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Highly gifted and perspicacious group. I completely entrust them with my beloved pet. They are leading us forward to a life of service to others. Thank you Elite!
— Rita Vogel
Posted July 2nd 2024
Dog Training Elite Charlotte is the most FANTASTIC organization of its kind...!!! The whole family truly cared about our pup and gave their all to make sure they answered all our questions, were exceptionally kind and caring to our family and our loving dog, Charlie!!! Angela, our main trainer , has to be the best of all there is!!!! Sharon, who answered the phone was so kind ALWAYS and had our best interests at heart...Shawn came first and had to make sure our puppy had the best match and fit.....and he was RIGHT!!!! Both my husband, Pat and I feel Dog Training Elite is the best there is..I have had 26 dogs in my life and I have found that Elite is the BEST ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank them sooooo much!!!! They deserve more than 5 stars.....Perhaps all the stars there are!! Fondly, Sharon Yaskin
— Sharon Yaskin
Posted July 1st 2024
These guys are great! Very professional and they understand dogs really well. They helped us with our service dog training. Amazing results in just a few months.
— Coty Metz
Posted June 29th 2024
We adopted our dog, Finney, from the shelter in February. As a shelter dog, he came with challenges such as nipping, pulling when walking, and severe dog reactivity. We tried what seemed like everything to resolve the issue on our own, but after many failed attempts we called Dog Training Elite and signed up for their behavior modification training which included 7 one on one sessions coming to our home and then 20 group sessions. We saw HUGE improvements with our pup after just one session. By the end of our one on one sessions we no longer have a dog who nips, pulls or barks at other dogs. We have a calm dog who looks to us for direction on what to do when he feels anxious. We went from being scared taking Finney on walks for fear of how he would react to other dogs to being able to confidently take Finney on walks with our new skills learned. We cannot thank the dog training elite team enough for everything they have taught us and continue to help us with!
— Cristin Sulfridge
Posted June 21st 2024
The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and have helped me turn my hyper puppy into my service dog in less than a year. I will be taking my service dog with me to college and can’t wait for all of the fun adventures we will be able to go on thanks to her wonderful training!
— Grayson Askew
Posted June 21st 2024
Dog Training Elite is truly exceptional! Shawn and Angela are not only incredibly skilled trainers but also incredibly compassionate individuals. Their dedication to helping dogs reach their full potential is unmatched. With their guidance, my dog has transformed into a well-behaved therapy companion, ready to bring joy and comfort to those in need. Sharon's organizational skills ensure that every session runs smoothly, making the entire process a breeze. I can't thank Dog Training Elite enough for their amazing work and highly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch training services.
— Ashley Liberto
Posted June 12th 2024
Dog Training Elite has been an absolute game-changer in my journey to prepare my dog for therapy work at my school. Shawn and Angela are phenomenal trainers who have guided us every step of the way with expertise and patience. Their dedication and knowledge are evident in every session, making the training process smooth and enjoyable for me and my dog. Sharon's behind-the-scenes work is remarkable, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. They've transformed my dog into a confident and well-behaved therapy companion. I couldn't recommend Dog Training Elite highly enough for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey or to have a well-trained dog!
— Ashley Liberto
Posted June 12th 2024
I'm so glad I chose Dog Training Elite Charlotte as my dog trainers! They helped me train my girl all the way from puppy camp to now a graduate of their service dog program! They are fanastic with communication, teaching, and helping you understand your dog better. The group classes are a huge bonus and are so fun! Watching other clients of DTE grow in confidence with their dogs at classes was an awesome experience. Because of DTE helping me train my girl to become my service dog, I've been given more freedom and comfort by having her than I have had in years. I highly recommend DTE for any of your dog training needs, no matter the circumstance! Therapy dog, service dog, or even just a family dog, they are the ones to call! It could be truly life changing! Thank you DTE Charlotte for ALL you do!
— Chandler Hudson
Posted May 25th 2024
Loved everything about this experience with my golden retriever! The staff was incredible - always available to answer any questions, provided me with clear instructions after every training session and they were patient, kind and a pleasure to learn from! My dog is so well behaved ..and I am a more confident dog mom now too! Thank you.
— Monica Hoekstra
Posted May 16th 2024
Our puppy Navy is around a year and 2 months and desperately needed some help, she would constantly pull on walks and bark at every person and dog that walked by. She would always jump on people when they came inside and that’s where I started looking for training and I found dog training elite! They have completely transformed my dog into a respectful sweet pup that listens to all the commands I give her! I’m so grateful to have worked with them and it’s been life changing to have a dog who now respects boundaries and who can walk beside me on walks! Definitely recommend them if you need some training!!!
— courtney zenger
Posted May 10th 2024
The at home sessions were great! Looking forward to the group sessions!
— Michelle Woolard
Posted May 10th 2024
Before the training, my dog was barking at any sound, any movement in the house, never listened to commands. He was already pretty good with walking on the leash but would pull on occasion. Now that he’s completed his training, I almost don’t recognize him, in a good way of course. He is a completely different dog now, he obeys commands in the house and stops barking after the initial alert to someone at the door. I am beyond grateful for Shawn and Sharon for the training provided for me and my dog. I will always recommend them to anyone that has behavior issues. The price for the training is definitely worth what you get in return, the initial in home training as well as the lifetime help with any future issues or questions as well as the group training on the weekends. 100% recommend!!
— Michelle Lacey
Posted May 6th 2024
Wonderful service and people! My (formely) crazy dog is a new, obedient girl. Couldn’t be happier, highly recommended!
— A.M.C.
Posted May 3rd 2024
Great experience! Big take aways.... 1. Aided with detachment from mom doggie 2. Aided in a nice transition with crate training 3. Aided with excellent transition to have the doggie understand how to be trained 4. supportive, informative and available Note initially I was skeptical and thought the price was high, that said im VERY happy with the outcome and would not blink at the cost a second time around with another doggie. I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did!!
— Michael Rousseau
Posted April 9th 2024
Best decision I could’ve made for my dog! He still has the same lovable personality, but he now understands what I’m communicating.
— Jasmine Copeland
Posted April 7th 2024
These guys are incredible! Our Bailey was well behaved except for jumping up and pulling on her leash. After one session with Shawn the walking issue was done and after two sessions she was a different dog. She's such a pleasure to be around and love. Shawn adapted to her mood and was consistent and effective. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite!!
— Jeff Kearns
Posted March 24th 2024
Fabulous people to work with. I saw a difference in my puppy’s behavior after the first visit. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this company.
— Laurie Cherry
Posted March 19th 2024
Our puppy was out of control and made us miserable before we hired DTE to help us out. The results were instantaneous and I’m proud to say he is a great boy now thanks to the help of this organization!
— Devin Carter
Posted March 16th 2024
Shawn is the best! We adopted our dog at 7.5 weeks old and he was TERRIBLE! After a lot of research, we decided to go with DTE and chose the Gold Puppy Package. We noticed a difference after our first session. Shawn was very patient with us and our dog and he explained everything very thoroughly. Shawn planned out the sessions in an order that worked best for our dog. Our dog is now 5 months old and doing great. We just completed obedience training and attended our first group class. The group class was great and we can’t wait to attend more. 10/10 recommend DTE Charlotte for any dog training needs!
— Haley Carter
Posted March 16th 2024
Excellent training. My puppy went from a wild child who was very dramatic ever time you'd try to train her something new. Dog training elite to the time to improve her obedience leaps and bounds. She is a whole new dog and I can't recommend dog training elite enough to people looking to make a change in their dogs
— Lia Knox
Posted March 13th 2024

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