We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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Training Your Puppy to Be a Service Dog

Post by: Andrea on Sep 23rd 2020

The Dog Training Elite service puppy training program pairs families with preselected puppies and trains them to fit their special needs. We believe this approach is best for both the family and the puppy and encourages a deep, loving bond.

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How Service Dog Training Can Change a Life

Post by: Andrea on Aug 25th 2020

If you think a service dog could be useful to you or a loved one, Dog Training Elite offers various service dog training programs. We have helped veterans suffering from PTSD, like Juan Perez, and thousands of others find stability and confidence in their life with our service dog training.

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Why is my Dog Aggressive to Other Dogs?

Post by: Andrea on Jun 22nd 2020

Nothing ruins a day at the dog park faster than inter dog aggression. If you're struggling with a dog that is aggressive and hostile towards other dogs, you may be wondering how to teach your pet proper social skills. Aggression is typically a learned behavior that can be difficult to correct without professional evaluation.

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Harness or Collar: Which is Better for Your Dog?

Post by: Andrea on May 26th 2020

It's important for your dog to have everything he or she needs for a happy, comfortable life. While a collar is essential for safety, a sturdy and comfortable harness that fits your dog properly will make walking a more enjoyable activity for both you and your dog. If you have a particularly disobedient dog that loves pulling, professional dog training that covers basic obedience can help. Dog Training Elite offers various obedience dog training programs in your local area.

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The Malinois Foundation: a PTSD Success Story

Post by: Ninthroot on May 22nd 2020

Josh, a U.S. Air Force Veteran, came to The Malinois Foundation in hopes of finding a canine companion who could help him reacclimate to civilian life after serving in Afghanistan. Over 1,000 miles away from Josh's home town in Arizona, our San Antonio franchise had a one-year-old fully trained PTSD service dog named Gizmo fall into their laps.

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Dog Training Elite Is Open!

Post by: Andrea on Apr 27th 2020

At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dog Training Elite ceased regular operations in order to combat the spread of the virus. During this time, we reorganized our training programs to fit social distancing and heightened sanitation measures. We have been approved to reopen and offer our in-home training and group classes.

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Quarantined with a Naughty Dog?

Post by: Andrea on Mar 23rd 2020

As self or state enforced quarantines are enacted across the nation, you may be wondering what you and your family will do stuck inside with a naughty pup. If your new dog is a mischief maker, follow these tips to stay sane during time spent indoors:

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How to Recognize Signs of Stress in Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Jan 25th 2020

Changes in your dog’s daily behavior are worrying when you don’t know what they’re experiencing or how to help them. Here are some of the signs that can help you recognize stress or anxiety in your dog, brought to you by our experts in positive puppy training.

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Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Nov 11th 2019

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and our team of dog trainers is excited to share just a few of the reasons to consider adopting a senior dog.

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How to Help Your Dog If They're Overheated

Post by: Kenzie on Jul 23rd 2019

Heat is the most daunting threat your dog will face this summer. High temperatures may signify the perfect season for venturing outdoors to find adventure with your best friend, but dehydration and overheating come on quickly, with potentially grim results. So before you go out to enjoy the sunshine, here are some ways to help your dog if they become overheated, brought to you by our dog obedience training experts.

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Helping Your Dog Lose Their Winter Weight

Post by: Kenzie on Mar 12th 2019

Winter weight gain is as prevalent for our dogs as it is for us. They do, after all, depend heavily on us to lead them in a healthy lifestyle. So if we've given in to lazy days and indulging in comfort food during the holidays, we're also prone to dwindling with our pup's activity and nutrition. No judgment here; it's easy to do! But now that the days are lengthening and the weather is warming you're likely making goals to lose some weight before summer fully arrives, and your dog may benefit from having the same goal. Here are some simple and effective ways you can help your dog lose some of their winter weight, brought to you by our dog training experts.

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Lying About Emotional Support and Service Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Feb 19th 2019

If you're not familiar with the issue you may be wondering why lying about owning an emotional service animal is such a big deal. Fake service and emotional support dogs have become more and more of a problem in recent years. For individuals who actually own and need them, this is frustrating and genuinely harmful. People with physical disabilities or crippling emotional afflictions deeply rely on service and emotional support dogs not just for comfort, but for survival. They're more than a normal pet. They require service dog training and years of experience, and have to be thoroughly educated for their job.

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Post Christmas Puppy Training

Post by: Kenzie on Jan 23rd 2019

Christmas has come and gone, which means many families have grown by one set of furry paws: a sweet Christmas puppy! Getting a new puppy for the holidays is undoubtedly a joy, but it's also a big and sometimes difficult responsibility. Puppies require time, effort, and commitment that far extends Christmas morning. This is, after all, a life to provide for and take care of daily for the next 10 to 15 years. So what's the first step? Here are some reasons you should start training your new Christmas puppy early, brought to you by our puppy training experts.

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What to Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Post by: Kenzie on Dec 23rd 2018

It's not just a myth that chocolate can be dangerous for your pup. While digesting a couple of chocolate chips or a bite of a chocolate cookie may not be a problem, there's always a chance that even a little bit of chocolate could make your dog sick. And with the holidays in full swing there's a higher chance that your dog could get into the sweets. Knowing how much chocolate is considered toxic and treatment for chocolate poisoning could save their life if they've consumed too much. Here are some tips on what to do if your dog eats chocolate, brought to you by our dog obedience training.

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Diabetes in Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Nov 20th 2018

November is nationally recognized as American Diabetes Month, but did you know that it is also Pet Diabetes Awareness Month? Diabetes in dogs has become a growing epidemic throughout the years. Knowing what diabetes is, how to prevent it, and how to treat it if your dog develops it is our responsibility as pet owners to keep our pups as healthy and happy as possible. Here are some facts about diabetes in dogs, brought to you by our k9 training experts.

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Fun Facts About Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on Aug 7th 2018

Dogs are man's best friend, which is why they deserve a special day to celebrate all of the wonderful things about them. In honor August 26th being National Dog Day here are some fun facts about dogs, brought to you by our top dog trainers.

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Fear Aggression in Dogs

Post by: Kenzie on May 14th 2018

All animals have the same basic response to danger that humans do: fight, flight, or avoidance. Aggression in dogs is difficult for everyone from the owners, strangers who encounter them in the streets, and the dogs themselves. But what makes these dogs so aggressive? Here is some information on fear aggression in dogs brought to you by our dog training experts.

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The Malinois Foundation

Post by: Kenzie on Mar 27th 2018

Dog Training Elite is proud to support The Malinois Foundation, a life-changing foundation giving veterans and Americans in need the gift of a trained service dog.

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Puppy Training Classes

Post by: Susan on Dec 28th 2017

Proper training is essential in raising a new puppy to be a well adjusted and obedient dog. The idea of training a puppy on your own can be daunting. Luckily, there is the option of enrolling your pup in puppy training classes.

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Benefits of in Home Dog Training

Post by: Amber on Oct 20th 2017

Sending your dog away to a trainer often leads to regression once the dog returns home with you. An in home dog trainer from Dog Training Elite will work with you, in the environment that the dog will be used to, to ensure lasting results. Here are some of the best benefits of home dog training.

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