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Introducing Your Dog to Your Baby

Post by: Kelley on May 25 2017

For many couples, a dog is their first "baby." You often give your dog the same love and care that you would a child. Your routines will shift once the child arrives, and that change in routine can sometimes be difficult for a dog to adjust to. Like babies, dogs thrive on predictability, and a newborn dramatically changes not only your life but your dog's as well.

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1st Time Dog Owners Guide to a Peaceful life with your new Pup!

Post by: Kelley on Apr 12 2017

There's so much fun in finding a furry friend that fits in with you and your family, but there is also responsibility and important tasks that need to take place first! Make sure you have this checklist covered from start to end, before bringing home your new friend!

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So many options! How to hire the right dog trainer

Post by: Kelley R. on Jul 6 2016

Hiring the right dog trainer for your dog is important! You are going to be spending quite a bit of time with them, teaching a very important family member (and your dog too).

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From Puppy Mill to Superstar: The True Story of Arrow the Golden Retriever (#Where'sNares)

Post by: Kelley R. on May 19 2016

Arrow has a lot of nicknames. Nares is the most common, but he responds to Nare-Nares, Robert DeNarrow, Nare-Bear and a slew of others. He is currently 2 years old, born on October 23, 2013.

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April Breed of the Month: Siberian Husky

Post by: Kelley R. on Apr 6 2016

Looking for a beautiful dog that can keep up with your family's busy lifestyle? Read about the Siberian Husky in this month's Breed of the Month.

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