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Seeing great result with my Bernedoodle. Today was a group class. I can see that this portion of the training is so very important, and it will get us there. Thank you!
— Mary Birren
Posted June 18th 2024
They have helped us with our Girlz so much!! We use to kennel them when we traveled because they were hard to more kennels!!!! investment worthwhile!!
— Paula White
Posted June 8th 2024
I started with a pup that I thought was untrainable…. I was wrong I learned how to train my pup and now he’s my best friend and a great service dog in just a few months… and he’s only 10 mos old! The experience and patience you get from Kristi and this group is amazing A million thanks! Highly Recommend
— Patti Thornton
Posted June 6th 2024
A great learning experience our sweet bloodhound who is crazy smart is a significantly better dog. Can't wait for the group class!
— Samantha Forir
Posted May 30th 2024
I enrolled my 4-year-old rescue dog, Bagel, in the in-facility dog training. We dropped him off “at school” for 5 days to work with the Dog Training Elite staff. Before attending training walks were rough. I felt like an overworked servant and would be so frustrated by the time we got home. Bagel was a puller and reactive to other dogs. After 5 days all of that changed. We became to friends going for a walk instead of dog and servant. His reactivity was so much more managable. I can even jog with him without him pulling on the leash. It was an amazing transformation. These training have given me and my dog the ability to communicate in a way we could not before. I also find a lot of value in the group classes that are offered. I would highly recommend this group of trainers.
— Karissa Sieloff
Posted May 22nd 2024
I started training my 18 month old Barbet with Kristi one week ago. And while I have done previous training with Ziva and achieved the Canine Good Citizen title, we were still having issues with barking at anything that moved, and I could not break her from jumping on guests. However, one session with Kristi and only one or two days of training on my own, the barking has stopped and she now approaches guests calmly, more importantly she recognizes me as the leader, no matter what! Ziva is quickly becoming the dog that I dreamed she could be🥰. I’m excited to progress through her training. Thank you Kristi! Marlene Feisthamel
— Marlene Feisthamel
Posted May 21st 2024
We have enjoyed and love all we have learned at Elite. We have four dogs, but our Elite trained girl is the most well behaved.
— Meg Roetto
Posted May 20th 2024
We signed our one year old nonsocial, fearful rescue dog up for training. She is 80 lbs and extremely strong. She was always pulling and bolting due to fear. Each day when I picked her up the progress she made was amazing. After one week she had learned 5 commands and gained so much self confidence. They were so helpful to work with us to make sure we were comfortable handling our dog. The staff is incredible and they have exceeded my expectations.
— Christa Carr
Posted April 23rd 2024
I got a mini Aussie I didn’t want and got thrown on me but I became attached to him, and I took him in because I was worried he’d go to a pound. He never got properly socialized even before getting him as a puppy, he lacked confidence and was always over protective of me and constantly lunging out and being aggressive towards dogs and people he didn’t know. Desperate to not have him bite someone and put him down, I contacted DTE to break some of his herding habits, and they delivered! Within the first week he stopped growling and barking at people and dogs that walked by on our walks, and is more obedient and under control. I can take him to parks and play fetch with him without having to worry of him running up on people and showing aggression! I can’t thank Kristi and Nerissa enough for helping us, being able to work around scheduling, and leading Chewie into a more confident and happy lifestyle with lifelong care and attention!
— devin rice
Posted April 6th 2024
As a family, we didn't realize how much our little Maltese pups could accomplish in such a short time. Dog Training Elite provided expert guidance on how to use simple tools and proven techniques to ensure a healthy environment for our dogs to succeed. The training was fun and engaging making it something to look forward to every week. Once the initial training was complete not only did we acquire more confidence in our handling skills, but also gained a relationship with the trainers that would last a lifetime. Thank you for everything!
— danielchristman01
Posted March 16th 2024
Banjo (and I) started training with Nerissa about 5 weeks ago (he was 6 mos old) I was having major dog owners remorse UNTIL we met Nerissa! Banjo is a delight to be around now, he responds to my commands, no jumping, no biting, no running into me! I love how well behaved he has become Nerissa’s excitement about training (the owner) is contagious and it makes me want to train banjo to be the best he can! He really wants to learn now and the consistency with this training is great for both of us. Banjo will continue his training to become a support dog and scent dog. Thanks Nerissa and Dog Training Elite
— Patti Thornton
Posted March 14th 2024
I knew I wanted to train Dolly as a service dog to help my husband with some of the long term side effects from his cancer treatments. I also knew training a miniature daschund would be a BIG challenge. (Daschunds are know for their stubbornness and independent thinking.) I met with Kristi at DTE and we discussed our family's needs and what it would take to accomplish my goal of training Dolly to be a excellent helpmate to my husband. We got to work right away and the results continue to be AMAZING! From the first session Dolly went from being a cute, but out of control diva, to following commands quickly and calmly. Kristi and Nerissa have been wonderful in how they train both Dolly and I. Their positive approach, endless knowledge, structured and effective programming and continual support clearly demonstrates they love what they do and are excellent trainers. I HIGHLY recommend Dog Training Elite for anyone who is serious about their dog and wants effective, long term results.
