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Full stars sorry i give the wrong star to wrong person..every helpful..really nice and helpful..high recommend
— Daniela Vargas
Posted June 4th 2023
I have nothing but amazing things to say about to Dog Training Elite in Austin. Donny did amazing job training both of our dogs Sophia (8 years old) and Levi (16 weeks old). Both two complete different dogs who we had separate concerns with. With our oldest dog we’ve previously were told that she was “not trainable” due to her old age and that her separation anxiety/aggression was not going to change. For Donny this was not a problem. He was able to be fully transparent and reliable throughout or trainings and allow us to set realistic goals for both our dogs. He helped our dogs gain confidence and security in us as well as in themselves. We can now walk confidently with our dogs in multiple settings, as well as have guest over with peace of mind. Training our dogs has been the greatest investment we have done in our home. Thank you Donny and Dog Training Elite Austin for helping us give our dogs a better life.
— Renzo Pappaterra
Posted May 18th 2023
Make no bones about it, I would recommend the owners of Dog Training Elite Hill Country to anyone who is looking for knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring individuals to train their dog. Not only do Denise and Gray dedicate their time and attention to training your dog but they also give the owner the confidence needed to sustain what is taught during the training process. They are the top dog when it comes to what they do and with their services, you’ll see that anything is paw-sible for your four-legged family member!
— Karen Ehlert
Posted April 15th 2023
Donny helped us get our dog Angelo to a level of compliance we never even dreamed was possible. The secure feeling we have now, taking our dog out in public, even just being at home, is priceless. We are so grateful for DTE and Donny's patience with us, from the very first phone call to our last teary goodbye. HIGHLY recommend these guys. You will have a whole new dog on your hands!
— Astra Elane (The Gods Themselves)
Posted April 13th 2023
Denise and Gray have shown me how to work with a very sweet, large dog with lots of puppy energy. She’s done very well with her training. The knowledge and training that Denise and Gray have shared with me has been so helpful. They are incredibly professional and clearly take pride in training dogs while remaining very personable.
— Derby
Posted April 12th 2023
Denise has been training dogs for over 20 years. Truth be told, they were her own dogs, but she always had a way with them. She took them everywhere she went, and she even trained her dogs to shake “hands” when meeting people. Gray has an affinity for dogs and it’s in his heart to help you be the leader of your pack thus allowing your dog to be your best friend. Denise and Gray are big believers in having your dog be a valuable, and well-behaved, member of the family. Dogs will misbehave when they don’t have the loving guidance of a true leader. Denise and Gray will teach you how to be that true leader that your dog needs.
— Emma
Posted April 11th 2023
We had an excellent time seeing these folks handle their dogs at an event recently. Can’t wait to get them started on our pups!!!!!
— Hayden Boster
Posted April 11th 2023
I would trust the owners of this company with any of my animals at anytime! They are bright, caring, friendly, & hardworking! Highly recommended!
— Tas Bird
Posted April 11th 2023
I’ve known the owners of DTE personally for many years. They are hard working, honest, and trust worthy. I’d trust them with my child so anyone can certainly trust them with their dogs!
— Nikki Hanley
Posted April 11th 2023
We are so grateful for Jenny and Donny! Our dog, Dotty, had serious challenges with reactivity to dogs and we were at our breaking point. Jenny and Donny both listened to our concerns and it was clear right away that we were at the right place. Even though our progress hasn't been linear, they have been right by our side every step of the way. Dotty is now fun to take on walks (something we never thought we'd say!) and recalls so well that we feel comfortable taking her on off-leash hikes. We are so proud of the progress that Dotty has made and feel so much more confident as handlers as a result of Donny and Jenny's coaching. Thank you so much for your support! We highly recommend DTE to anyone/everyone.
— Hannah Theis
Posted April 3rd 2023
Jenny and Donny are 2 of the most amazing people! They are dedicated to helping you figure out the answers to the issues you are having with your dog! Thank you Jenny and Donny!
