Mary Stallmann Creates SERIOUS Buzz in Milwaukee!

Posted on Nov 2nd 2021


Mary Stallmann Creates SERIOUS Buzz in Milwaukee!

Dog Training Elite’s newest Franchise Owner, Mary Stallmann, has Milwaukee-area pet parents’ tails wagging over the prospect of an all-new dog training business in their community!

Having only had her Franchise business up and running for 3 months, she has already scooped a number of impressive TV interviews and news articles. Dog lovers everywhere are loving the tips she has to share. Let’s take a closer look at what Mary’s been doing and how you could do the same.

A Bit About Mary

Born and raised in Michigan, Mary grew up with 3 older sisters and a twin brother. There were always dogs and cats running around, and even a pet duck at one point!

Mary taught science to middle schoolers for around 10 years and was then an elementary school principal for 20 years. She lives with her husband of 23 years, Dirk. They have three children, Ava, Graham, and Miles, and two dogs, Sasha and Hank.

From Dog Trainer to TV Star…

From teacher to trainer, and now the face of Dog Training Elite in Milwaukee and a leading authority on training dogs, Mary has been sharing her doggy wisdom in TV interviews.

If you bought a new puppy home during the pandemic and are looking for some tips on how to train them, take a look at what Mary has to say here during her interview with CBS 58 Newsroom.

For those with wedding plans and wanting to involve their dog in the ceremony, Mary’s got some tips to make sure your furry friend won’t wreak havoc!

To learn a little more about Mary (and for a picture of super cute Hank!) take a look at this article here about her and her business.

This kind of publicity is what a DTE Franchise Owner can expect once they are up and running in their new market. Unlike independent dog training business owners, our Franchise Owners are backed by a skilled marketing team that knows just how to get your name and face in front of your target audience.

While independent dog trainers are chasing their tails trying to effectively market themselves and generate new business while also keeping up with their existing customers’ training needs, Dog Training Elite Owners are finding freedom, flexibility and confidence that they have a world of support behind them!

How Did Mary Learn About Dog Training Elite?

Mary already had experience with the world of franchising as her husband, Dirk, is the President of Verlo.

At a franchise convention, he met our CEO, Kelley Rosequist, who told him all about Dog Training Elite. Dirk rushed home, excited to tell Mary about the opportunity, thinking she would be absolutely perfect for it. Mary got in touch with Kelley, and she decided to move ahead with becoming a Franchise Owner herself.

Unfortunately around the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and everything got put on hold. Kelley and Mary kept in touch, and around a year later Dog Training Elite moved to Wisconsin and Mary started the process of securing funding and purchasing territories.

It’d been a long process from start to finish, but Mary saw starting her franchise as the perfect new beginning after 30 years in education.

Dog Training Elite's newest Franchise Owner, Mary Stallmann, at a training bootcamp.

Why Dog Training Elite?

As an educator, Mary loves the teaching aspect of the business. It gives her the opportunity to train the pets while also helping families to learn, too. One of the best things about the franchise itself is how it’s like one big family.

As a principal, Mary describes often feeling lonely due to not having people around her. Dog Training Elite is completely different. She says that she “loves being part of a team and having people all around me that want me to do well and are supporting me.”

Mary’s experience with the Founder and corporate team has also been overwhelmingly positive, describing them as a wealth of knowledge and support. She explains that they “want you to succeed and will do everything in their power to help you succeed and grow your business.”

When you consider that Dog Training Elite has over 40 years of experience under its belt, they know what works and how to work with their Franchise Owners. There is a real, genuine focus on making sure every franchisee is successful. As a result, there’s always someone around to help you out or even simply to bounce an idea off of.

The Move Into Entrepreneurship

Mary said that she never thought about becoming a Franchise Owner until her husband became the president of a franchise company.

Being able to draw on Dirk’s experience and having him by her side when starting her own business, was a big help. He helped her to put together a business plan, understand the process, and of course – introduce her to Kelley! Mary puts her success down to her education experience, her husband, the Dog Training Elite people, and, of course, her love of dogs.

How Important Are Pets In Our Lives?

In answering this question, Mary thinks that you only have to look at the impact of COVID-19. Pets have helped massively with the loneliness of isolation and lockdowns as they provide endless affection and entertainment. They motivate us to get outside.

She says, “I can’t wait to take my puppy, Hank, on the kayak to go hiking and I can’t wait to teach others how to have a well-behaved dog while engaged in outdoor activities.”

What’s Most Exciting About Owning Your Own Dog Training Elie Franchise?

One of Mary’s favorite things about owning a Dog Training Elite franchise is getting to travel within her community every day.

As a teacher, she describes how she would usually spend her days in one place, her classroom, which can be quite isolating. Dog Training Elite, however, offers the opportunity to be involved in community activities and be outside.

She looks forward to the simple pleasure of going out for a cup of coffee with her dog and talking to people.

Dog Training Elite's newest Franchise Owner, Mary Stallmann, at a training bootcamp.

Mary’s Advice For You

If you’re thinking about becoming a Franchise Owner and share a love for four-legged friends, Mary’s advice is to take the first step and pre-qualify for our Franchise Discovery Process!

As you move through the process, you’ll get to meet members of the DTE franchise development team and learn more about our simple, industry-leading model, our Discovery Days are especially helpful if you have no previous experience with franchising as they help you to get to know the system and meet the people behind the business.

Own a Dog Training Elite

This opportunity is available for a starting investment of $82,800. Before you know it, you too can be making a huge difference to pets and families across the country- and appearing on TV and news articles to share your expertise with your community!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can join Dog Training Elite and become a Franchise Owner like Mary, please visit our website for more information.