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What Made These Teaching Professionals Choose Our Dog Training Franchise?

Posted on Mar 23rd 2022


What Made These Teaching Professionals Choose Our Dog Training Franchise?

Clint Frank has always wanted to be a business owner. The high school weightlifting instructor and coach started his career as a U.S. Marine, completing two tours in Iraq. Clint is driven to make a difference and give back to his community. When he searched for business opportunities, he knew that Dog Training Elite would help him give back while being an entrepreneur, and as a bonus, he gets to work with dogs.

His wife, Cassie Frank, on the other hand, was asleep. “I’m almost positive Clint woke me up in the middle of the night when he read about DTE,” she laughs. “He was so excited, but I had no idea why. He had me read the description. When I read more in detail about the franchise, I had chills. Nothing could have aligned more with our values and interests than Dog Training Elite.”

Cassie, who has been a third grade teacher for the past ten years, was recently honored as her school’s Teacher of the Year. She also serves as her school’s master teacher and hosts professional development, conducts formal teacher observations, and helps students and teachers succeed.

From Chalkboards to Chew Toys

While researching DTE, Clint says it was evident that it was the perfect fit for his family. “Being a veteran and both teachers, our calling in life has always been helping others. Add dogs into the mix, and I don’t see how one could not have a more fulfilling career!”

When looking for a business to own, Clint and Cassie wanted to be sure that they had the freedom to set their schedules, low overhead to keep costs down, and a way to build something that was not only theirs but was something they could pass on to their kids when the time came.

For both Franks, dogs have been a part of their lives since they were born. Their dog Kamo is very much a part of their family, from throwing a ball with their three-year-old to hunting and fishing with Clint. “We cannot picture a life without our dogs,” says Cassie.

Joining the DTE Family

When Cassie and Clint joined us for Approval Day in our hometown of Salt Lake City, they remarked that they immediately felt like part of the family. “The environment and culture in the room during Approval Day were amazing. We felt like we belonged right away.” Clint says. Cassie adds, “We laughed, we cried, we were around puppies and dogs all day. It is a time we will never forget!”

The Franks enjoyed their time with us, seeing the job from the trainer’s perspective on actual appointments. “You can tell they truly care about their clients and dogs!” says Clint. They appreciated the details that go into each of Dog Training Elite’s offerings for clients, from group classes to in-home training.

Dog Training Elite's newest owner in Salt Lake City - Cassie Frank.

Getting Frank About Business Ownership

Clint and Cassie say they cannot wait to take on this challenge. As highly driven people, they understand the value of hard work. But they are even more excited that they get to make this a family project in some ways and that their young kids will also get to see the value in what they are doing, including the joy of working with dogs and their families every day.

“Digging further into the franchise and finding out about not only obedient training but also training service dogs and helping people in that way, we were hooked,” says Clint. But he admits that the icing on the cake for him is the nonprofit work that DTE does with the Malinois Foundation, which is devoted to helping those who need service dogs. “We look forward to making a difference in people’s lives and their dogs,” he adds. “Providing a service that can change someone’s life is very humbling. We cannot wait to start!”

A Lesson from The Franks

“The most important question we thought about when deciding for us as does the franchise makes a difference in people’s lives,” Clint says. “The answer for us was MOST DEFINITELY!” The Franks have found their home and purpose here with us at DTE. Cassie adds, “We are proud to be Dog Training Elite Franchise Owners.”

They believe that DTE offers so much that it sets them apart in the pet care industry. The most important for them is that we focus on the owner and the dog by creating a specialized plan in the home with the clients and offering support where they need it most. “The relationship with the client doesn’t end when you are done. They can call back and ask questions later if they need it,” Clint states. He believes that this method makes a difference for people, which is something to be proud of.

Are You Ready To Make a Difference?

Dog Training Elite is an excellent option for starting a dog training franchise. Not only do we have low investment, starting at $82,800, but our in-home model means that there will be low overhead. Find out more by visiting our Franchise Information page now.

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