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Stability is difficult to find in the job market and not a guarantee that any employer can make. The best way to build a stable career is through self-employment. Starting a business from the ground up can be difficult without years of experience and funding, however. An investment into a franchise can help you break into the world of entrepreneurship without having to break the bank.

Dog training companies are a fun way to start a new career. With Dog Training Elite, you’ll get to experience the joy that comes from working with dogs and the satisfaction of owning your own business. Ready to get started?

"I was working for an international company. I was just another number to them. I thought, 'I don't want to go back to work for somebody.' I decided I wanted to train dogs professionally."

Learn how Dog Training Elite Founder John Mestas turned his 40-year passion for training dogs into a successful business.

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Capitalize on America’s Best Friend

Capitalize on America’s Best Friend

With their soft, furry faces and big, round eyes, it’s no surprise that dogs are considered man's best friend. The rate of dog ownership in America has steadily risen over the past decades and the Pet Care Industry is valued at $73 billion dollars. From food and grooming supplies to medicines, training and toys, pets require a lot of care. Most dog owners consider their best friends as part of the family, and pet spending is high priority. Even in times of economic downturn, pet owners must still continue to care for their pets.

As an entrepreneur, breaking into this industry is a great way to enjoy it’s capital advantages and historic stability. Furthermore, you’ll get to be surrounded by dogs! Who could ask for more?

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Bringing Dog and Owner Together With Dog Training Companies

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The best relationship between dog and owner is full of respect, obedience and loyalty. Building a bond like this requires lots of training. Unfortunately, finding the time and understanding how to successfully train is difficult for many dog owners. As most dog owners are eager to do whatever it takes to create a loving, healthy bond with their pet, professional dog training is in high demand.

Dog Training Elite is a dog training franchise that is dedicated to helping dog owners build this type of relationship with their pet. Through positive reinforcement tactics, we help owners connect with their canine companions and encourage loyal, obedient dog behaviors. As a dog training Franchise Owner, you’ll get to witness the excitement and satisfaction that comes from bringing dog and owner together in a healthy way.

Getting Started with Dog Training Elite

If you’re interested in starting a career in a successful industry, connecting with community members and hanging around dogs all day, Dog Training Elite is the opportunity for you! We are looking for hard working entrepreneurs who love dogs and are excited about building a successful career. Our training program covers all aspects of our dog training business and sets you up with the tools needed to get your business started.

How Much Does It Cost?

$82,800-104,750* Investment Range

$49,000* Franchise Fee

$50,000* Required Liquid Capital

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

As a home based business, Dog Training Elite franchise costs are low. You’ll have more freedom and flexibility than you would with a facility based dog training business and our simple model is easily scalable. To learn more about how to get started with this dog training franchise opportunity, contact us today!

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