We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

We are Committed to the Health & Safety of Our Community

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Our Dog Training Business Is Back in Full Swing!

Post by: Jeffrey on Jun 12th 2020


Our Dog Training Business Is Back in Full Swing!

Dog Training Elite is BACK!...

or, to be more accurate, we never left, since our dog training business continued to offer virtual evaluations and other creative workarounds to stay connected to our customers during the quarantine. But now Dog Training Elite has resumed in-person training sessions for individuals and families with dogs in need of a little higher education. Our Franchise Owners are thrilled to be back doing what they love in full capacity, with additional precautions in place to ensure proper safety measures are being taken.

Each of our eight open dog training business locations across the Southwest United States can now interact with human and canine customers, teaching our proven method in specialized programs like Service Dog Training, Therapy Animal Training, Personal Protection Training, Anxiety/Aggression Training, and Puppy Training, as well as basic obedience and behavior training concepts that can benefit dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds.

Since our model is built on training dogs at their homes or a neutral outdoor spot, such as a park, making changes to increase sanitation and accommodate social distancing practices and other recommended measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 weren't very difficult to implement. A detailed page on our website lists the measures we've taken to ensure that both our Trainers and customers stay safe and well-protected during every training session.

Dog Training Business With an Emphasis on Health and Safety

dog training business

Trainers and customers are being asked to make sure they have cleaned and sanitized all equipment that may be used before and after each session, as well as to wash their hands frequently and avoid any type of contact, such as hand-shaking. (However, it's still OK to train your dog to shake hands!)

We are also asking our customers to call immediately to postpone or reschedule their training sessions if they or anyone in their household is ill. Our Franchise Owners are happy to accommodate these customers by scheduling a make-up session once everyone is back in good health.

Additionally, when possible, our Franchise Owners are conducting their in-home training sessions in an outdoor setting, such as a backyard or patio, or even at a nearby park if convenient. Being outdoors can help lower the risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus between two asymptomatic people, so we are encouraging our Trainers and customers to take this option as often as they can.

Group Dog Training Sessions are Back!

In addition to in-home individual training, our dog training business is once again offering group training sessions. However, since gatherings of more than 10 people are still not advised, we have changed our sign-up process to ensure that we limit our sessions accordingly. Customers wishing to participate in a group training must sign up online prior to the scheduled session. In order to ensure everyone has equal access to our group training classes, we ask that customers sign up no more often than once every other week.

In order to accommodate as many customers as possible during group training sessions, our dog training business is allowing only one dog per customer per class. Households with multiple dogs must sign each dog up individually. Additionally, only one person per dog is allowed to attend a group training session at this time to be respectful of others' ability to sign up. As with our in-home training sessions, we insist that customers who are ill remain at home and reschedule their group training sessions for when they are back in good health.

Dog Training: An Essential Business

These new safety measures are helping Dog Training Elite do what we love most- meet with new people and dogs who are ready to learn our proprietary balanced-positive training method and see significant improvements in their dogs' behavior, obedience, and temperament. We're excited to be back up and running, and we're grateful for our customers who allowed us to continue serving them via virtual training sessions, webinars, and some of the other ways we were able to connect with them during the statewide lockdowns.

If there's one thing we discovered during the past few months, it's this: regardless of the circumstances, people always seem to need dog training services! In fact, a few of our Trainers reported gaining new business from folks who were working at home and interacting with their dogs all day, every day for the first time...and realizing that some obedience training wouldn't be a bad idea!

Our dog training business was also beneficial to our canine customers during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Since one of the positive side effects of the pandemic was a huge uptick in pet adoptions across the country, a number of people have found themselves with new members of the family and are in need of dog training services to help cope with a number of behavior-related issues in their new furry friends. Since our dog training business is equipped to train dogs for virtually anything, from aggressive behavior to garden-variety puppy-ness, we're here to help people who may be navigating the ups and downs of dog ownership for the first time in their lives. Using our proprietary training method can help our human and canine customers strengthen their bonds and forge a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding.

The pet industry is only gaining in strength as our economy begins to bounce back. Since pet-related services such as dog training are always considered essential business (and there doesn't seem to be any shortage of dog owners any time soon!) investing in a historically recession-resistant pet business like Dog Training Elite may be the best move you make in 2020! If you're looking at a career change that gets you out from behind a desk and into the driver's seat of business ownership with your dog by your side, it's time to check out the Dog Training Elite opportunity! We recently awarded SIX franchise territories in just six weeks, so the time to lock in your franchise territory is now!

Visit our franchise website for more information about how to get started.

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