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Dog Training Elite is the bees knees of dog training in the Queen city! When we went looking for a trainer to help us with Caesar, we relied on reviews to help us choose Dog Training Elite. If you are looking for a dog trainer and sifting through the reviews, let me be the one to assure you that Dog Training Elite truly deserves 5-stars. We have been working with Dog Training Elite for a few months and I cannot recommend them highly enough! From the time our German Rottie, Caesar, joined our family as a tiny puppy, we focused on keeping him well-socialized and friendly. He grew into a good-natured, loving, playful, and somewhat obedient dog. However, Caesar's size and bark were quite intimidating to people, he had a bad habit of leash-pulling which made it difficult to walk him, and he often liked to decide whether or not to come when called. After the very first session with Shawn, Caesar not only came when he was called - he was excited to do so! Caesar always looks forward to his time working with Shawn, and it is easy to see how happy he is to learn new commands and show off what he can do. Shawn has gone above and beyond in working with us and Caesar - and I am absolutely thrilled with how quickly Caesar has progressed in his training. I simply cannot recommend Dog Training Elite highly enough.
— CC Mathis
Posted August 5th 2022
We are so happy with the training our goldendoodle received. Shawn, Sharon and their family not only trained our dog but trained us on how to keep it up when we got home. They are very prompt and have answered all my questions within a timely manner. We are so exited to see what our doodle can keep doing & can’t wait to see his continued training as a service dog! Thank you again!
— Jenn O'Driscoll
Posted July 29th 2022
Our 4th boxer and have never hired a professional trainer before. What were we thinking??? Layla is quickly becoming a well-mannered, loving and behaved member of our family. After the first session we were so excited to regain control of our house/lives again! Now after 5 sessions, Shawn has helped us learn how to interact, motivate and train a hot mess of a puppy into a well behaved 8-month old! Shawn has such a great way with pups AND owners. He's always calm and informative and Layla wants to learn everything he has to offer, as do we! Shawn communicates about sessions, is always on time and is always there for a quick call or text if new challenges arise. He has literally changed our lives! Can't say enough about how impressed we, our family, friends and neighbors are. 10 STARS!
— carolyn knauer
Posted July 19th 2022
I just happened to find these wonderful people while looking for trainers for our Kanela. This group has took our girl and is making her a service dog for our girl Lani. As many would not have even given our girl a second look just because her breed they were open to try and have been nothing short of amazing. They have proved that Kanela is as smart as we thought and sooooo much more!!! I would recommend this group to anyone and have already to some. As we are not in their normal area they were willing to meet us in the middle to accomplish what we set out to do. If you are looking do not waste anymore time these lovely people will help you train your dog to be amazing!!!!
— Lyn Campbell
Posted July 2nd 2022
Our family chose Elite Dog Training of Charlotte for obedience training of our 8 month old Labrador Retriever, Clyde. We then found ourselves in a family medical emergency prior to the scheduled training. With no hesitation Mr. Shawn came and picked up Clyde the very next day and took him for the 2 week overnight training camp. Words can never express how thankful we were for this compassion shown with our situation. I knew then we had chosen the perfect place for Clyde. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I received daily texts of pictures and videos of what Clyde was learning. He was night and day from when he left our home! By the time he returned (2 short weeks) our 5 year old daughter could walk him on a leash by herself, he was following all basic commands, running an obstacle course and could even ride a skateboard! We continue to stay in contact with Mr. Shawn and his family, sending pictures of Clyde with our daughter and continue to use them for boarding and training purposes. You won’t regret choosing Elite Dog Training of Charlotte. You will be amazed by the transformation of your dog’s behavior in a very short time. Mr. Shawn and his team are the best! They deserve more than just 5 stars!
— Alecia Mashewske
Posted June 25th 2022
What a joyful pleasure to work with Mr. Shawn and Angela at Dog Training Elite in Charlotte. My best reward came from the dog park training, my pet Bleu building confidence, obedience and discipline. Mr. Shawn and the Sharon in the office was very detailed in explaining the program contents and meeting my expectations. Thank you Angela for your in home pet assistance it was educational for myself and Bleu. I plan to continue our training, Good Day!!!
— Terri Owens
Posted June 23rd 2022
Chris did amazing with our Dobermans. I now know what to do in order to get Diablo an Deuce to listen to commands and they are right, it starts with the owner! Repetition is key!
— Ashley Limbaugh
Posted June 1st 2022
Our puppy went to puppy training as well as the 10 day boarding camp. Shawn and Sharon are patient, dedicated and conscientious trainers. I really appreciated their expertise. It was important for me to introduce effective training tools in a consistent manner to give our puppy a solid foundation to build on going forward. Shawn and Sharon are wonderful trainers. Thank you!
— Annie Melton
Posted June 1st 2022
Chris is amazing at giving the handler the tools they need to continuously train their dog. He was kind and passionate towards my dog, Walela, while also leading her into the best version of herself. He was a pleasure to work with! Life is better with a well trained dog.
— Amanda Hutson
Posted May 31st 2022
Our trainer was Chris and I can not recommend him enough. After the first session with our dog Obi-wan, we had a completely different dog. Chris went above and beyond of what was expected of him, even when he was faced with a close loss, he was there to provide obi with the training he needed. Overall we are very satisfied with the results.
— jorge agredo
Posted May 31st 2022
The entire experience with Elite was just that … we had some special circumstances that they accommodated without an issue. The trainer, Chris, was awesome. He had extensive experience with German shepherds and knew exactly how to get the best from my dog. He was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions without judgment and was patient. I enjoyed working with him. I would highly recommend Elite to my friends and family and if we plan on any additional training for my dog, they will be the only ones I look to help. Thank you and God Bless.
