Pet Franchise: Bring Your Dog to Work

Within the business world, it’s helpful to be able to work with a compatible partner whom you admire. Some people are fortunate enough to have such an arrangement, while others only wish that were the case. When you’re a trainer through Dog Training Elite, you get to team up with the most preferred partner you could ask for: your very own dog. There aren’t many employment opportunities that allow such companions onsite, but within this pet franchise, it’s an absolute must!

dog training business

How Much Does It Cost?

$76,300 - $249,500 Investment Range

$40K Franchise Fee

$50K Required Liquid Capital

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

For more than 40 years, we’ve enjoyed working in the dog training business. Not only do we value the unique partnership, we also love working in a strong industry while offering our own niche services.

dog training business
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Pet care is a $73 billion industry with a steady annual growth rate of 7.8%

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By 2023, it’s expected to reach $283 billion

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70% of households own pets and caring for them is considered essential

The Advantages of Franchising with Dog Training Elite

If you’re looking for a dog training business to invest in, you’re likely going to research every option out there. Now and then, you may come across stand-apart qualifiers within certain franchises that catch your attention. Our Franchise Owners enjoy these exceptional benefits:

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Multiple Revenue Streams

Many of our competitors offer obedience training, puppy services, protection training, and anxiety and aggression training. Dog Training Elite broadens that scope to include service dog training, therapy animal training and military/retired veteran dog training. With seven options to choose from, we’re prepared to meet a wider variety of needs.

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Semi-Absentee Model

Our Franchise Owners can choose their degree of involvement within the company. For those who like being at the heart of the action, they’re welcome to run the business and train the dogs themselves. For those who like a behind-the-scenes approach, they might prefer to hire a trainer who works with clients, leaving them to manage the back end.

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No Experience Required

After so many years in business, we’ve mastered our trainer’s program. That means that anyone with a passion for dogs can learn how to competently serve their community as a dog training specialist.

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Low Overhead, Low Liability

Running a pet franchise through Dog Training Elite doesn’t require renting or purchasing an office space, as appointments are conducted in the clients’ homes. Unlike pet boarding services, the risk and liability of running a dog training business is comparatively low.

A Solid Reputation With Our Pet Franchise

When you work for a franchise with a background as successful as ours, you’re teaming up with a company that is equipped to offer world-class support. We’re also a brand people recognize and respect due to our high standard of excellence clients have come to trust.

The average gross revenue within our pet franchise is $408,087 with top performers making $507,351 .

Working in this industry not only has the potential to be profitable, it’s also satisfying. There’s nothing like forging a lifelong bond between pets and their owners. Being part of that process is priceless.

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