity to work in the pet industry.

Whatever may come, we believe in the work we’re doing.

If you believe in our purpose and business model as well, we’d love to have you on our doggy-loving team. Now that’s something to bark about!

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