— Amy Walker
Posted March 9th 2024
I was hesitant. My boxer is just 10 months old with zero respect for boundaries. I have had a boxer before, so I thought this is how Lovey would be for her first few years. I found DTE on line and made an appt for the free consultation. I originally planned to do the weekly classes, but after further consideration, I decided to go for it - and I am beyond THRILLED! Lovey is in the 2 week day camp classes - life is too short to wait - and I want to enjoy her to the fullest NOW! After just TWO DAYS, I struggle to find words to describe the difference in her! She comes to me on my 1st request. She sits, again, first request. She doesn't instantly jump up on everyone. My hope is brand new! I love this program and Kristi and Nerissa are THE BEST!!!! I look forward to updating my review when she graduates 🙂
— Lisa
Posted March 8th 2024
Kristi is awesome. Wonderful experience. We have 2 dogs that required 2 sessions and Kristi was a Jedi at understanding our dogs. What a great experience and life is so much better after the training. From walking, to bark discipline to distractions, our home and yard are much more enjoyable now.
— ryan macdonald
Posted February 29th 2024
We have a 11 month old Aussie/Great Pyrenees mix and she is hyper with a very short attention span. Once she is focused on something it's tough to get her attention. She would jump on people begging for attention. Barking at other dogs sometimes causing aggressive behavior from other dogs. Constantly pulling on the leash, at times almost causing my wife to fall. She would chase our cats creating havoc in our home. We started training her at 4 months with 2 other trainers whos training methods did not help her to stay focused on us or our commands and did not help to correct her behavior. We were about to give up, until we found Kristi at Dog Traing Elite. The very first day with the very first lesson Kristi put both us and our dog in the proper frame of mind in understanding this very unique and effective method. In one short hour we had our dog's attention and crystal clear communication that she understood keeping her focus on us and what we wanted her to do. That night we actually had peace in our home for the first time in 10 months! Using just what we learned from that first lesson made such incredible difference in the dynamics in our home and with our neighbors! Each lesson is bringing us closer in our relationship with our dog with an amazing bond of trust between us. The cats are no longer afraid to walk by her knowing she will not pounce on them trying to play! We love our dog and just how intelligent and sweet she realy is, utilizing the right crystal clear communications we've learned. We appreciate Kristi so very much for sharing her method, experience and skills in helping us to truly have shalom/peace not just in our home, but where ever we take this amazing, loving, and incredibly intellegent, dog of ours. If your struggling with training your hyper-active, uncontrollable dog, look no further and don't waste your time, money, or your dogs well-being with other methods, give Kristi or any of her amazing fellow trainers a call at Dog Training Elite. You'll be forever grateful you did and so will your dog! ; )
— Stephanie Neckermann
Posted February 23rd 2024
Bandi our almost 3 year old corgi started training in Nov. of 2023. She needed better social & behavior skills such as not barking non stop. Bandi's behaviors & obedience have been a complete 360 change. Friends & relatives ask what we have done to her. Our trainer, Nerissa, has been a joy to work with. She has been patient, professional & a joy working with Bandi & us during training. We recommend DTE 1000%. Thanks, Paul, Shari & Bandi Cape Fair Mo.
— Paul Winfrey, Sr.
Posted February 2nd 2024
We cant thank Kristi and Nerissa enough for helping us with our training, we had a baby coming in 6 weeks when we initially reached out to them and they were so accommodating to get us in and help us get our dog prepared for the arrival of our little one. He's a completely different dog. You ladies are amazing and we will be forever grateful for the training we've received!
— Katherine Pike
Posted January 27th 2024
Nerissa has trained our Vizsla Puppy, Ruby to do what we thought would be impossible. We are able to take Ruby into dog friendly retail establishments and Ruby will not lunge at customers or damage merchandise, Ruby walks calmly through a hotel lobby and is not afraid to ride in an elevator. That being said, Ruby is not perfect, and is still a work in progress, but with the help of group training classes, we feel Ruby will continue to make progress towards being a well behaved pet with whom we feel confident traveling with. Nerissa answered our numerous questions patiently and was extremely helpful with her advise.
— s clingan
Posted January 8th 2024
Dog Training Elite has brought peace to our home. We have a miniature Aussie who was reactive every time someone came to our door or every time we went out in public. She is so much more obedient now. We are also training a standard poodle to be a service dog for our son. Kristi and her team are SO good with the dogs and I feel that they can get us to where we need to be!
— Hornbuckle Capital
Posted January 6th 2024
My husband and I welcomed Finn (English Cream Golden) into our family last July and quickly realized that he was unlike any dog we had previously had. We have trained our previous dogs fairly easily but Finn was a bully and very contrary. Within 6 months I was ready to find him a home but was convinced he would become more manageable after the 14 month wait for neuter. I was wrong, after the neuter he was still wild, didn't listen and ate EVERYTHING! After being kicked out of two doggie day care centers in town, I was trying to contact a training center for a last ditch effort to keep him. That was how I got in touch with Kristie at dog training elite. I liked her immediately! She told me that she could provide an experience where I would love my dog. Honestly, I didn't see how but she was so genuine and positive that I would see a difference within our first training session that I had to try. We purchased the Platinum Plan, because between what we paid for Finn, and time invested it didn't make sense not to. I wanted Kristie to be there to demonstrate, show Finn, and then observe our training w Finn for hands on corrections. And ya know what.....I adore my dog. We are in week 5 training session....I can take a bath without him licking me, I can place him in the living room while I am cooking, I can have him come inside in a gentlemanly manner and he bullies no one. Gone are the days of shouting (embarrassing but true), frustration and disappointment on finding the 5th pair of glasses demolished. Kristie changed our lives and now I look forward to Finn time! Thank you!!! We are both much happier!! Money well spent, and if we ever do puppies again, we will start with this program. My family is very appreciative! Sincerely, Amy Williams
— Amy Williams
Posted January 5th 2024

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