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Adopting A Holiday Puppy? Our Dog Training Franchise Owners Can Help!

Posted on Dec 20th 2021


Adopting A Holiday Puppy? Our Dog Training Franchise Owners Can Help!

There is always something magical about welcoming a new puppy into your life, and doing so during the holiday season is extra special, whether it’s a puppy for Christmas or Hanukkah. We spend time playing, snuggling, and cooing over cute faces and tiny paws during the hazy days between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The utter silliness of a new puppy in the world is a sight to behold.

As the new year dawns and we are set back into reality on January 2nd, picking up new resolutions and goals for ourselves, it’s also time to get down to the business of being a puppy parent. Puppy training can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to start. Working with a trainer who is well-versed in a proven balanced-positive method is a great option, and that’s why our Franchise Owners are here for their customers!

Why Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners Love New Puppy Season!

Training your puppy is one of the best ways to strengthen your family’s relationship with your dog. It can help reduce stress on both you and your canine friend and increase time to be happy and playful. And isn’t that why we love having dogs in our lives?

Owning a Dog Training Elite Franchise is a wonderful way to capitalize on others’ needs for basic puppy training each year as the new class of holiday puppies tumbles in, while also indulging your love of dogs and your desire to help people maximize their joy with their new family member.

If you are adopting a holiday puppy this season, let the franchise dog trainers at Dog Training Elite help!

We use “Classical Conditioning” in our training programs at DTE. You may recognize this as either “Pavlovian” or “Respondent Conditioning” that focuses on developing conditions and automatic responses to commands. When you say “sit” to your dog, we want the response to be automatic, not something they have to think through.

Our Franchise Owners are here to empower you as a dog-lover. We personalize programs for you and support you each step of the way, both in group classes and in-home individualized training. Our environment-specific training means we can help you in the places that matter most in you and your dog’s life, whether in your home, the park, or even on walks through the neighborhood. Working with us is a lifetime investment with options beyond puppy training, including obedience, anxiety and aggression, personal protection, and therapy or service training.

We are going to be honest while we work with you, and that starts here. The beginning of the New Year is our busiest time! Every year hundreds of families welcome new dogs into their lives around the holiday season and turn to us when all the festivities die down for all their training needs. This year we are providing a new on-demand training that you can access at your convenience to start strong with your new canine friend.

Training Your Puppy From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Our Puppy Essentials Webinar is an on-demand special that is available now. Once you purchase the webinar, which is just $45, you will have three days to access the webinar so you can watch and rewatch it on your schedule. The webinar is suitable for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks and covers many puppy basics such as:

  • Commands like sit and come
  • Loose leash walking
  • “Down puppy” corrections, such as biting issues, digging, and jumping
  • Introducing crate training
  • Potty training and housebreaking
  • Environment hazards for puppies
  • Puppy care, including socialization and puppy enrichment

We also offer a one-on-one call with one of our dedicated trainers who will help you tailor the training to your life and answer questions you may have.

For an additional $55, we will send a new puppy kit directly to your door, which will include:

  • Our Puppy Handbook that you can reference all year long
  • A treat training pouch
  • Freeze-dried teething chews
  • A 4-foot Lupine Pet padded handle leash
  • High-end food samples
  • Treats for your puppers including a plush toy and DTE brand tennis balls

How To Prepare For Puppy Training

The Dog Training Elite franchise offers expert dog training services.

We always want to make sure you and your dog are empowered to master training with ease. Sharing our favorite tips and tricks for training will help you in and around the webinar and in-home services we offer.

The American Kennel Club agrees with us that a balanced and positive method is the way to go. “The idea is not to bribe the behavior but to train it using something your dog values,” and they encourage dog owners to use a “high-value” food, like treats or freeze-dried liver. They also remind us that patience is vital, and yelling at or punishing your puppy can confuse them.

One of the best ways to train your puppy is to keep them on a relatively regular schedule. You will want to do feedings, playtime, quiet time, crate time, potty breaks, and training at the same time every day. The consistency, particularly around potty times, can help when it comes to housebreaking your dog. Also, be sure you consistently take potty breaks after feedings, drinking, and naps. Don’t forget to schedule “alone time” for your puppy, so they become comfortable when you and the family are not around.

Go into training sessions with your puppy prepared. You will want to have a consistent location that is both familiar and free from distractions. Puppies do best when they are well-rested but not overly excited. Make sure you have plenty of treats with you and a toy ready for some playtime after. You will always want to end sessions on a positive note.

Don’t forget to find ways to socialize your dog. Under-socialization, when puppies are young, is the root cause of many common behavior problems in adult dogs. Much like with us, well-socialized puppies become well-adjusted adult dogs.

Happy Puppy, Happy Life

Our Franchise Owners and Corporate Team are so excited that you are welcoming a new puppy into your life! We hope we have helped you prepare for training that little guy or girl so that you can focus on building an excellent relationship with your dog. We have to admit we love what we do! Do you want to join us? With investments as little as $82,800 and a business model with very low overhead, we can provide you with the paw-purtunity to be your own boss and feel good about what you do. Join us and check out our Franchise Info now.

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