We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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Why is my Dog Aggressive to Other Dogs?

Post by: Andrea on Jun 22nd 2020


Why is my Dog Aggressive to Other Dogs?

Nothing ruins a day at the dog park faster than inter dog aggression. If you're struggling with a dog that is aggressive and hostile towards other dogs, you may be wondering how to teach your pet proper social skills. Aggression is typically a learned behavior that can be difficult to correct without professional evaluation.

 What Is Inter Dog Aggression?

Inter dog aggression is a hostile behavior exhibited by one dog towards another dog, whether it is a strange dog, litter mate or household mate. This type of aggression is more common between dogs of the same sex but it can occur between any two dogs. Aggression hinders the social life of your dog, puts other dogs in danger and may cause problems between household pets. Although inter dog aggression is frightening, it is a common behavior that many owners report and, with the proper evaluation and training, can be amended.

 Signs of Inter Dog Aggression Behaviors

There are various reasons that your dog may be exhibiting aggressive behaviors, so it is important to rule out any underlying causes that may be unrelated to social problems. Certain health issues could lead to behaviors perceived as aggression, and sometimes normal dog play may seem hostile.

Signs of inter dog aggression include growling, lip lifting, snapping and/or biting, lunging and jumping on another dog. Before these overtly hostile behaviors occur, you may notice more subtle behaviors such as blocking, staring and lip licking.

 What Causes Aggressive Social Behavior in Dogs?

While many people believe that inter dog aggression is a result of poor or limited socialization with other dogs early on, this is usually not the case. Limited socialization can cause aggressive behavior in some dogs, but it is rare. Usually, there is an underlying cause that leads your dog to act aggressively towards other dogs. This can include fear, territorial disputes, learned behaviors and/or past abuses. Aggression that appears seemingly out of nowhere in dogs that are normally calm may be related to hormones in intact dogs or development patterns in younger dogs.

 How to Stop Aggressive Behaviors

While aggressive behaviors can be frightening for everyone (and every dog) involved, there is no need to give away your beloved pet! Working with a professional that is experienced in aggressive dog training can help you establish appropriate behaviors for your pet. Once the underlying cause of aggression is understood it is important to teach your dog what behavior is acceptable and how to safely interact with other dogs. Dog Training Elite is a dog training company in your local area that specializes in correcting aggressive behaviors. We can help you understand why your dog is suffering and teach him or her the proper ways to socialize.

Don't let aggressive behaviors rule your dog's life and ruin time spent at the dog park. It's often difficult to understand what our dogs are going through as they can't speak to us in a way that we truly understand. Hiring a professional who understands the behavioral and communication signals of dogs can help you unravel the mystery of your dog's aggressive behavior. Every dog deserves a happy life, and that starts with ensuring his or her needs are met. Aggression is simply a sign that your dog is suffering - whether from past traumas, fear or underlying health issues. Dog Training Elite can help you get to the bottom of the issue and teach your dog proper socialization skills. We believe every dog deserves to be happy!

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