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How to Help Your Dog If They're Overheated

Post by: Kenzie on Jul 23rd 2019

Heat is the most daunting threat your dog will face this summer. High temperatures may signify the perfect season for venturing outdoors to find adventure with your best friend, but dehydration and overheating come on quickly, with potentially grim results. So before you go out to enjoy the sunshine, here are some ways to help your dog if they become overheated, brought to you by our dog obedience training experts.

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Why You Should License Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Jun 21st 2019

Being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibilities. Walking them, giving them water and nutritional food, keeping them supplied with toys, playing with them, and taking them to the vet for check-ups are all key pieces in keeping your pup safe, happy, and healthy. However, one duty that many dog owners forget about or neglect is getting their dogs licensed. A pet license simply means that a pet is legally registered within their state to live with their owners and in their residence. This license will provide your dog with protection in many situations and will provide you both with some benefits. But if you don’t know many details about a pet license, you may be a bit hesitant to go through with the process. Here are some reasons why you should license your dog, brought to you by our experts in puppy training.

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Signs That Your Dog Has Seasonal Allergies

Post by: Kenzie on May 18th 2019

If you’ve ever suffered from seasonal allergies, you know how miserable it is to not be able to enjoy warmer weather with itchy eyes and a runny nose. But you may not be the only one in your home to be suffering from a hypersensitive immune system. Dogs can experience seasonal allergies just like us, with numerous different side effects. Here are some signs that your dog has seasonal allergies, brought to you by our dog obedience training experts.

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How to Create a First Aid Kit for Your Dog

Post by: Kenzie on Apr 16th 2019

First aid kits are an important precautionary step for emergency situations. Having an updated, well-stocked first aid kit could be a literal lifesaver in the event of a natural disaster, and will be incredibly helpful any time immediate assistance is needed; not just for you, but for your dog as well. It’s recommended that you keep a kit made for your dog in your home and place extras in your car, with friends, and at any other place you both frequent. However, you may be worried about what exactly should be put into a kit for your dog to be better prepared for the unexpected. In recognition of Pet First Aid Awareness Month, here are some tips on creating a first aid kit specifically for your four-legged best friend, brought to you by our dog training specialists.

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Helping Your Dog Lose Their Winter Weight

Post by: Kenzie on Mar 12th 2019

Winter weight gain is as prevalent for our dogs as it is for us. They do, after all, depend heavily on us to lead them in a healthy lifestyle. So if we've given in to lazy days and indulging in comfort food during the holidays, we're also prone to dwindling with our pup's activity and nutrition. No judgment here; it's easy to do! But now that the days are lengthening and the weather is warming you're likely making goals to lose some weight before summer fully arrives, and your dog may benefit from having the same goal. Here are some simple and effective ways you can help your dog lose some of their winter weight, brought to you by our dog training experts.

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