We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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DTE is Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Clients

Post by: Susan on Mar 17th 2020


DTE is Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Clients

Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, the risk of COVID-19 spread has made the regular operation of Dog Training Elite impossible. We are now offering virtual estimates and adjusted training programs that are in line with social distancing protocols. Group Classes will be canceled for the next few weeks as we are being advised to limit group interactions.

Our virtual evaluations and board and train program have been developed to run safely in accordance with all CDC and WHO recommendations. Dogs will only interact with trainers during training hours and all training tools and surfaces will be highly sanitized before and after use. Please remember that the CDC has noted there is no evidence that dogs can catch COVID-19 from humans. Contact us today for more information on our updated programs.

Although group class is temporarily canceled, this is an opportunity to practice training with your dog at home.

  • Solidify the place command by practicing at home. Then do advanced place while you are out for walks in your neighborhood. Have your dog place on other objects such as a stone wall, a large rock, etc.
  • Practice push-ups in your backyard (Put the dog in a sit, then down, then sit). Practice distance commands by telling the dog to sit near a tree, tethering them to the tree (with the leash loose), walking 10 feet away (or more when your dog is ready, and having the dog do push-ups.
  • Maintain boundaries in your home with off, place, etc.
  • While the dog is in heel, walk in various shapes- circle, zig zag, stop and turn around, etc. And try various paces- running, then slow walk, etc. Walk near something tempting, like their favorite toy, a fire hydrant, etc.
  • Practice advanced sit or down by putting the dog in a heel, then you keep walking when you tell them to sit. It may take them a few tries, so lots of praise when they get it right!

There's a lot you can do right from your home to keep your dog sharp! We look forward to training with you in the coming weeks.. As always, contact your trainer with any questions.