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Wouldn't it be great if you could turn your dog obsession into a profitable career? Making a living doing what you love is what many people wish for, but few get to really experience. Still, if your idea of happiness has anything to do with a wagging tail, you might be the perfect candidate for starting up your own dog training business. Why not bring in a little revenue doing what you'd be doing anyway - spending time with man's best friend?

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A Lifetime of Smiles

Dogs are known to improve the mood of the humans around them, and this fact has been particularly obvious in the uptick of dog adoptions during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether in response to a world disaster or personal struggles, dogs offer their owners a lifetime of smiles. But pet owners aren't content just having a dog, they want dogs that respond to commands, offer therapeutic benefits, and can be trusted. That's where Dog Training Elite comes in, fully prepared and qualified to train dogs as therapy or emotional support animals.

Be the Reason

Do you love the idea of alleviating stress in the lives of others? How about knowing you're the reason pet owners enjoy a quality of life they hadn't known before? Quite often, the canine in question is causing considerable stress in the home. You could be the reason people get to keep and love their dogs in a way they never thought possible before.

Franchisees find great fulfillment as they witness customers establishing healthy rapport with their canine friends. For those interested in owning a dog training business, now is an opportune time to serve your community by assisting in the strengthening of these beneficial bonds.

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Incredible Rewards

Nearly half of all Americans own a dog, so it's no wonder the demand for effective obedience training is constantly in demand. If you've ever considered becoming a ‘petrepreneur’, our pet franchise team is eager to assist you in fulfilling that dream. With a little business knowledge to back you up, you'll be perfectly poised for success.

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Minimal Start-Up Costs

Training takes place where results can be best leveraged - right in the dog's own home environment.

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Little to No Staff Required

Another reason your initial investment is so low is that this pet franchise can be run single-handedly, should you so choose.

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Niche Market

If you've done your homework, you've probably noticed there's not much competition out there when it comes to running this kind of dog training business, making this a low-risk investment!

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Quarantine Resilient

We're prepared to go high-tech by offering online alternatives to in-person training.

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Recession Resilient

Because most households consider their pets to be as high a priority as family, pets always make the Essentials List, regardless of economic downturns.

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Strong Economics

Due to our low overhead and high potential for returns, the average revenue is $337,856* (*numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD).

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With over 40 years of experience to build upon, Dog Training Elite offers all the support and proven strategies needed to ensure your pet franchise is a success.

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