Dog Training Elite - Industry Expansion

Posted on Mar 16th 2021


Dog Training Elite - Industry Expansion

Why will the dog training industry massively expand in a post-COVID society?

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that dogs make everything a little easier. Social distancing? Work from home? Isolated in an apartment? For those with dogs, it’s a little less difficult. Therefore, the pet industry, including, the dog training sector, is all set to witness a massive expansion in the post-pandemic society.

If you’re a dog lover, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone thinking of franchising, this is the time to enter an industry that’s poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming months and years. The primary reason for this expected boom is that never before in recent history have humans realized the companionship that a dog can bring.

If Americans were spending close to $96 billion on their pets before the pandemic hit, once normalcy returns, that figure will easily cross $100 billion. Owners will be pampering their pets because they are the ones who made the last 12 months or so a little less terrifying.

Dogs made it PAWS-sible!

The word ‘unprecedented’ doesn’t do justice to the year we’ve just had. Everything that we used to take for granted, from shared workspaces to commute to sports events to social get-togethers came to a sudden halt. The new normal drove us apart.

Our pets, especially dogs, helped us stay human. Throughout the uncertainty that was 2020 - and still continuing - it was our canine friends who kept our spirits high. Here are four ways in which humans and dogs came closer during the pandemic.

1. Less isolation

For the close to 85 million American homes that have pets, the COVID-induced social isolation would have been a little less unsettling. Although they couldn’t go out and meet their friends or colleagues, there was always a best friend at home.

This was especially true for those living alone, and senior citizens. We are all social primates and we need the reassuring connections that our families and other members of the tribe provide. When those connections are broken, it can be excruciatingly difficult to function.

For dog owners, the new reality would have been a bit more palpable. Although they couldn’t go out and live their normal lives, it would have been nice to know that there is someone who needs their attention at home, someone who’s geared to protect them, and someone who’ll never leave their side.

That can make a home a lot lively and normal. That’s what dogs did.

2. The new colleague

Remote work as an idea would have confused most Americans at first. After all, people are conditioned to believe that they have to leave home for work and not work from home. But COVID made that the new normal. This unfortunately created new problems.

The idea of an office is not just a physical construct. It is made up of all those informal interactions around vending machines and conference rooms and corridors. That’s what makes work fulfilling. When COVID took that away, work became monotonous.

But for those with dogs, it was not that disturbing. Social media is filled with pictures and videos of owners working from home while their dogs are close by for comfort. Dogs made the lonely grind a whole lot easier for remote workers.

3. The suburban migration

With remote work getting normalized, more and more Americans are flocking to the suburbs. The real estate markets seeing all the action are mostly in American suburbs. Understandable because when you don’t have to physically be in an office, why stay close to it?

The move to the suburbs means bigger homes, backyards, gardens, and open spaces nearby. In other words, more dogs as pets and more need for dog training.

4. Social media as proof

Finally, as people were confined to their homes, they became more digitized. And what did they primarily see on social media platforms (well, other than Bitcoin memes, celebrity fails, and inspirational quotes)? That’s right, pets.

For those who were hesitant about getting a dog, these past few months would have provided all the encouragement they needed. They have seen how a dog can make it less lonely, and more joyous. Once this is over, there will be a new breed of dog owners waiting to expand the dog care and dog training industries.

Grow with the fastest growing brand

All this means that there will be a surge in demand for all things related to dogs, including dog training. According to research, the dog training market is expected to cross $40 billion by 2025. And as a Franchise Owner of Dog Training Elite, you get to reap the rewards of this burgeoning economy.

Low risk

Founder John Mestas, who’s at the helm of America’s fastest-growing dog training franchise, has developed a system that requires little risk on the part of the Franchise Owner. There’s no need for a brick and mortar facility. Dog Training Elite uses a proven, balanced-positive method to train dogs and dog owners right in the comfort of their homes.

Multiple streams of income

There are several kinds of training, including, personal protection training, obedience training, anxiety and aggression training, training service dogs for retired military personnel, and therapy animal training. As a Franchise Owner, this means multiple income streams for you.

So, what’s the expected income?

Mid six figures

With an initial investment starting at $76,300, you are looking at an average gross revenue of around $400,000. In fact, the top performers earn annual gross revenue of around $500,000. You can earn it while being independent, and widening your network in the community that you choose to serve.

Continuous support

What makes it possible is the best digital marketing support from Dog Training Elite, field support, and over 100 hours of intensive training. And of course, the credibility of the brand name and our Founder John Mestas.

So, visit the franchise website for more information on how to become a successful dog training Franchise Owner and live the life that you’ve always dreamed about.

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