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Diabetes in Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Nov 20th 2018

November is nationally recognized as American Diabetes Month, but did you know that it is also Pet Diabetes Awareness Month? Diabetes in dogs has become a growing epidemic throughout the years. Knowing what diabetes is, how to prevent it, and how to treat it if your dog develops it is our responsibility as pet owners to keep our pups as healthy and happy as possible. Here are some facts about diabetes in dogs, brought to you by our k9 training experts.

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Why It's Important to Vaccinate Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Oct 19th 2018

While it may seem difficult to believe that your perfectly healthy pup could easily get sick, animals are really no different humans when it comes to contracting dangerous diseases. With the winter seasons bringing about the threat of these illnesses it's a good time to consider immunization for your dog. Here are some reasons why vaccination is so important to your dog's health, brought to you by our dog training and dog health experts.

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How to Make Your Home Safer for Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Sep 24th 2018

Dogs are far more than just animals. They're integral parts of our families, and we treat them as such. In many ways, taking care of them is much like caring for a child. They need time, attention, and a safe environment to live in. Here are some ways you can make your home safer for your dog, brought to you by our expert dog trainers.

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Fun Facts About Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Aug 7th 2018

Dogs are man's best friend, which is why they deserve a special day to celebrate all of the wonderful things about them. In honor August 26th being National Dog Day here are some fun facts about dogs, brought to you by our top dog trainers.

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Plants to Keep Away from Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Jul 19th 2018

After being stuck inside all winter, summer is the time for your dog to play outside to their heart's content. But while your garden can hold a lot of fun for your pup, it can also hide some dangers in plain sight. There are many average outdoor and indoor plants that are known to be toxic to dogs. Here are some of the most common, brought to you by our top dog trainers.

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How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

Post by: Kenzie on Jun 20th 2018

Summer is finally here, and that means that we're in store for plenty of long, hot days. While this means there will be a lot of fun outdoor activities to do with your pup, it can also lead to dehydration if you're not careful. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dog hydrated this summer, brought to you by Dog Training Elite's dog training experts.

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Fear Aggression in Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on May 14th 2018

All animals have the same basic response to danger that humans do: fight, flight, or avoidance. Aggression in dogs is difficult for everyone from the owners, strangers who encounter them in the streets, and the dogs themselves. But what makes these dogs so aggressive? Here is some information on fear aggression in dogs brought to you by our dog training experts.

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Spring Activities to Do with Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Apr 11th 2018

Humans aren't the only ones who get excited when the sun starts to shine more and the weather gets warmer. Dogs enjoy springtime after a long winter just as much as we do! After a whole season spent indoors, here are some activities brought to you by our expert dog trainers to do with your dog now that spring is upon us.

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The Malinois Foundation

Post by: Kenzie on Mar 27th 2018

Dog Training Elite is proud to support The Malinois Foundation, a life-changing foundation giving veterans and Americans in need the gift of a trained service dog.

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Fake Service and Emotional Support Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Feb 22nd 2018

Fake service and emotional support dogs have become more and more of a problem in recent years. Make no mistake, these dogs are most definitely a real and important thing. People with physical disabilities or crippling emotional needs greatly benefit and deeply rely on them not just for comfort, but for survival. They're more than just a normal pet, they require service dog training and years of experience. So why and how are people getting away with using fake service dogs?

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Valentine's Day with your Dog

Post by: Susan on Feb 2nd 2018

Valentine's Day is a special day set aside for the ones you love. It's a day to remind the one's that mean the most to you, just why they mean as much as they do. Who ever said your dog can't be that special "some-puppy"? When most people think of Valentine gifts, it's roses, chocolates, cards, and candies that typically come to mind. So, if your dog is your Valentine this year, you may need to think outside of the box for their gift. I can't imagine a pop up card Hallmark meaning that much to your dog... even if it sings "Who Let the Dog's Out"

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Puppy Training Classes

Post by: Susan on Dec 28th 2017

Proper training is essential in raising a new puppy to be a well adjusted and obedient dog. The idea of training a puppy on your own can be daunting. Luckily, there is the option of enrolling your pup in puppy training classes.

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Service Dogs vs Therapy Dogs

Post by: Susan on Nov 30th 2017

Service dogs and therapy dogs are often seen as synonymous, but the truth is that there is a vast difference between the two. Both have very different responsibilities, training, and limitations. One is not interchangeable with the other. So what exactly is the difference between service dogs and therapy dogs?

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Benefits of in Home Dog Training

Post by: Amber on Oct 20th 2017

Sending your dog away to a trainer often leads to regression once the dog returns home with you. An in home dog trainer from Dog Training Elite will work with you, in the environment that the dog will be used to, to ensure lasting results. Here are some of the best benefits of home dog training.

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