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What Does 2022 Hold for the Dog Training Industry?

Posted on Jan 13th 2022


What Does 2022 Hold for the Dog Training Industry?

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, Americans have been spending more time at home with their pups than ever before. Up to 30% of the workforce in the United States has been working from home throughout the entirety of 2021, and with the overwhelming majority of employees desiring permanent WFH (work from home) accommodations, it seems like the additional time with our furry friends is permanent for a big segment of the workforce.

In fact, according to the study U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2021-2022 , for the first time ever the pet industry sales have exceeded USD $107 billion. Of that, training and grooming services stood at over USD $11 billion and shows no sign of slowing down. The US pet training services is estimated to show 6% growth from 2020-2026 , so the dog training industry is in a great place. Being one of the easiest franchises to get your foot in the door, we should be surprised!

Below we've listed the top pertinent data for the dog training industry heading into 2022.

Dog Training Services Market Projections

The US dog training services market is expected to reach over USD $820 million by 2026. This is mainly due to the ramped-up adoption rate of dogs as pets, which soared throughout the pandemic.

States that had the highest percentage of dog-owning households in 2021 were:

  • 1. Arkansas and Montana 52%
  • 2. Mississippi 51%
  • 3. West Virginia 50%
  • 4. Indiana 49%
  • 5. Oklahoma 48%
  • 6. Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Nebraska 47%

The most popular places to adopt dogs are:

  • 1. Breeders 21%
  • 2.Shelters 19%
  • 3.Friends or Relatives 18%
  • 4. Rescue 14%
  • 5. Other Private Party 13%

Labrador Retrievers, French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Bulldogs are the most commonly-adopted companion dogs currently. Online training and in-house private training, like what our Franchise Owners offer their customers, showed a large uptick during the pandemic, as people were adopting dogs at an increased rate to combat depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Dog Training Elite trainers with their dogs

Online Dog Training Courses

The industry is seeing a huge increase in virtual dog training going into 2022. Many vendors have found virtual dog training to be just as effective as in-person training, which was a surprising revelation. Customers receive the same guidance and instruction as they would at in-person training sessions, and the dog trainers are still able to see the dogs and their owners to easily make suggestions and corrections, as they would in person.

While DTE Franchise Owners primarily focus on in-person training whenever possible, we have seen the benefits of virtual evaluations for new customers throughout the pandemic. We also were able to reach new customers via our popular Puppy Training Webinar, a virtual training session for new puppy parents to serve as a jumping-off point for more in-depth training if desired.

Pet Spending is Increasing

It shouldn’t surprise you that the more time pet owners are spending at home, the more they realize there are many things their furry friends are desperately needing! They might need some special toys, grooming products, or maybe there’s a bad habit that needs some professional work ironing out.

Daycares and training showed growth in services of about 22% to 28%, and as high as 30% of animal owners spent more money on their companions in 2021. This includes food, training- products, and other tools for pet care products. That means that dog owners spent more money on beds, crates, harnesses, treats, collars & leashes, toys, and grooming products.

Luckily, dog owners seem to be paying closer attention to their pets' health as well. Vet visits are looking to be a bigger expense in the future, with many owners saying their pets averaged 2, 3 vet visits in 2021. Approximately 90% of owners took their pup on a trip to visit the vet.

Trending In Dog Breeds

To understand the market, it's important to know what dog breeds are popular as there may be different training requirements for each.

The number of canine owners with purebreds looks like it's remaining right around 56%, with the North and South Parts of the country having higher percentages of purebreds. The most popular breeds change year in, year out, but currently, French Bulldog Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Bulldog, and Golden Retriever are the most commonly-adopted dogs.

Dog owners who are male seem to be more likely to own a purebred dog, whereas more dog owners who are female own mixed-breed dogs. Surprisingly, Millennials tend to adopt purebreds, while Gen X and Gen Z dog owners more commonly adopt mixed-breed dogs.

Dog Training Elite jack fritzjunker and his dog

Training Statistics

In 2021, there was an 8% uptick amount of people who took their pups to behavior and obedience training.

Training devices and other tools, such as dog treats, saw a big surge of about 73% in 2020 (expected to be even higher in 2021, and 2022).

Currently, roughly 50% of canine owners use some sort of electronic tracking to either find or recall their dogs.

More than ever, canine owners are utilizing restraints, especially when it comes to harnesses that clip into the car seat of a vehicle to keep their pup safe.

The Big Picture

Looking at trends for pet care in general, and dog training specifically, it’s safe to say that the surging pet industry shows no signs of slowing down in 2022 and beyond! For entrepreneurs looking to add a pet care franchise to their portfolio, Dog Training Elite is an attractive opportunity, thanks to the unmet need it fills within dog-owning communities- not to mention its low investment and overhead in comparison with other pet-centric businesses.

Is 2022 the year you take control of your future and invest in a business that is both financially and emotionally rewarding? Visit our franchise website today to learn how you can get started in our pet care Franchise Discovery Process.

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