From Leading A Congregation To Opening A Dog Training Business — Find Out What Made This Kenosha, WI Pastor Decide To Franchise With Dog Training Elite!

Posted on Sep 7th 2021


From Leading A Congregation To Opening A Dog Training Business — Find Out What Made This Kenosha, WI Pastor Decide To Franchise With Dog Training Elite!

Opening a new business is an exciting time, even for experienced business owners like Augusta, WI native Jeff Lambrecht. He’s a lifelong dog owner looking to use his people and leadership skills in an exciting, sustainable business. And now, he joins Dog Training Elite as one of our newest Franchise Owners.

He tells us about his decision-making process that led him to choose a Dog Training Elite franchise, what business owners need to succeed, and his advice for future Franchise Owners.

Dog Training Elite's dog business for sale has a new Franchise Owner, Jeff Lambrecht.

Dog Training With A Focus On People

Jeff has owned dogs for most of his life, and they’ve always been part of the family. So, he understands how important dogs are for people, and the joy and love they bring to a home.

After losing a beloved Golden Retriever, Buddy, years ago, he and his wife adopted a 12-week-old Goldendoodle puppy named Max, “whom we look forward to being our star demonstrator for our Dog Training Elite franchise.”

But what first drew Jeff to the possibility of owning a Dog Training Elite franchise was the human side of the business.

Before becoming the proud owner of a Dog Training Elite dog training franchise in Kenosha, WI, Jeff was a Lutheran pastor with a diverse background in education and contracting work. A lifelong animal lover with proven leadership and entrepreneurial skills, he had long aspired to open an animal business. After learning about Dog Training Elite from a financial advisor, Jeff saw it as an opportunity to set up a sustainable, flexible business that allows him to work with people and dogs.

He says, “Dog Training Elite is a good fit for me because I have been working with people for years, and adding the dog training to my skill set brings to me excitement and lots of potential for years to come.”

In fact, working with dog owners is a crucial part of the training. A big part of the program is designed to deepen the trust between the dog and the owner. Naturally, making sure the owners understand the methods ensures the training works long-term.

In fact, he believes the focus on the client is something that makes Dog Training Elite stand out in the dog training industry. Through our nonprofit organization The Malinois Foundation, Dog Training Elite trains service dogs for veterans and people with disabilities, allowing Franchise Owners to work toward giving back to their communities.

A Business That Provides Flexibility And Independence

For Jeff, “the ability to be independent in decision making, scheduling, and finances” has been the ultimate factor that led him to become a business owner.

In his case, Dog Training Elite had everything he was looking for.

Dog Training Elite is a home-based business, which means low start-up margins. There’s no need to set up training facilities or kennels, and owners can work from home as well as visit their client’s homes or neighborhood parks for training sessions. Without rent and maintenance costs like those incurred with a brick-and-mortar facility, the initial investment becomes much lower.

With an initial investment as low as $81,800, Franchise Owners can expect to spend less upfront compared to the average cost of starting other pet care businesses like doggy daycares, with more opportunities for bigger profits.

Also, a home-based business allows owners more freedom to work from anywhere and to set up their own schedules.

Another source of flexibility is the different models a franchise owner can choose. Owners can decide to train dogs themselves or take a semi-absentee ownership approach, where they oversee the business side of things and concentrate on growing their franchise empire while a dedicated General Manager does the training.

Another enormous advantage of the Dog Training Elite franchise model is its broad range of training programs. Franchise Owners can offer programs like obedience training, group classes, puppy webinars, personal protection, anxiety and aggression training, military and retired vet program, therapy training program, service dog training, and in-home training.

Having so many training programs available boosts ROI and creates several income streams.

Transparency Is At The Root Of Dog Training Elite

But of course, learning more about Dog Training Elite is not complete until you meet Dog Training Elite Founder, John Mestas and the rest of the team.

After that meeting, what stood out the most for him was the team’s professionalism, punctuality, excellent communication, and interest in helping every Franchise Owner succeed.

From day one, says Jeff, the team made sure all the processes and prices were crystal clear, which speaks to their honesty and transparency, making them ideal business partners.

Dog Training Elite's dog training franchise for sale has a new Franchise Owner, Jeff Lambrecht.

The Secret Of Success

Jeff understands the qualities that make a successful business owner. Guided by his faith and his extensive experience in business, he’s confident Dog Training Elite has all the elements for a business owner to succeed.

He says, “There are many variables that need to work together independently — Corporate support, staffing, economy, geographic location, proper funding, training & skills, even the weather can play a role. And because so much of what will make me successful is out of my control, it can only be my given faith in the Triune Lord that He will bring me to success.”

Finally, he encourages other business owners not to neglect the business side of the franchise. For most, the idea of training dogs is a fun and exciting adventure, but it needs to be combined with the discipline and grit of running a business. Also, it’s a series of small decisions that lead to success — from systems and methods of hiring the right staff and marketing the right way. As he puts it, “It is the clients, it is the marketing, it is the systematic organization, it is the process and method, it is the staff and employees of each individual franchise.”

In its 40+ years in the pet care industry and its proven, balanced-positive dog training methods, Dog Training Elite has helped thousands of dogs and their owners in the comfort of their homes. Now, Founder John Mestas is bringing his proprietary method to cities all over the U.S. with low-overhead franchise opportunities for dog lovers. To find out more and follow Jeff’s steps in an exciting new business opportunity, visit our website.