We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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Harness or Collar: Which is Better for Your Dog?

Post by: Andrea on May 26th 2020


Harness or Collar: Which is Better for Your Dog?

Training your dog covers various aspects, from potty training to walking. While many new dog owners may think taking their dog for a walk is as simple as putting on a leash and heading out the door, there is actually plenty that can go wrong. The great outdoors is a very exciting place for a new pup, and many dogs tend to forget they're attached to a leash during walk time. Pulling, jumping and bolting are all issues that need to be addressed when training your dog how to walk properly.

While commands and positive reinforcement are important during walking to train your pup, the tools you use also make a big impact. Collars are most commonly used by pet owners, but harnesses have gained more popularity recently. How do you know which is best to use for your dog?

 Collar Pros and Cons

The most important benefit of a collar is that you can easily attach identification tags to it. For walking, however, the use of a collar is actually minimal. Dogs that pull are more prone to discomfort, and even injury, if they are walked with a collar. Certain breeds, like pugs, may experience eye bulging or respiratory issues from a too tight collar. Additionally, a dog walking with a collar is more likely to get tangled in the leash.

 Harness Pros and Cons

A harness and leash combination is the preferred solution for dog walking and puppy training. Wrapping around your dog's body comfortably, a harness gives you more control and is less restrictive on your dog. It is easy to correct pulling behaviors with a harness and your dog will not experience neck discomfort if he or she does pull. Harnesses are also great for dog owners that like to go running or hiking with their dogs as they offer more control.

 Using Both

While we recommend using a harness for walking, collars are important for identification and rabies tag. If your dog ever escapes or is lost, a collar and identification tag will highly increase the chances of him or her being returned to you.

It's important for your dog to have everything he or she needs for a happy, comfortable life. While a collar is essential for safety, a sturdy and comfortable harness that fits your dog properly will make walking a more enjoyable activity for both you and your dog. If you have a particularly disobedient dog that loves pulling, professional dog training that covers basic obedience can help. Dog Training Elite offers various obedience dog training programs in your local area.