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Sharon is awesome! My pup is sweet as can be but very stubborn. He had a potty and nipping problem and of course did not want to listen. At the tender age of 4 months my Bentley is now an angel and can do tricks with confidence like never before. In just 2 short weeks I have a brand new puppy! I’ve learned so much as a new dog mom and really appreciate the daily updates and video guidance. Highly recommended using Dog training Elite services and you will not regret it! Don’t walk, run and get signed up. Pic of my Bentleys graduation as evidence!

Posted May 31st 2023
Shawn was amazing teaching my future service dog the right obedience behaviors. I was a little worried as I had used a different trainer first since I got my dog at 5 months old and needed him to know the basics and lived in FL at the time. Shawn’s training was far superior and I will be moving forward with him to train my dog for the service dog part. He is patient, knowledgeable and always on time. Sharron is a pleasure to work with as well. Scheduling, communication and ensuring you are always satisfied and get the training times you need is something Sharron has mastered . This is a top notch outfit that I would recommend to anyone. You can rest assured your dog will be so much better behaved after his program.
— Gary Lock
Posted May 30th 2023
Great work very pleased
— Jaydinsmom Home
Posted May 13th 2023
Shawn, Sharon and Angela have been absolutely amazing! We participated in the Gold course which completely transformed our dog in the span of five weeks. For the longest time before the sessions, I thought that my dog just isn't the brightest (she's a pitbull with mostly AmStaffy), but I was OK with her goofiness and non-responsiveness, until she displayed some aggression toward smaller dogs Thats when I found Shawn and Sharon. Turns out, my pup is actually super smart, but she just chose to ignore what I want! Since she has been spoiled all her childhood and adult life (she's 3), we have had one of the most difficult session where my dog just don't want to work with Shawn (thinking she can still get away with bad behaviors), and I so much appreciate that Shawn did not give up - because he persisted through, my dog respects Shawn, and respects her owners, and completely changed her perspective on the training (i.e. more cooperative) After our sessions, she is now able to go wherever I point, sits (even w/o command), mastered leash manners (no pulling, stay within a foot distance), and definitely leaves other dogs alone when I tell her so. She pays so much attention to me now, I cannot even believe it!! She constantly comes to me to check on me, and we bonded on such a deep level through our practices that I never thought was possible. Thank you DTE!
— Angie W
Posted May 8th 2023
My sister and I went through a 5 week in person private training course with Shawn from Dog Training Elite and we can truly say that we've seen a huge difference in obedience and training with our dog Adonis. Shawn was patient with us and explained steps in a thorough manner that allowed us to truly understand how to get Adonis to follow commands! We're super excited to continue training with Dog Training Elite Charlotte!
— Anesha Colquhoun
Posted April 18th 2023
Excellent training I would recommend anyone
— sharon byrd
Posted January 11th 2023
I spoke with Shawn/Sean looking to see about my husband's service dog and possible work needed he asked me a lot of questions. I asked for a consultation and he said he didn't feel it was needed and for us to advocate better for her. This really woke us up on expectations we have. He had the opportunity to take our money and instead he showed true honesty and looked out for our and our service dogs best interests. He took the time out of his day to help our family for no other reason than him caring about us and our service dog. This isn't someone just looking to line his pockets this is truly a man here who is dedicated to both people and pet. I will forever be grateful for this man and company. You deserve all the recognition in the world. Thank you so much and if anyone is looking for someone who really cares it's him. He's straightforward honest and just an all around a good person.
— Kendall Kennedy
Posted January 28th 2023
Dog Training Elite Charlotte is an absolutely fantastic organization! Shawn and Sharon are 100% professional, accommodating, friendly, and all around wonderful people. Shawn and Sharon, open their home to training dogs in a loving environment with their own family and dogs. They treat them as a part of their own family. I was unable to get Miso, my Shiba Inu puppy into their in home program as I had missed the enrollment date. However, I was lucky enough to get enrolled into their 5 in home training sessions with 12 group classes. So far Miso and I have completed the 5 in homes and I will be scheduling the group classes soon. We can't wait!!! :) I have nothing but amazing things to say and want to start off with a HUGE thank you!!!! Before the first training session, Sharon worked with me to get the process started, she explained how everything works then sent me a puppy manual and videos to get me familiar. She worked with me to meet what worked best with my schedule for Shawn to come out and start teaching Miso and myself proper training. Shawn was always on time, or if he couldn't be, he kept me informed as to exactly what was going on to keep him a few minutes late with a new accurate ETA which was never more than 5 minutes behind. But Shawn and Sharon are so considerate that they even reach out if there is a chance for being even a single minute late. As soon as Shawn came to my house, he answered my millions of questions calmly and patiently. After answering my questions he statred to go over the training itinerary that we would cover in the next coming weeks, then showed me how the e-collar worked and what it actually does. People have many negative views and a lot of misconceptions about this device and I was a bit hesitant about it at first due to the ignorance I had about it. Shawn explained it to me and showed me how it worked and then put it on my hand to show me what it actually did. After feeling it, I knew it was just a useful training tool and nothing like the nay sayers were gripping about. Then Shawn started with session one of Miso's first amount of training. It was impressive and amazing to watch as Shawn showed his expert level of experience and expertise in canine training. I was absolutely amazed at how he worked with Miso and how quickly Miso was able to pick up the tasks. Every week followed suite and I am really proud of Miso and myself as we are putting in the work and doing the training correctly which is quite rewarding and helps you build an even stronger bond with your chosen puppy family member. :) I have never owned a puppy in my life so I was completely in the dark about the correct way to go about training one. I also had very little knowledge about breeds and their specifics. Shawn has even given me knowledge on even my dog's breed and the traits that come along with it. I am interested in having Miso be a service dog for me, but Shawn has been 100% up front and honest with me about how rarely a Shiba becomes a service dog because their temperaments are not usually suited for it. So he has kept my expectation levels in check, though there is always a small possibility depending on each individual dog. After, these first weeks of training Shawn has told me there may in fact be a possibility that Miso may be willing to work with me and become my service dog. So fingers crossed. Hahaha I could go on and on and rave even more about all the great things but I'll leave it here with saying: I give DTEC, Shawn, and Sharon 1000 stars and absolutely reccomend them to anyone interested in training their dog and setting them up for success.

