The Importance of Spaying / Neutering Your Dog

Posted on Jul 20th 2020


The Importance of Spaying / Neutering Your Dog

If you have adopted an intact dog and are wondering whether you should have your new pet fixed, the answer should most definitely be yes! While this is a personal decision every pet owner must make, the benefits of fixing your dog greatly outweigh the cons. Most pet specialists and veterinarians could even agree that there are no downsides to spaying or neutering, only benefits. So, if you are thinking about leaving your dog intact, first take a look at the main benefits of spaying or neutering:

 Health & Longevity

Both male and female dogs that are spayed life longer, healthier lives. Intact males commonly suffer from testicular cancer, and female dogs face uterine infections and breast cancers. Additionally, fixing your pet reduces their urge to roam (especially in male dogs) which in turn reduces the risk of getting lost, hit by a car or fighting with other dogs. Studies have shown that fixed dogs live much longer than their intact counterparts.

 Easier Training

Instincts to roam, mate and mark territory are incredibly strong in unfixed dogs. Expect disobedience from your dog and difficulty correcting it if you are not planning to spay or neuter. As professional dog trainers in your local area that have seen every size and breed, at Dog Training Elite we recognize that the biggest hindrance to successful training is an unfixed dog. If you're hoping to build a happy, healthy bond with your pet, spaying or neutering is the first step!

 Alleviate the Pet Homelessness Crisis

While dogs are a man's best friend, their overpopulation has led to a severe pet homelessness problem. On average, an estimated 6-8 million homeless animals are brought to animal shelters annually, yet not even half of them are adopted. The rest are left to either spend the remainder of their lives in the small shelter cages or be euthanized. As a dog owner, you can do your part in alleviating this problem by spaying or neutering your dog!

As dog owners, we must always make the best choices for our companion's health. The choice to spay or neuter is important and should be first priority if we wish a happy, healthy life for our dogs. The perceived "cons" of neutering are often false. For example, many pet owners believe that their dog will become overweight if they are fixed. The reality is that spaying or neutering has nothing to do with weight. A healthy diet and proper amount of exercise will keep your dog trim, regardless if they are fixed or not.

Dog Training Elite is recognized as a leader in dog behavior and we encourage all pet owners to spay and neuter their beloved companions!