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Pros and Cons of Virtual Dog Training: Apps Versus In-Person Training

Posted on Jun 21st 2022


Pros and Cons of Virtual Dog Training: Apps Versus In-Person Training

Every single dog owner in the world wants a puppy that is properly trained and well behaved. However, according to information from ABC News, American adults are working more each year than residents in any other country. They work longer hours, take less vacation time, and usually retire much later.

You’re probably wondering at this point how this correlates to dog ownership. Well, it means that not everybody has the time, and the patience, to work with and train their own dogs or personally bring them to a professional dog trainer. As a result of this, some dog owners have begun to explore other, more unique ways to train their dogs.

This included the interesting option of online dog training, also known as virtual dog training. This interesting type of training enables them to complete training sessions in the convenience and comfort of their own home. Now, before you decide whether or not this intriguing form of training is for you and your furry friend, it is important to weigh up the pros and cons.

Let’s first take a look at what virtual dog training is. Then we will take a look at the pros and cons.

What is Virtual Training?

Thanks to the wonderful powers of the ever-evolving internet, people are able to pretty much learn anything they want right from the comfort of their homes. Many universities and colleges have also now become able to offer distance education in the form of online courses. This way, you can participate in virtual lectures and email your assignments.

Other educational opportunities are now made available to dog parents all over the world. One of the most popular is in the form of virtual video training. Virtual training websites offer a large range of interactive online training classes and learning activities for their students.

You can even connect with our experienced and intelligent trainer here at Dog Training Elite in several different ways. You can ask questions, have discussions, and you will soon see a massive difference in your beloved dog. One of the main benefits you can enjoy, aside from convenience itself, is that you gain access to the help you need for immediate problems.

Dog Training Elite now offers virtual training options that you and your dog will love.

The Pros of Online Dog Training

The biggest advantage when it comes to online dog training is that you don’t even have to leave your home in order to do it effectively. Instead, all you will need is an internet connection and an accessible device that will allow you to connect with the trainer. This saves dog owners all over the world the hassle of having to pack up their dog(s) and transport them to a trainer.

There are many pros to online dog training with Dog Training Elite.

Often, this can be very inconvenient and cause a hassle. On top of this, the training can be done when it suits you. You won’t have to adhere to anyone else’s schedule. This is ideal for those who do not have traditional work schedules.

When it comes to online dog training, there are two options for you to consider. You can either meet one-on-one in real-time with a trainer in order to get the very best out of your session. On the other hand, you can view pre-recorded training videos if your schedule is far too strenuous to meet with a trainer in real-time.

In either of these situations, the dog owner will be able to do all of the hands-on training needed in order to get the very best out of their canine companion. This will also be able to increase the bond between both the owner and the dog instead of just handing the dog owner to someone else to deal with.

On top of all of this, dog owners are often ecstatic to find that online dog training is far less expensive than in-person training sessions. A one-on-one session with a trainer in person can often cost up to, or even over, $100 every hour. An online session, however, can cost as little as only $40 per course.

Better yet, many places offer service dog training online which can calm nerves and make the process far easier. Now that we have taken a look at the pros, let’s hop on over and take a look at the cons of virtual dog training.

The Cons of Online Dog Training

One of the potential drawbacks of performing online dog training is that it only includes the trainer, the dog, and the owner through a screen. In an in-person training environment, there are usually other dogs present in the class which can help encourage obedience and allow your dog to interact with other dogs and become friendly.

For example, if a dog is to see another dog was rewarded for listening well to a certain command, that dog could be more inclined to obey the same command in order to receive the same reward. With an online training course, this sort of thing doesn’t exist. Online dog training also requires a whole lot of patience.

There is a lot of information you will need to absorb which can be overwhelming. Luckily, with some patience, dog owners will begin to understand the ins and outs of the training program and use it to their advantage.

Dog Training Elite offers many in-person services to fit you and your family's needs.

Is Online Dog Training the Future?

Online dog training is most certainly the future. While there is some space for in-person learning, many people are beginning to go online for all of their needs. The point is, with online learning, you will have the flexibility to choose what is best for you at all times.

This means that you can pick the right trainer for you and your dog. If you have ever considered doing something different, consider a pet franchise. With an average investment of only $162,250, you could be a part of America’s fastest-growing dog franchise.

You can easily build a dog franchise empire without having to give up your day job! Better yet, you can live life on your schedule. Please visit our franchise website for more information.

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