Posted January 28th 2023
We found out about Dog Training Elite through a neighborhood friend. After initially attending training at a chain pet store, we realized we needed more for our overly energetic doodle. Waffles attended board and train with Dog Training Elite and came home a new girl. She still has her spunky personality but her behavior is much more manageable. We often receive compliments from visiting family and friends on how well she behaves. Additionally, Waffles loves to go visit for occasional boarding and we feel lucky to have such a safe place for her to receive quality care and continued practice.

Posted January 26th 2023
My husband and I are very satisfied with the elite training program we took for our puppy . Sharon , Shawn and Angela are very kind and caring , we received a great guide for them . Thank you guys ! With love Sergy , Camila and Harper 🐶
— Camila Knobler
Posted December 21st 2022
This family does an excellent job training dogs. They are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. we loved are experience and the confidence and attitude are dogs have after completing the puppy training and then the advance training. the videos and pictures you get of your dogs going through the training is a perfect way for you to see the progress. When you get your dog out of your vehicle for the second time visiting this family and they are excited to see them again tells you all you need to know. Thank you for your service to our dogs and our family. John
— John Russell
Posted December 8th 2022
A little over a year and a half ago, my dog Jack had a sudden change in some of his behaviors. He hated getting his nails done and also started to exhibit leash reactivity. I knew immediately I needed to try and nip it in the butt and quick before it got worse. However, every positive reinforcement training I tried or worked with a trainer for failed. I was completely defeated, and come April of 2022 my relationship with Jack was at the lowest it’s ever been. I was so embarrassed of him and of my inability to control him that I was ready to give up on walking or taking him anywhere ever. But with the push and support of my mom and sister, I didn’t give up. I turned to research, learned that Schnauzers are notorious for being stubborn so I shouldn’t have been surprised my Schnauzer mix who passes for full Schnauzer had a stubborn streak. So I kept researching different training techniques and training companies. That was when I found Dog Training Elite Charlotte, and I thank God everyday I did. I was hesitant at first because of the e-collar but on May 5th, 2022 we officially started training with them. Through their training program, Jack and I have made some incredible growth dog and as trainer. The tools and knowledge they gave instilled some much needed confidence into me and into Jack. If you would have told me almost 7 months ago when we started, that I would have Jack’s reactivity under control and have him “off leash” I never would have believed you. Let alone that I would be able to take those same techniques and easily apply them to my puppy and at 7 months old have her “off leash”trained as well. I also never could’ve seen myself using an e-collar on a dog, but when taught to use them properly and used properly they are a fantastic resource and have truly helped my dog’s anxiety more than any positive reinforcement could have. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have towards DTE. They truly saved my relationship with my dog, and have mads me a better dog owner. I know our training is still just beginning, but I’m so excited for what our future holds. *Off leash is in quotes because the dogs always have a traffic lead or leash on them (tied short so it hangs off their shoulder) not only because it’s NC law but because it’s what is best for their safety should anything unexpected ever occur.*

