Our CEO Kelley Rosequist is a Woman of Wonder!

Posted on Nov 10th 2021


Our CEO Kelley Rosequist is a Woman of Wonder!

Call the PUP-arazzi! Our CEO, Kelley Rosequist, was featured in Franchise Direct Magazine’s Women of Wonder issue. Only the most PAW-some women in franchising are considered for this feature, and we couldn’t be more proud of Kelley and her fantastic achievement.

Get To Know Kelley

Kelley has grown with Dog Training Elite from office manager to corporate trainer to CEO over the past decade. During the pandemic, Kelley was able to shift our business model to respond, and as a result, she successfully awarded and opened a number of franchise territories during a time when most businesses were struggling. She is driven by the impact that Dog Training Elite can have on families and their canine friends, saying, “Every day, I am amazed at the relationships we forge between your average family and their dog.” She is passionate about training service dogs for DTE customers, as well as through our nonprofit organization, The Malinois Foundation, and is always ready to answer Franchise Owners’ questions about the business model, training principles, and more.

The Benefits Of Having A Woman Of Wonder As Our CEO

Several studies have shown that having a smart and savvy woman in the C-Suite can benefit a company. Women are often more effective leaders, and when it comes to the bottom line, they often outperform competitors. Female executives can identify opportunities easier and are more tenacious in pursuing them. As the Franchise Owner, this can give you the confidence that the company you are working with is well managed and poised to grow. You can trust that your investment is safe and profitable.

Having a Woman of Wonder in the CEO spot also translates to better strategic partnerships and collaboration. Studies show that women are better at working with the opposition to find resolutions. As a Franchise Owner, you will work with Kelley and the team here to build and foster relationships with partners.

Dog Training Elite Owner poses with her dog in the grass.

Dog-Lovers In The C-Suite

At Dog Training Elite, we are barking up the right tree when it comes to having a dog-lover as a CEO. It’s no secret that running a business as a CEO or a Franchise Owner can have stressful moments. Having a furry friend in your life can help reduce stress and anxiety. Dogs can help lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. And who doesn’t want to have a dog around?

Our canine friends can also help us get along with others in the workplace. One study has shown that we are more cooperative with our co-workers when dogs are present. We see dogs as making people more trustworthy and friendly. Your pupper pal makes you more approachable.

When it comes specifically to those in the C-Suite, a study through Banfield Pet Hospital shows that 78% of executives can credit a portion of their success to having a pet as a child. Pet ownership can teach you excellent leadership skills, including being proactive, responding to others’ needs, and knowing appropriate discipline responses.

Being A Franchise Owner With Dog Training Elite

When you become a Franchise Owner with Dog Training Elite, you will feel confident in having a Woman of Wonder and dog lover as CEO, knowing she has the skills necessary to lead the company into a strong future. Those who qualify for our Franchise Discovery Process and make it to our Approval Day in Salt Lake City have the opportunity to meet and work with Kelley Rosequist and our Founder John Mestas. John will take you on actual dog training appointments so you can get a hands-on look at how the business operates.

Once you are awarded your DTE franchise, you can count on Kelley and the rest of our Franchise Support Team to take you through a comprehensive training session at our Salt Lake City headquarters. We will also be on-site during your launch day and will spend your first week helping with marketing, training, and getting the business off the ground.

We spend an additional week with you later in your first year, where we focus on anything you choose, and we will be there to answer any of your questions. We want to make sure your first year isn’t RUFF!

Dog Training Elite Owner plays with her dog in the grass.

DTE Franchise Owners are fortunate to work with a for-profit business that has an impact. We offer a variety of services that aid families and their dogs and improve their relationships. We offer puppy training and obedience training for owners of young dogs or rescues, and aggression or anxiety training for families and dogs that need a little extra help. The true heart of our business comes in the work we do training service and therapy dogs that help those in need, including active military and veterans. You will also feel the love of our canine friends when you connect with our non-profit, The Malinois Foundation. Our foundation specializes in helping veterans who have PTSD and other service-related issues by providing canine assistance. Working with Dog Training Elite will leave you feeling that you are making a PAW-sitive change in the world!

Want more flexibility in life? We can offer that. When you become a Franchise Owner with Dog Training Elite, you can keep your job and have a lead trainer run the business. If you choose to be an owner/operator instead, you have the flexibility to set the hours that you want. Our model works in people’s homes, which not only benefits the families and dogs by allowing training to happen in the most comfortable place, but it helps you by not having to maintain a physical location. With an investment that starts at $82,800, becoming a Franchise Owner with us is a dog-gone good investment.

Working with us is PAW-some! Franchise Owners and dog-lovers alike love what we do and love Kelley’s enthusiasm as our CEO. Are you ready to join us as a Franchise Owner? Visit our Franchise website for more information today.