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Meet New Owner Justin Collett

Posted on May 19th 2022


Meet New Owner Justin Collett

We’ve got a new Franchise Owner that has joined the Dog Training Elite team. We’re very excited to welcome Justin Collett and his new Columbia, South Carolina location!

Justin originally had a background in boat sales and water filtration. Generally, though, he is coming to the Dog Training Elite world with a little bit of business knowledge and a strong knowledge of sales. When asked about how he first heard about Dog Training Elite, Justin noted that it was a brief networking exchange that led him toward Dog Training Elite.

“I met a Franchise Owner at a home show and was very impressed with the presentation,” Justin said in an interview, “I spent time talking to him about potential interest in getting my dog trained and through conversation, ended up learning about the business. The Franchise Owner spoke so highly of the franchise that I decided it would be a missed opportunity to not look further into Dog Training Elite.”

Justin noted that he had always wanted to run his own business, but had not yet found the right opportunity. That is, until he heard about Dog Training Elite. Justin’s lightbulb moment, or the moment he knew Dog Training Elite was right for him, was quite a logical one.

“I had been looking for business opportunities and saw opportunities with Dog Training Elite that involved very non-intensive labor,” said Justin.

Dog Training Elite and this pup are excited to have Justin Collett.

Just as well, Dog Training Elite was an excellent fit for Justin because it allowed him to help others and get involved with the local community.

“I have always had a passion for helping others and Dog Training Elite has given me the perfect opportunity to make a positive impact in my community,” said Justin, “I am excited to help create a better environment for animals and their owners.”

Justin also went on to say that he liked Dog Training Elite's business model, which centers around being family-owned and taking a no-frills approach to dog training. Justin also had nothing but good things to say about the Dog Training Elite executive team and Founder, John Mestas.

“Everyone was extremely kind and eager to make new members feel welcomed,” said Justin, “Their passion for animals, the community, and the overall business was very evident.”

We are excited to have Justin, his family, and his dog join Dog Training Elite.

Justin attended his Dog Training Elite Approval Day, where his belief in the Franchise was even more heavily cemented. An Approval Day is an event where potential Franchise Owners came to visit an actual Dog Training Elite facility, meet the founds and corporate team, and network with current Franchise Owners.

“I enjoyed meeting the whole family and getting to talk to others that are getting ready to do the same,” said Justin.

We’re happy to hear that Justin also saw what makes Dog Training Elite different from similar franchise opportunities– we offer top-notch support from our corporate team, we’re family-owned and operated, and we aim for the lowest overheard possible.

In his personal time, Justin enjoys spending time with dogs, lake living with his family and friend, and golfing.

We asked Justin what he thinks will make him successful in this new industry, and he gave us a simple but very common answer: “A strong work ethic, communication, and a strong team. I look forward to being with family, gain entrepreneur experience, have an impact in the local community, and being a part of pet services ”

We’re very excited to see what Justin does with his Columbia Dog Training Elite location and we wish him nothing but the best!

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When you open a Dog Training Elite franchise in your neighborhood, you're assisting dog owners in elevating their relationships with their furry pals. As a result, Dog Training Elite is an excellent franchise opportunity for those who want to do more than just make money and become an important and valuable member of their local community. We train service dogs for veterans and offer those with PTSD, physical impairments, and other special needs a dog that can comfort and aid them through our foundation, the Malinois Foundation.

Dog Training Elite is fortunate in this regard. Dog training is not a function that Franchise Owners must take on. Franchise Owners may manage the firm semi-absentee with a Lead Trainer in place, concentrating their attention on growing and managing high-level operations. For novice business owners and job changers, this hands-off, low-labor strategy is ideal.

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