It's Back–to–School Season for Dogs, Too!

Posted on Aug 25th 2022


It's Back–to–School Season for Dogs, Too!

This time of the year is known as "back to school" for many individuals and families. If you have a dog that needs training, you can apply this time of year to you too! Dog training is essential when you have a furry companion, and there are many benefits to going through a training program. Below are a few positives to training your dog.

Takes Care of Unwanted Behaviors

One of the main reasons for training your dog is to take care of unwanted behaviors like chewing, barking, jumping, peeing, scratching, and more. An obedience training class will address and correct those problems.

Builds Confidence

Going through a training program that uses positive reinforcement will quickly build your dog's confidence, making them happier and better behaved. Training and rewarding your dog boosts their self–esteem, which makes them more friendly and willing to obey. It also builds your confidence as a dog owner! Knowing that you can train your dog and trust that they will follow your commands makes you a happier and more loving pet owner.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

A training program is an excellent way to provide physical and mental stimulation for your dog. It's true that some dogs love to lounge and snuggle all day, but even those dogs need to do some mental and physical work to stay healthy like other more active dogs. Dog training is a great way to keep your dog active and happy! Similarly, it keeps you physically and mentally active as well. Training with your dog requires work on your end, and that work will make you a smarter dog parent.

Dog raising his paw to ask a question during Dog Training Elite training class.

Social Interactions

Many programs address behaviors regarding dog–to–dog interactions. If you have a dog that does not do well around other dogs, you can handle this with a training class! Or, if you have a puppy, you can join a group class so they can begin to learn how to join the dog ranks and play well with any dog. It can also allow you to get out and make friends with other dog owners!


One significant overall benefit to dog training is the increased safety that comes with it. When you go through obedience training, you will learn basic commands like "come," "sit," "stay," and "down." These commands will help keep you, your dog, and others safe. If you get into a potentially unsafe situation, you will want the comfort of knowing your dog is well–trained and will listen when you say "come."

Girl and dog working on their Dog Training Elite training on a walk in the park.

Creates a Deeper Bond

The bond created between you and your dog when you graduate from a training program is unlike any other! The training programs at Dog Training Elite focus on facilitating a solid bond between you and your dog, not just your dog and a trainer. We understand the importance of you and your dog needing a solid bond for the commands to take hold and last a lifetime.

Training Programs at Dog Training Elite

At Dog Training Elite we are passionate about dog training and creating beautiful bonds between dog and owner with sustained obedience. With over 40 years of experience, our love for dogs shows through our excellent training programs. Our classes can address problems with dogs of any breed or age!

Take advantage of this "back–to–school" season and sign your dog up for a training program. You will reap the many benefits of having a fully trained dog, and Dog Training Elite wants to help you get there! With our training programs, we will see you through everything. You'll end at doggy graduation with a fully trained and bonded furry companion. Schedule a training demonstration or an in–home training evaluation today!