Cheyenne and Chelsea Emery Bring DTE to Orlando!

Posted on Jan 6th 2022


Cheyenne and Chelsea Emery Bring DTE to Orlando!

We’re heading to the Sunshine State, and it’s all thanks to our newest Franchise Owners, Cheyenne and Chelsea Emery!

The newlyweds, who just tied the knot this past October, look forward to channeling their passion for dogs into a career that gives them the flexibility they currently don’t have in their current nursing positions. For Cheyenne and Chelsea, Dog Training Elite was just the franchise PAW-portunity they’d been looking for, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them in our family!

Meet Chelsea and Cheyenne

Aside from brief stints in customer service, Cheyenne and Chelsea have worked as nurses for most of their adult lives. They met in nursing school and added two dogs of their own to the family when they moved in together. The dogs didn’t always enjoy each other’s company in the first few months, but now they are a happy family. Cheyenne and Chelsea’s experience with getting their own dogs acclimated to new surroundings inspired them to help other dog owners find the same wonderful family dynamic.

While Cheyenne and Chelsea love helping people through nursing, they wanted more freedom in their lives. The pair went on a search for an opportunity that would allow them to own their own business but maintain a flexible schedule and found the perfect answer with Dog Training Elite.

Choosing Dog Training Elite

Through Dog Training Elite, Cheyenne explained how she and her wife enjoy “the fact that we can help repair broken relationships between people and their dogs.” The couple also volunteers at shelters, animal therapy, and service dog training groups in their community. All of these experiences align with their desire to help Orlando-area dogs and their humans.

The couple searched for several dog-related franchises, and it wasn’t long before Dog Training Elite came out on top of their list. Cheyenne explained, “When I was searching for dog-related franchises, they were mostly shops to sell goods, grooming, or dog boarding.” Dog Training Elite provided the proper blend of affordability and emotional fulfillment, not to mention the ability to give back to their community, that Cheyenne and Chelsea were looking for.

Our company enjoys helping dogs and people connect with each other. We want to give back to the community as often as possible. We work with Franchise Owners across the country to reach more people and dogs and to help them cultivate a positive relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. Our Founder, John Mestas, has trained dogs for over 40 years and has brought his proprietary method to many US cities.

One of the Emerys’ favorite experiences has been the puppy group classes. Cheyenne remarked how it feels like they have “gone to heaven to be able to play with puppies and get paid for it!”

Joining The Team

“I love Dog Training Elite’s business model because they believe in quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction,” says Cheyenne. We take great pride in fulfilling our promises and providing great experiences for Franchise Owners, taking a quality over quantity approach when selecting the entrepreneurs we feel best embody the philosophy and spirit of our dog training franchise.

We assist Franchise Owners every step of the way with marketing, operations, and more. We are always a call away and provide assistance to help you grow your business. During Dog Training Elite Approval Day, we give prospective Franchise Owners the opportunity to meet with our Founder, John Mestas, CEO Kelley Rosequist, and the rest of our corporate team. “We loved that we had the opportunity to meet the Founder and the corporate team, and it made us feel much more comfortable in moving forward. We got to know every single person, and they were so easy to get along with.” Cheyenne says.

As Floridians, the duo enjoyed their experience at our corporate headquarters in stunning Utah. “We felt confident that with signing, we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into as well as knowing we would have the full support of the entire corporate team.” Cheyenne observed.

Seeing the team interacting with dogs sealed the deal for Cheyenne and Chelsea. Discovering the team was comprised of dog people like them helped with their decision to become Franchise Owners. Their other “lightbulb” moment was seeing a dog finally understand the training session. Watching the dog perform the correct routine made them understand the importance of properly communicating with each dog. Cheyenne stated it was a wake-up call that required the couple to “be fair by speaking their language.”

The Entrepreneurial Itch: Following in Her Father's Footsteps

Cheyenne was excited to become an entrepreneur. Her father was also a business owner, and she saw Dog Training Elite as a way to follow in her father’s footsteps. “I have seen him struggle, succeed, and create a business from the ground up and maintain it,” Cheyenne said.

Owning a Dog Training Elite franchise gives our Owners the chance to own their own business while still benefiting from comprehensive support from our team. Cheyenne admires her father’s work ethic and wants to develop a similar work ethic for herself. She hopes to work just as hard as her father and become as successful. Honesty and fair play are two covenants for Cheyenne’s business. Her father creates customers for life.

Cheyenne believes the couple’s sheer determination and persistence will make them successful. When setting goals, Cheyenne does not give herself the option to fail. This sentiment holds especially true to things she feels strongly about, such as helping dogs and their owners. The couple’s past experience as nurses, as well as their love and advocacy for dogs has made them invested in Dog Training Elite’s mission.

While Cheyenne believes neither she nor her wife will retire, she wants to create a legacy for their future children, and give them the option to take over their franchise in the future if they choose.

Advice To Franchise Owners

Cheyenne advises Franchise Owners to take the commitment seriously. A Dog Training Elite franchise requires considerable work to run. However, the role provides many rewards. You get to make an impact on your community and work with dogs. For dog fanatics like Cheyenne and Chelsea, it’s a dream come true. “Your business will become whatever you are willing to put into it,” Cheyenne stated.

Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners get to learn how people can more effectively communicate with their dogs. This skill helps people and their dogs live more fulfilling lives. We guide our Franchise Owners on how to train dogs in obedience, therapy, service, and protection.

Dogs can make a rough day feel better after a long day of work. Working with them as part of your job can be a dream come true for dog lovers who have become accustomed to being at home with their four-legged friends over the past couple of years. Imagine getting to feel the little bursts of joy that come from being with your dog all day long. For a Dog Training Elite Franchise Owner, it’s all in a day’s work!

Are You Ready To Join The Dog Training Elite Family?

Cheyenne and Chelsea are following in the footsteps of Cheyenne’s father, and blazing their own trail as Florida’s first DTE Franchise Owners. Just think- you could be next!

If you’re ready to make 2022 the year you take control of your future, Dog Training Elite may be the PAW-fect opportunity for you! Please visit our franchise website for more info.