How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holiday Season

Posted on Dec 12th 2022


How to Prepare Your Dog for the Holiday Season

It's the holiday season! A time for hanging weather, fun parties, delicious food, traveling, and spending time with people we love. However, the holidays might look slightly different if your family includes a furry four–legged animal.

Whether you have years of holiday experience with a dog or this is your pup's first holiday season, these tips will help both of you prepare for the holidays.

Have a Safe Space for Your Dog

Holiday gatherings can feel hectic and unsettling for your dog. Platters of food, new guests, loud noises, and more might make your dog anxious and cause them to act out. To avoid unwanted behavior, create a safe space for your dog. You can prepare a quiet room behind a closed door, a comfy kennel, or just have them stick with you on the couch. Be attentive and proactive about your dog’s comfort levels and behaviors to ensure both of you enjoy your time around the holidays. If you’d like to create a safe space for your dog by crate training them, Dog Training Elite can help.

Stick to Routines

Holidays can bring busy schedules, holiday outings, and traveling. Even though things get crazier during this time, try to stick to your dog’s routine routine as much as possible. Our furry friends thrive with routines, and your dog will be happier and better behaved if they know what to expect.

This black labrador puppy is ready for the holidays thanks to Dog Training Elite.

Keep Someone on “Dog Duty”

If nobody keeps an eye on the dogs, it is much easier for them to misbehave. While traveling and having parties, make sure you or someone you trust is aware of what your dog is doing at all times. Not only will this keep your dog out of trouble, but it can keep other guests safe—such as young children who may like to pull on tails.

Communicate with Guests and Hosts

If you plan to host holiday parties, communicate to all your guests that you have a dog. This communication will allow guests to be aware of the animal in the home and make adjustments regarding allergies or personal preferences. If you are attending a holiday party and plan to bring your dog, make sure you communicate with the host and ensure this will be okay so accommodations can be made if needed. Being surprised by a dog can be fantastic and joyful for many people. Still, it can also cause a lot of anxiety and stress for others, so be mindful when hosting and attending parties.

Keep your dog safe this holiday season with these tips from Dog Training Elite.

Be Careful with Holiday Decorations

Not all holiday decorations are safe for animals like dogs. Many decorations can be huge temptations for dogs who like to eat and chew things. Things like candles, holiday lights, and seasonal plants should all be kept out of your dog's reach to ensure they do not eat something dangerous or poisonous.

Prepare for Travel

If you plan to travel for the holidays, prepare appropriate accommodations for your dog. If you plan to bring them with you, choose an airline that is dog friendly, or make their spot in the car safe and comfortable. Bring plenty of food, always have water accessible and pack lots of their favorite treats to reward good behavior. Choose a dog sitter or boarding kennel wisely if you cannot bring your dog, and don't hesitate to over–prepare your sitter and your dog for your absence.

Skip the Scraps

At Dog Training Elite, we're big fans of rewarding dogs with treats for good behavior. But many holiday foods can cause digestional irritation or even be fatal for your dog. Over the holidays, intoxicating aromas will likely fill the air and tempt your dog. If your dog likes to beg, avoid feeding them table scraps. If they have a bad habit of digging through the trash, take the garbage out right away so they don't consume something they shouldn't. And make sure to contact Dog Training Elite to help train your dog not to beg or dig through the trash!

Train with a Professional

If you are worried about your dog behaving well through the holidays, consider going through a professional dog training program with Dog Training Elite. Our dog trainers can provide basic training commands or work on specific behaviors you wish to correct. We offer in–home training programs, one–on–one classes, and more. A well–trained dog is a safe dog through the holidays and beyond.

Get your dog ready for the holiday season and schedule a free training demo today!