We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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The Malinois Foundation

Post by: Kenzie on Mar 27th 2018


The Malinois Foundation

Dog Training Elite is proud to support The Malinois Foundation, a life-changing foundation giving veterans and Americans in need the gift of a trained service dog.

 What Is the Malinois Foundation?

The Malinois Foundation is a non-profit association with the mission to supply veterans and Americans suffering with PTSD, physical disabilities, and other needs with a service dog trained to meet their specific needs that will provide them comfort and aid them with day to day activities. They aim to educate communities to the effectiveness of service animals. These service dogs are an incredible benefit to veterans in need. They can often ensure their owners safety and health in an emergency situation. With their assistance, veterans can live normal lives and go on with their routines without any problems. We at Dog Training Elite are proud to donate our time to training these incredible service dogs to be the helpful resource veterans need.

 The Importance of Service Dogs to Veterans

Service dogs can play a vital role of importance in the lives of veterans dealing with PTSD and physical disabilities. Many veterans cannot easily go back to the life they knew before their injuries and trauma when they return home, making normally mundane acts such as leaving the house, engaging in conversation, or showing affection nearly impossible. In this state of isolation, positive progress cannot be made. Service dogs can be integral to this healing. They soothe, draw people out of their isolation, and can help their owners through their PTSD symptoms or limitations due to their physical disabilities.

 The Success

The Malinois Foundation has been able to help numerous service dogs find their forever homes with veterans in need. One of their most recent placements was Tink, who joyously found a family with Army veteran Christine. After being injured during her time in the Army, Christine went through a lengthy recovery process with repercussions that didn' end after she was able to walk again. She no longer felt safe in crowds, whether it be in a movie theater or a restaurant, and confined herself to her home. She felt her life slipping away from her. Then she united with Tink. With her help, Christine can finally begin to feel comfortable leaving her home and going back to the activities she used to enjoy. Thanks to the help of sponsors across her community, Christine's world has been forever changed.

Service dogs are an invaluable support to veterans in need. Thanks to the Malinois Foundation, more and more veterans are able to return to the life they used to have. Dog Training Elite is proud to support The Malinois Foundation and their mission to supply veterans in need with trained service dogs and educate about their importance.

Do you have any questions? Contact Dog Training Elite today to discuss how you can contribute to this important foundation. We're happy to help!