— KC Owens
Posted March 9th 2023
We were thrilled to have Donny help us turn our sweet but needy Bernedoodle into the great dog we knew she could be. People always comment on how well behaved our puppy is. This was great experience. We have had quite a few dogs and tried almost every training method available at some point but this was really something to see. We're so happy with the dog Lola has become that we will continue to train her as a personal service dog!
— Lisa Sims
Posted February 18th 2023
There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for Jenny + Donny (and Penny) of DTE Austin. We got our puppy Sullivan at 8 wks old and our 4 y.o. son (who is Autistic) was immediately both in love and overstimulated by him. Sully’s puppy behaviors sent our son over the edge and thus our house was in chaos. My partner and I travel for work but knew we would be in Austin for at least 3 months. We were desperate to provide Sully with obedience tools with hopes of training him to be a service dog for our son. I contacted DTE and Donny called for a thorough chat. He validated our concerns, was transparent about their program costs, and the time it takes to get results. We decided to move forward and Jenny became Sully’s puppy obedience trainer. In just 5 at-home sessions with Jenny it was a night and day difference. Sully is no longer stubborn + erratic in his behaviors, he follows come/sit/down/stay/off commands, and can walk off leash with 100% recall. Jenny provided me with so much confidence as Sully’s handler and that has strengthened he and I’s relationship. Sully is such a smart, respectful, and STILL fun/loving puppy that is so gentle with our son. We’re so excited to continue our service dog training journey with DTE.
— Anessa Woods
Posted February 12th 2023
Donny and the rest of the DTE team have been a phenomenal resource for us as we got our first ever dog, Loosa, who was supposed to be “a lot of work” as a high energy breed. We started working with the DTE team when Loosa was a little puppy up through his first birthday this past week, and the dedication, quality, and time put in by Donny and the team is evident in how well behaved and obedient Loosa is. It’s super convenient to have your dedicated trainer come to your house each week and train your doggo in a familiar environment, and then slowly work your way into more distracting environments as the pups learn the commands. Also the group training class has been awesome for socializing and reinforcing the commands. Would 100000/10 recommend DTE’s training services, and they will for sure be our first and only trainer if we choose to get another lil buddy in the future!
— Reed Jackson
Posted February 10th 2023
I could not recommend Dog Training Elite enough. Macaroni, our golden retriever puppy, is clearly a very smart and very good boy. We watched a TON of YouTube videos and tried our hardest with the traditional reward-based training methods, and he was great at the basic commands. But we were hitting a ceiling. No matter how hard we tried, if we gave him a choice between the world’s biggest treat, and meeting a new dog, he’d always choose the dog. This was a problem for us. We wanted to be able to feel comfortable taking him places, without worrying about distractions or other dogs putting him into a dangerous situation. Enter Dog Training Elite. From the get go, they were extremely careful to address all of our concerns. They took great care in their in-home consultation and outlined exactly how our concerns would be fixed by their training program. We shopped around at a few different places, but ultimately settle on Dog Training Elite for three reasons. 1. They emphasize you being an active participant in training, as that gets the best results for you and your pup. 2. They start with one-on-one training at home, which felt more fair to our dog. 3. Their support involves answering whatever questions we have, at any point. Our in-home sessions were excellent (thank you Sierra!) and our sweet Macaroni quickly latched on to the structure their training provides. We covered a variety of situations as well, so it wasn’t just one environment. Group classes so far have also been a breeze. It’s the perfect environment for our dog to get used to controlling itself around other dogs, so that it can play safely. All in all, we are thrilled with the results. If you buy in to the training method, you’ll be thrilled too.
— Jameson Zaballos
Posted February 10th 2023
I couldn't be more thankful to have found Dog Training Elite for me and my squirrel-obsessed, leash-pulling and very vocal 3-year old Shepherd mix, Savannah. We had tried another trainer in the area whose training style just didn't mesh with the lifestyle or relationship I envisioned for us, but after my initial phone call with Donny and after meeting Seirra, I knew right away DTE was the perfect fit. Before we started training, walks were a nightmare on my shoulder and frustrating for everyone involved; but after just one session, it was literally night and day. Fast forward a few weeks later and Savannah is still the same sweet, happy-go-lucky girl she's always been (and loving her new off-leash freedom), but is an entirely different dog when it comes to her manners in the best possible way. I went from being mortified and apologetic of her constant demand barking in public, to now getting compliments from strangers about how well-behaved she is. I can honestly say our relationship is stronger now than when we started, and I love seeing her grow more confident every day. We just recently started the group classes and I'm so excited to build upon the foundation Seirra help us set during our in-home sessions. From Donny to Jenny to Seirra, I truly can't speak highly enough about the entire DTE team!