Posted November 29th 2022
I decided to get a goldendoodle a year ago and knew I wanted to work with someone who would not only train her but also welcome her as part of their pack. I found that in Dog Training Elite Charlotte. Within one day of puppy training she was learning puppy basics. When she came home she had so much more confidence and listened and used her basic commands. Later, she attended additional training and gained more confidence and had amazing manners. She walked on her leash and followed the heel command. She mastered her place command, her come command and so many other necessary commands for a well mannered dog. I still ensure she gets lots of practice by taking her to group classes. I could not recommend DTE more. They are the ONLY trainers I would trust with my Winnie girl. A huge thank you for your professionalism and your love of your clients (both human and dogs). I look forward to many more years of partnership with DTE.

Posted November 19th 2022
They are truly amazing. Can’t believe the transformation in our baby in just 2 short weeks. So grateful for Shawn and Sharon! Thank god we found them in google! Can’t wait to see how he is after our 5th session

Posted November 19th 2022
After only 2 training sessions, we had our first real challenge (1 of 2 main reasons I made the call in the first place): a contractor was coming into our home. Last time I had him here, I brought my dog to a doggy day care because the situation is so stressful (for both of us!) and she doesn't stop barking (so it's hard to carry on a conversation). Today, he rang the bell and we couldn't even find her. (That in itself is huge because...doorbells.) She eventually came out (very quietly), sniffed, and gave one little bark and a small growl. We told her quiet and she went back to her hiding spot. This is huge. She normally runs and "attacks" as soon as she realizes there is someone new in the house and doesn't stop barking until they leave. Thank you!! Best investment ever.
— Jessica Adams
Posted November 18th 2022
We sent our golden doodle puppy Blue to Elite Dog training for their 9 day training program and it worked wonders for him! Before he went to training we didn’t know how to control his puppy energy. He was biting us all, including our children. When he came home he still had his playful puppy energy, but we now have the resources to control the behavior we don’t want. He is calmer, knows his commands and listens to us. He’s only been home a few days, but we’ve already had several people comment on his good behavior. For example, when I took him to the vet, I said “place” and Blue got on the scale and calmly sat down to be weighed. Everyone in the waiting room was amazed that a 4 month old puppy had such self-control. I had Blue outside in the driveway with me (unleashed) when a delivery driver approached with a package. I told Blue to “sit” and he stayed by my side while the delivery driver dropped off the package- no jumping, no barking, no chasing. While Blue was at training we received a video each day outlining what he was working on. This was helpful not only for teaching us the commands he will know, but also gave us peace of mind that Blue was happy and well taken care of there. I highly recommend this training program!
— Marla McArdle
Posted November 12th 2022
Such an amazing company and people. I am putting my animal through service training through here. They are extremely experienced and always there to help.
— Skylar Sweitzer
Posted November 10th 2022
I am so, so grateful to Shawn how he taught me how to be a confident leader to my Jude! Jude use to bark at every one that got close. I didnt feel confident in walking him because of all the barking, but now with everything Shawn taught us I feel so confident and honestly excited to take Jude with me when I get a chance to. I 200% percent recommend them for anyone in need of dog training they are the BEST!!!
— Sugheil Khan
Posted October 23rd 2022
Shawn, Sharon, and Angela are amazing dog trainers in the Charlotte area. We initially put our pup in their puppy camp when she was 10 weeks and placed her into their obedience training when she was 14 weeks. The difference pre training and posting training is night and day. They teach you everything you need to know and teach you how to train your pup. Overall we have a well behaved and happy pup whom we have a solid relationship with and DTE helped us achieve this in a short period of time and even better - early in our pups life. Our dog also has a good relationship with the trainers. Kudos to the DTE CLT family!
— brenden visoury
Posted October 15th 2022
They are very professional and their training methods are very effective. They helped me to train my dog, who was aggressive and aggressive to strangers. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their pets.
— David Radin
Posted October 13th 2022

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