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A Greater Feeling of Independence: Why Service Dogs are Beneficial to Owners and the Community

Posted on Jun 20th 2022


A Greater Feeling of Independence: Why Service Dogs are Beneficial to Owners and the Community

What is a Service Dog & Why Are They Important?

Canine companions are integral to many people’s daily lives. These animals work with us, abide by our commands, and deliver loyal friendship. Dog ownership has been a staple of American life for centuries, and today working dogs are used by over 80 million U.S. owners.

Many studies have showcased the health benefits of these furry friends, such as lowered stress levels, improved happiness, and an increase in fitness. Beyond our domestic pets, dogs can make valuable service animals and help aid those with disabilities with specific tasks. During the last ten years, the demand for service dogs has grown, so what is a service dog, and why are they important assets to our communities?

Service dogs help disabled people to live a more independent and safe life. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines service dogs as animals that are “individually trained to do the work of performing tasks for a person with a disability.”

Service dogs work hard for us - teach them how with Dog Training Elite.

Working Animals

Differing from the common pet, service dogs are working animals. These dogs are rigorously trained to help lessen the detriments of an individual’s disability by performing tasks directly related to their owner’s disability. In practice, this often looks like guide dogs who help their visually impaired owners navigate their environment or hearing dogs that alert their hard-of-hearing owners to sounds. Furthermore, there are mobility service dogs and medical alert dogs who are crucial companions and team members in helping their owners live full lives.

Service dogs are a game-changer for many individuals - learn more with Dog Training Elite.

The High-Impact Value of Dog Training Businesses

Dog training companies can have a large impact on their surrounding community by helping to train best-in-class service animals. For example, Dog Training Elite is a convenient, home-based dog training service that works with dogs and their owners in the comfort of their homes and on their time.

Beyond a love for equipping furry friends which Dog Training Elite Franchise owners have, the pet care industry also provides a lucrative opportunity for business owners. By 2023, the industry is expected to reach $283 billion and grow by 7.8% per year. Currently, a majority of U.S. households have a pet, with 94% of these owners considering their pet as a true family member. Additionally, the puppy boom of 2020 resulted in a huge spike in demand for dog training services.

At Dog Training Elite, each location has a lead trainer in place and franchise owners can keep their day job while running a profitable business on the side.

Mission-Oriented & Locally Focused

Opening a Dog Training Elite franchise is an excellent way to support the local community. Not only will you help serve the everyday pet owner, but Dog Training Elite’s non-profit organization, The Malinois Foundation, gives back. Created to provide individuals suffering from PTSD, physical disabilities, and other special needs with a dog that can comfort and assist them, the Malinois Foundation serves veterans, first responders, women survivors, and children with special needs by partnering with them in service dog training and placement. Many of our owners feel deeply connected to the mission and partnership through their work, and Dog Training Elite has provided over 126 service dogs through the Malinois Foundation to those in need.

Franchising with Dog Training Elite can help individuals and your whole community.

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Dog Training Elite’s franchise opportunities offer a meaningful route to a profitable business with high rewards and a large impact. Consider bringing a Dog Training Elite franchise into your community.

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