— Lauren Sandelin
Posted January 26th 2023
My Bernadoodle Toula and I began a journey with Donny @ Dog Training Elite when she was 4 months old. With Donny’s patience and expertise he guided my puppy and I to become a confident team and he brought out the best in us! He really did! I thought I had taken on way too much with this energetic little puppy but we have become a team & I couldn’t be happier! Group classes have helped us grow being out in public with all its distractions, walking around other pets and not fearing the unexpected because I am in control. I had a former dog that bit and I was truly afraid but I have become a confident pet owner and with this training not only for my Toula but also for myself. This was money that has been well spent and a valuable experience for my relationship with my dog 🐶. I’m not anxious or afraid to have her with me in public or at home. I’m so very glad I’ve chosen DTE!! I 2000% recommend this training program!!

Posted February 2nd 2023
DTE Austin has been amazing for me and my dog Jason. Jason went from a shy dog with so much energy to a confident dog that loves working. Sierra has helped us channel all his energy into something productive and positive. The whole team of trainers are so kind and willing to answer all my questions.
— Leah Reioux
Posted January 29th 2023
I have so much gratitude for the Dog Training Elite family! My dog, Ozlo, and I have been on quite the journey and he's only 11 months old. He is our 3rd German Shepherd but the first that has a fearful nature which comes with some challenges. He is honestly the sweetest, most affectionate lover boy at home with us but since he was just weeks old he was scared of strangers and other dogs, hesitant to go on walks and would freeze or run. I did everything I could to socialize him early and often in all the ways but seemed to just make things worse. We did 8 weeks in a puppy social class and he was the shy guy hiding with his tail tucked or barking at the other puppies. I had dreams of taking my best buddy everywhere and honestly it was more stressful than fun. We couldn't have guests over because his barking was too chaotic and embarrassing. I was at a loss. We tried 3 different trainers, one of which he escaped from and went missing for 4 hours and it was a miracle we found him. I was desperate, hopeless, and spent countless hours researching on how to help my sweet Ozzy become the confident, well behaved dog that I know he could be. Then FINALLY Dog Training Elite popped into my search and I read the myriad of reviews and it gave me a glimmer of hope. My first conversation with Donny I knew he would be an amazing trainer, he took a full hour to talk to me and had answers to all my questions and made me feel heard and understood. Donny came to our home for a free consultation that week and I thought Ozlo was going to full on attack him but Donny was so calm, patient and confident and soon Ozlo calmed down, took treats and was listening to Donny. We did 5 private sessions and every single one Ozlo made HUGE progress. I was amazed. I finally feel like I have some tools to work with and more control in stressful situations. Ozlo graduated to Group Class and seeing him be calm around 15+ other dogs and people gives me so much joy and hope for our future together. We still have a lot of work to do but I am forever grateful that I found Dog Training Elite and know that I will always have the support needed for Ozlo to live his best life with us. I can't say enough good things about the DTE family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Jessica Stephen
Posted January 29th 2023
DTE changed Milo's (pronounced Me-lo) and I life!! I rescued him from the shelter when he was a puppy and he had a habit of jumping on people, biting when he was really excited, pulling on the leash and would pull me when we were on walks. Not only have we corrected those behaviors but Milo's and I trust has grown so so much since we started training with DTE. Jenny was always on time and ready to train Milo and I, making the best use of our 60 min 1:1. I cannot reccomend DTE enough!!! Group classes are such a confidence boost to Milo as well!! 10/10!!
— Zheila Cervantes
Posted January 28th 2023

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