— Gary Corrado
Posted May 24th 2022
I was looking for a trainer to help me achieve the goal of certifying my dog as a service dog and working through some minor behavior corrections. Shawn and his wife have been very helpful with this process. They always are available to answer any questions I may have and get back to me in a timely fashion. My trainer Chris, who by the way has many years of experience, has been amazing. He is very knowledgeable and works really well with my dog. If you are looking for a trainer who definitely know what they are doing I highly suggest going with dog training elite of Charlotte!
— Alana Hughes
Posted April 19th 2022
We used DTE Charlotte for initial puppy training and the 10-day camp. After we picked her up from the puppy training, she had a seamless transition to our crate and sleeping at night (no crying at all.) After she came home from the day camp, it was a night and day difference. Pre-camp (6.5 months old), she could sit and lay down when she felt like it but didn’t listen well, would constantly bite and fight the leash when we took her out and super rambunctious with zoomies, not to mention she was afraid of everything she didn’t recognize. When Shawn and Sharon dropped her off 10 days later, they spent two hours with us answering all our questions and doing an in-depth tutorial of how to continue to work her training at home. They sent very detailed videos each day of her progress and kept us in the loop as she learned new things. Our puppy is now super confident, excited to learn and overall a happier dog thanks to DTE Charlotte! Thank you Shawn, Sharon, Angela and team! Dilly’s excited for group lessons now!
— Ashley Haynes
Posted April 19th 2022
This family is God sent. Their patience, communication, and knowledge are like nothing I have ever seen. I had a pup who pretty much did whatever she wanted. I was moving into an environment where she had to be better at listening and following commands for the safety of others. I used Elite trainers when my pup was a few months old and knew how awesome they were. So in the midst of my chaotic move I remembered Elite and I called and explained my situation. Not only were they accommodating, they educated me. They kept my pup for 10 days and when they brought her back home….just WOW! During the whole time they had her they sent 3-4 videos a day of what she learned and her demonstrating what she learned. In the videos they explain in great detail the lesson of the day and tips of what I need to do when she gets home to make sure she stays up to par. When they brought her home they took time to explain how we need to continue to keep her where she is, as well as provided 1 on 1 training. Again WOW! She is a completely different dog and people are impressed whenever we are out of how well behaved she is. Most importantly where we are at now, the people are comfortable with a 75lb puppy walking around the house because she is now well trained. I will die on this hill screaming the praises of Elite Dog Training. It’s just not the training, it’s the people. They are spectacular people, not just at what they do, but WHO THEY ARE!!! Thank you will never be enough for all that this family has done. But from the bottom of my heart, thank you 💙💙💙💙
— Melissa Mellis
Posted April 18th 2022
We highly recommend DTE! Expectations of the puppy training program were very clear. They have a wealth of knowledge and lines of communication are always open. We now have a training foundation to build from for our new pup. We learned a lot this week, especially around consistency and what to do/not to do early on!
— Dani Drummond
Posted April 1st 2022
What an amazing experience working with Shawn, Chris, and their wives! Our dog went through the 10 day training and what an amazing difference! He is right on track now to become a service dog for our daughter, thanks to these guys! They are patient, listen to the individual needs, compassionate, and communication is on point! I can't say enough amazing things about them as individuals as well as trainers! Highly recommend for all your training needs!!!

Posted March 13th 2022
Shawn and his crew are simply amazing! Before we even met him, I spoke on the phone at length where he explained the options and listened to our needs for our teen daughter. They train with knowledge, compassion, and patience. The videos we got throughout the 10 day stay allowed us to see the growth, accomplishments, and even the struggles so we knew how to work through them! Shawn and Chris spent a significant amount of time making sure our whole family knew the commands, how to do things, and made sure we were comfortable to pick off where they left off! Our dog came back a "new dog" but was his sweet self, but much more behaved and well on his path to his next step as a service dog for our daughter. I can not recommend them enough! Shawn, Sharon, Chris, and his wife are all amazing at what they do! We are forever grateful for all their hard work!
— Jennifer Reed
Posted March 13th 2022
I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Shawn and Sharon at Dog Training Elite! Our 4 month aussiedoodle Norman refused to walk on a leash ( unless he felt like it 😂 ) or follow simple commands. We have 2 very old dogs and he was terrorizing them. Norman went for their 10 day overnight training class and Shawn sent daily videos. We were amazed at how well Norman was doing just after one day! Shawn is very knowledgeable and definitely put my mind at ease as I was nervous about sending our sweet boy to away training. Norman is home and is doing amazing. We all, including my older dogs, are having much better days. We are excited to continue with the group classes that are included in the package.
— Pamela Izokovic
Posted February 15th 2022
We wanted to say thank you to Shawn and Sharon with Dog Training Elite. We have a nine-year-old pitbull that started showing signs of dominance, aggression, anxiety and would not work properly on his leash. After three sessions of Shawn working with us, we have a completely different dog! I have never seen him so calm. He can now walk right next to me without tugging on the leash and I am no longer worried about his aggression. Shawn does not only train the dog, but trains the owner on how to manage their dog. Sharon was very communicative and kept me abreast of Shawn’s arrival time. I would recommend Dog Training Elite for anyone looking to train their dog. Thanks for all your help!
— Fabiola B
Posted February 13th 2022
Sharon and Shawn are both very responsive before, during, and after training camp. They seemed to really care about my puppy and his well being. I'm looking forward to future training sessions. Thanks for giving our family tools to help adjust to having a puppy in our home.
— Elizabeth Hagler
Posted December 30th 2021

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