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When you start the journey of having your own business, there are lots of factors to consider, including the option to franchise.

Franchising has great benefits and upsides that traditional self-employment just doesn’t always offer. If going the franchise route appeals to you, it’s likely that you’re searching for fun franchises to own. We don’t blame you – running your own business should be fun and rewarding. If you’re really serious about getting into a fun franchise, consider one in the pet care industry.

The pet care industry is booming and there’s no better time to get in than right now! A pet care franchise like Dog Training Elite combines the fun of owning a pet with the financial benefits of owning your own business.

Let’s explore what owning a pet care franchise could mean for you.

"I was working for an international company. I was just another number to them. I thought, 'I don't want to go back to work for somebody.' I decided I wanted to train dogs professionally."

Learn how Dog Training Elite Founder John Mestas turned his 40-year passion for training dogs into a successful business.

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Never A Dull Moment

One of the greatest benefits of owning a pet-focused franchise is that you’re never bored. While that’s definitely a strong claim to make, it’s true! It’s no secret that some of the top fun franchises to own are pet-focused. How many times have you heard that people prefer dogs/cats over humans? They’re fun to be around and are so loving.

Seriously, people love their pets – and who wouldn’t want a corgi as a coworker?

If you're looking for a fun franchise to own without any dull moments, consider Dog Training Elite.
Man and his dog considering Dog Training Elite as a fun franchise to own.

Pick Your Passion

How many people do you know that truly have their dream job? Or really, how many people do you know that even love their jobs? When you pick a fun franchise to own that’s pet-focused (like Dog Training Elite), you’re picking your passion, not settling for the traditional corporate structure. There’s an old saying that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life – it’s true! Don’t settle for a desk job. Choose your passion and make it happen!

Dreams Come True

Choosing a franchise in the industry you’re passionate about means you already have a leg up on the competition and achieving your dreams. The best thing about getting into the pet care industry with a franchise is that they’re already set up and ready to go. Additionally, here are some other ways pet franchises make owning a business fun:

Dog Training Elite is a fun franchise to own and can help you fulfull your career dreams.
  • The Hard Work Is Already Done
    Building a business model for a pet-focused business can be a real nightmare. Luckily, when you get into a pet franchise, the business model is already there waiting for you. All you have to do is bring your pet and keep the business running. You’ll have fun while reaping the benefits of name recognition.
  • Inexperience Won’t Affect Your Dreams
    When you’re researching fun franchises to own, you may think you need all sorts of experience in the field you’re interested in. With pet franchises like Dog Training Elite, experience is not at all necessary! Franchises have built-in training to make you a success and keep the franchise going.
  • You’re Never Alone
    Even if you decide to run the business alone without two-legged coworkers, you’re never alone in times of economic downturn or strife. You have the franchise support team ready to assist in any and all manners. Good franchise systems support you in a variety of ways, ranging from IT and marketing to ongoing training and sales. In addition to receiving this support from your Franchisor, you’ll be able to reach out to other franchisees within your pet franchise system for advice.
  • High Earning Potential
    One of the greatest things about working for yourself is the potential for unlimited earnings! You can make a lot of money in a pet franchise. And if money isn’t what you’re really focused on, the furry friends you make are a nice bonus!

Dog Training Elite Is A Fun Franchise To Own

Dog Training Elite Is A Fun Franchise To Own

Consider Dog Training Elite, a standout among fun franchises to own in the pet care industry. A career with us will get your tail wagging.

The world is always going to need dog trainers. You may think that you need to know how to train dogs if you’re going to own a fun franchise like Dog Training Elite. That’s not the case. Not only is prior experience not required, but we will train you in the exclusive Dog Training Elite ways so you’ll be successful.

Dog Training Elite also offers a semi-absentee business owner option, so you don’t even have to spend all your time training – hire some two-legged coworkers! There are many reasons to own a Dog Training Elite franchise — but having fun is a pretty important one. After all, having your dog as your coworker and pet-loving families as your clients is the best way to work!

Young girl with dog learning about how Dog Training Elite is the #1 fun franchise to own in the pet industry.

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