Why Choose In-Home Dog Trainers in your local area

Posted on Nov 9th 2020


Why Choose In-Home Dog Trainers in your local area

When choosing dog trainers in your local area, you'll find there are various training options: puppy essentials, group classes, board and train, and in-home training. As dog training professionals with more than 40 years of experience, Dog Training Elite stands by the in-home dog training method.

Sending your dog away to a training facility and never interacting with the trainer or your pet during the process is not a good approach. Many pet owners that choose this option often find that their dog regresses to problematic behaviors once they return. Group classes, on the other hand, are a distracting environment for a puppy or a dog new to training. Without the basics of in-home training, obedience is hard to learn. Whether you are looking for dog trainers in your local area for a new puppy or an older dog, in-home training offers the following benefits:

 Minimal Distractions

For a pup that has yet to learn commands, group training sessions are not ideal. This training method is best suited to dogs that have already mastered the basics. Group training sessions are distractions galore -- other dogs, people, the great outdoors, sounds, sights and smells. All of this will prevent your pup from staying focused on the trainer. Training at home eliminates these distractions, allowing your pup to focus solely on the training instructions.

 Targets Problem Behaviors

Your dog feels most comfortable at home and this is where he or she is more likely to exhibit problem behaviors. In a group training class or training facility, the trainer will not observe these behaviors and therefore cannot correct them. When you invite a trainer into your home, your dogs behaviors will be on full display. Excessive barking, inappropriate greetings, cat terrorizing, mailman chasing, territory marking and so on -- all of these behaviors are more likely to occur in the home. The best way to stop a negative behavior is to catch your dog in the act and redirect the behavior. With a professional trainer present inside your home, the elimination of problem behaviors becomes much easier.

 Build a Strong Bond

It is important to take part in your dog's training sessions if you want to build a strong bond. Your dog will also respond better to your commands if you are part of the learning experience. With an in-home trainer, you can take part in every session. Dog Training Elite professionals encourage all clients to take an active role in the training session and focus on creating a strong bond between pet and owner.

 Strong Foundations for Future Training

For puppies or dogs that are new to training, in-home training is the best option. With minimal distractions and a strong focus on basic obedience, in-home training sets a strong foundation for loyalty and trust. Once your dog understands commands and has developed a bond with you, future training lessons are much easier. Whether you wish to push your dog's limits in intelligence or prepare him for the competition ring, basic obedience starts at home.

 Combine with Other Training Methods

In-home training is often combined with other training methods for a well-rounded experience. Once your dog has mastered obedience commands, group classes are a great place to test everything he has learned. When the distractions of other people and dogs are introduced, your pup will need to sharpen his focus which reinforces obedience.

Find an In-Home Dog Trainer In your local area

Most dog trainers offer outdoor group classes or private lessons at a training facility. If you need in-home dog training in your local area, you can count on Dog Training Elite. With programs designed for any breed, size and age, our trainers promise an incredible bonding and successful training experience.