Greenville, South Carolina Couple Invests in 2 Dog Training Franchise Territories!

Posted on Mar 10th 2022


Greenville, South Carolina Couple Invests in 2 Dog Training Franchise Territories!

Jared Smearman has always wanted to own his own business, but he could never find the right idea for one. Jared, a U.S. Navy veteran and project manager, posted his resume to ZipRecruiter and met Elis Salamone, a career ownership coach with franchise consulting firm The Entrepreneur’s Source. Elis helped Jared realize that business ownership doesn’t always need his own idea. Instead, he can build on a proven concept as a Franchise Owner and get all the benefits of being a business owner. Jared and Elis explored a few Franchise Ownership options, but it was clear that DTE was the perfect fit for the Smearman family.

Jared’s wife, Elizabeth Smearman, is a teacher who has taught nearly every grade during her career. Like many teachers in today’s climate, she was starting to feel burned out but was still determined to find a way to make a difference in people’s lives. When Jared introduced her to Dog Training Elite, she agreed it was the answer they both were looking for. “[DTE has] the right idea, infrastructure, and business model already in place,” Elizabeth said.

The Ulti-MUTT Dog Training Franchise

When the Smearmans arrived in DTE’s hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah for their Approval Day, they were excited to get the chance to know the people behind the mission. Elizabeth, in particular, found herself drawn to our CEO, Kelley Rosequist, with her background in education and social work.

“Everyone was friendly and down to earth,” Elizabeth states. She and Jared enjoyed getting to spend time with the Franchise Owners in the area and said that working in the office with them, eating with them, and riding around to actual appointments allowed them to hear the candid takes on what it takes to be an owner.

But it was the time they have spent with the corporate team since Approval Day that has impacted them the most. “After Approval Day and deciding to purchase two territories, we set up a weekly call with Corporate to go through any questions that arise,” Jared says. He adds, “Megan [Kelley, Franchise Operations Manager] has been so helpful! Neal [Mestas, Director of Training and top Franchise Owner] and Megan also helped us review the local area in which we live, evaluate the market conditions so that we could strategize, and determine an appropriate grand opening. We requested a weekly call to go over our launch assignment list/action items, and it was welcomed and supported in spades!”

Elizabeth agrees and adds, “Aidan helped us when we decided to use a local company to wrap our Prius since we wouldn’t be able to drive it to Utah because of weather this time of year. KC spoke with us for over an hour around Christmas when we were deciding if we should get a third dog to train as a service dog for our son who has food allergies.”

Elizabeth Smearman - Greenville, South Carolina dog training franchise owner.

DTE is Here for You!

Do the Smearmans have advice for anyone looking to become a DTE Franchise Owner? “Trust the process, and spend time on each step along the way,” Elizabeth says.

“DTE has a very mature marketing optimization strategy,” adds Jared. “The fact that they already have contract documents, a marketing retail store, and other needed materials in place is great for owners as well.”

Elizabeth says that they are looking forward to getting the Franchise up and running, and they feel well prepared for it thanks to the DTE team and process. “We like that they train you on the trade as well as the administrative content, so you are equipped to launch as soon as you return home from boot camp.” They are now ready to get back to Greenville and get more involved with their community, including going to events and making connections.

“We are excited to be able to call the shots for what happens - hiring new employees, buying a brick-and-mortar location to train dogs in, deciding work hours, etc.,” Jared says. “Most of all, we will love helping a family by training their dog in either obedience or service to make a difference in their lives.”

Ready to Make a Difference?

Much like the Smearmans, working with DTE to open a dog training franchise will help make a difference in your community. Investments start at only $82,800, and most of our Franchises are up and running within four to six weeks. Visit our Franchise Owner Page now to find out more.