We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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Our Recession-Proof Franchise Goes High-Tech During Quarantine

Post by: Jeffrey on Apr 18th 2020


Our Recession-Proof Franchise Goes High-Tech During Quarantine

Did you know that Dog Training Elite is considered a recession-proof franchise? It's true- since we operate within the pet industry, which has historically done well in the wake of a recession, we're one of the few franchise opportunities that are on pace to continue thriving even during times of economic downturn. As dog lovers ourselves, it comes as no surprise to us that people tend to prioritize the needs of their pets even if money is tight, but as business owners, we sure were happy to see these encouraging statistics about how our industry has fared in past recessions.

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Just like any other business out there, Dog Training Elite has found itself in some very unfamiliar territory over the past several weeks, as the COVID-19 crisis caused us to have to halt our normal schedules and temporarily discontinue in-person training sessions for both individuals and groups. Even for a recession-proof franchise model like ours, this meant having to completely rethink how we conduct our training classes in order to continue accommodating our clients. Fortunately, our home-based business model is relatively easy for our Franchise Owners to replicate via the magic of technology, and that's just what we've been doing! Here's a quick summary of all the incredible things our Franchise Owners are doing to be there for their clients- both human and canine- while ensuring that everyone stays home and stays safe.

Virtual Training Sessions

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Can you believe we live in a time where a professional dog trainer can come into your home and teach your dog important behavioral and obedience skills, as well as a few fun tricks? Thanks to Dog Training Elite, virtual training sessions are absolutely a thing now, and our customers couldn't be happier!

Using Google Hangouts, our trainers are able to connect with clients and host a one-on-one training session using the same tenets of our proven Dog Training Elite method that we use in our in-person classes. These virtual training sessions allow our existing clients to continue using our method to keep up with their dogs' progress- and even take them to the next level- while they're at home.

Prospective clients who have not yet begun training with us can now schedule virtual evaluation appointments, and believe it or not, it's more convenient than ever! People who wish to begin using our proprietary method to curb unwanted behaviors and enhance their dog's skills can schedule an appointment for a virtual evaluation session with a Dog Training Elite trainer at a time that works well with their schedule. Our trainers can "meet" the dog and their person over Google Hangouts and assess which training program best fits their training needs. Eliminating commute times for our Franchise Owners actually enables them to fit more virtual training sessions and evaluations into their schedules than ever before!

For our Franchise Owners, the Corporate Support Team is here to help with any of the technical questions that come with hosting training and evaluation sessions online instead of in person. We recently helped Franchise Owners conduct an online Puppy Essentials webinar for clients across all territories. This free webinar came with a handy Resource Packet put together by the Corporate team and distributed to Franchise Owners to further aid them in conducting the training with local clients. Franchise Owners who have taken the course can now offer the Puppy Essentials training program among their list of client services, creating another valuable stream of revenue that our recession-proof franchise can offer.

Dog Training Elite- Atlanta Gets a Virtual Launch!

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It's going to take more than a pandemic to stop our new Franchise Owner, Charmone Newell, from making Dog Training Elite a major success in the Atlanta market. Charmone's April 15 soft launch included turning on social media ads for the free virtual estimates, Board & Train bootcamp, and Puppy Essentials webinar she is currently offering. A larger launch via Facebook Live is planned for May 1, and will help Charmone generate interest within her community by promoting several key elements of her business to prospective new clients in and around Atlanta.Since Newell will begin conducting evaluations and training sessions right away, this makes her the first Franchise Owner in Dog Training Elite history to launch a business 100% online!

Atlanta-area dog owners who wish to take advantage of Newell's virtual evaluations and training classes were able to interact with her via Facebook Live chat during the launch and ask any questions they have about our training method, how virtual class sessions work, and more. Thanks to our new virtual business model, Charmone won't miss a beat with her new Dog Training Elite franchise!

Board & Train Program

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Perhaps the most interesting and innovative new offering we have rolled out over the past month, our Board & Train program gives dogs an intensive, bootcamp-style jumpstart on their training...while giving dog owners a bit of a break! All across the globe, people are working from home for the first time in their lives, and a number of them are discovering just how much their dogs are in need of training! Dog Training Elite's Board & Train program is the perfect solution. Trainers pick clients' dogs up outside their home using social distancing practices to ensure safety and bring them to their home for four days and three nights of comprehensive training using our proven method. Dogs return to their owners with a whole new set of skills, corrected behavioral issues, and even a few new tricks up their collar!

The Board & Train program is also a great new way for our Franchise Owners to gain revenue while they aren't able to conduct in-person training sessions. They're the ideal alternative for customers who don't feel comfortable with a virtual training format, and they help reinforce positive behaviors quickly and efficiently, thanks to the intensive nature of the program. As if that wasn't enough, our Franchise Owners get one more dog to enjoy while they're at home- it doesn't get much better than that!

It's an unprecedented time in our history, and we're all doing everything we can to keep our spirits up during the COVID-19 crisis. Dog Training Elite is proud to be able to continue providing the members of the communities we serve with the expert training they need for their dogs. One of the more positive aspects of a situation like the one we are currently in is that it allows us the opportunity to expand our offerings and try new ways of connecting with clients, and we're pleased to see how well our virtual programs have resonated so far. Our Corporate team is here for all current and future Franchise Owners to provide the guidance and support they need to grow their Dog Training Elite business into a successful recession-proof franchise.

At times like these, it's important to remember that we're all in this together and that there's a light at the end of this tunnel. Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners know that they are backed by the full support of our Corporate team to help them navigate these uncertain waters and set a course for continued business growth and success.

We're excited to see what the future holds for our recession-proof franchise and look forward to partnering with more dog lovers across the country as we bring the Dog Training Elite method to cities everywhere!

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