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I reached out to Dog Training Elite truly defeated. I purchased a puppy a year ago in hopes of having a gentle companion for my toddler however, soon found that the puppy was not at all gentle. My husband and I previously attended puppy courses through a different training organization and he was deemed “that dog” in class. I soon came to the conclusion that we were not a good match for the puppy and was seriously considering rehoming him. Prior to doing so, I decided to give Dog Training Elite a call. In comes the amazing Jenny. She is not only a great trainer but, an amazing person. From our first in-home training session, I saw IMMEDIATE improvement in my dog’s behavior. Not only has his behavior improved but, his confidence as well. To see the change in my dog is remarkable. I can’t believe how close I was to rehoming him. My relationship with my dog has changed for the better and I see how great of a companion he truly is. The behavior that we previously saw (jumping, nipping, counter surfing, excessive barking, etc.) is no longer. We just needed an expert trainer such as Jenny. I can’t thank her or Dog Training Elite enough. I HIGHLY recommend this company.
— Natasha E
Posted August 30th 2023
We had not initially planned to hire a dog trainer for our German Shepherd / Malinois puppy, but luckily a series of events led to a conversation with the Dog Training Elite team. We have been working with them in Austin, Texas for 2 years and could not be more satisfied. Donny, Jenny, and Sierra will make sure you understand training methods - even if it means an impromptu FaceTime session - their commitment to your dog’s success in their tried and true program is obvious in every interaction. Beyond the individual training, the group classes have been the perfect testing grounds for teaching our dog not to react to others. You will not be disappointed if you’re working with the Dog Training Elite Austin team. DTE training was the best investment we’ve made for our dog’s success and quality of life - and yes they taught our 75 pound pup to stand on a fire hydrant!
— Lindsey Lee
Posted August 30th 2023
Cannot recommend enough! Jenny and Donny are incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about what they do, and truly care for + treat your dog like it’s their own. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with them, and the greater life our golden retriever lives because of it. He’s now 7 months old and walks with us off leash, listens to commands, and gets SO many compliments about how calm he is. We smile extra big every time knowing that none of this would’ve been possible without DTE Austin! Thank you Jenny and Donny!!
— Jill Puduski
Posted August 30th 2023
Donny and Jenny of DTE Austin have changed our lives! We have a very sweet and smart, as well as highly anxious, Australian Shepherd named Bean. We felt totally loss and like failures with Bean, given that we had no idea how to address her anxieties which often manifested into aggressive and stressed out tantrums. I dreaded taking her anywhere, even on local neighborhood strolls, out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to prevent her from losing all sanity at any given moment. Donny gave us the skills and practices to create boundaries, improve confidence in both us and Bean, and even gave us additional freedoms with Bean through positive reinforcement and with eCollar training. It has been a long road (with no end in sight) filled with lots of work and often times self doubt, but to see where Bean is today in comparison to three months ago is all the proof I need to know DTE was the right fit for us. Even after our one-on-one training sessions had come to an end, DTE continue to help us with Bean. We can’t express our gratitude for DTE. Bean has never been happier, and this experience has truly repaired and even transformed the boud between me and her. Everything DTE does is done with grace, kindness, and respect. If you may be hesitant to attempt to help your anxious furry friend, let this be your sign to absolutely go for it! Thanks DTE (:
— Emma Semo
Posted August 30th 2023
I don't normally leave reviews on places, it's just not my thing, but upon seeing a very misleading review I feel the need to. DTE does indeed use e-collars, at first I was nervous at the thought of putting it on my dog because I thought it was a shock collar, it's not. I tried it on my dog before I ever put it on him and I've worked with my trainer to know his limits so I don't put it at a level too high for him. The training we do is not about punishment, my dog and many others get plenty of treats and praise for their good behavior, the e collar is just a correction or reminder to help them out a bit. My dog Smokey started with them when he was about 2 months old and he's now 7 months. I was originally worried about his behavior and fearful I may have to give him up, but with the help of DTE he's become extremely well behaved. He's a completely different dog from the maniac he was when he was a puppy. None of the dogs, including my own are ever mistreated in any way shape or form. You can tell all those doggos are loved and cared for properly. DTE does an amazing job of training, I highly suggest working with them if you need help with your dog. Keep in mind my pup is a Australian Cattle Dog mix so he's hard headed and fiesty, yet he's become an amazingly behaved boy.
— Carley 01
Posted August 30th 2023
Excellent training and motivation to do the work to achieve above and beyond my expectations! My missing link! :-)

Posted August 16th 2023
We joined DTE about 4 months ago, and the team has exceeded our expectations. Our dog, Dante, is training to be a service dog, and we are DELIGHTED with his progress and excited about what the future holds for him. Dante is an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with larger breeds (Great Dane, etc.). He has the smarts and stubbornness of a Cattle Dog and weighs almost as much as I do. We did puppy kindergarten and socialization with another training company, and Dante did great. However, as Dante's teenage months hit, we started seeing behaviors that we knew could become big issues if we didn't act. We considered continuing with our previous trainer, but we knew we needed the consistency, structure, and support that DTE could provide. First of all, DTE has helped us to change negative experiences into positive ones. For example, I used to dislike bringing Dante to the pet store because he'd pull me around, zig-zagging through the aisles as if he wasn't even aware I was there. Now, we enjoy going to the pet store 1-2x a week- he walks next to me with a reasonable excitement level, sits or lays when I stop to shop, and follows my commands. I would also get overwhelmed bringing Dante to cafes because he demanded my attention almost 100% of the time. Just today, we went to the cafe and sat around for almost two hours without any type of issue. I also specifically got an ACD, because I wanted a dog who could run with me. It took me a lot of time (and a lot of stress) teaching our previous dog how to run with me, so I was worried that this would be a repeat of that. Thanks to DTE's methods, Dante was able to run with me almost perfectly from our very first run. I'm impressed by Dante's progress, but I am more impressed by the whole team's efforts to get him here. We started out with private lessons with Seirra where we built our base. After a handful of lessons, we started attending weekly group classes. The group classes have been PIVOTAL for Dante, because his herding instincts can make it difficult for him to ignore other dogs. I never envisioned that my dog would be able to weave through other dogs and remain in a down when other dogs walk by. Of course, Dante isn't perfect during class- there are times when he throws tantrums (imagine a dog who is taller than you jumping on you when he doesn't get his way...), lunges at another dog, or tries to chase another dog. When these things happen, Donny, Jenny, or Seirra patiently walk us through correcting the unwanted behaviors. It can feel stressful to have a spotlight on you during class or to ask for help; however, when we get 1:1 support during group class, I feel very at ease because Donny, Jenny, and Seirra's patience shows that they are all rooting for us to succeed. I'm so motivated to go to class every week, because I can see real changes in Dante. We still have a way to go for Dante to become a service dog, but I'm confident that the team will get us there!
— Hannah Laurel
Posted August 8th 2023
Cannot speak highly enough of DTE Austin. We were recommended to Jenny and Donny by friends for our goldendoodle puppy Noodle. Their training is one of the best investments we’ve made in recent memory. Both Jenny and Donny are excellent with the dogs they work with and their handlers. We have so much more confidence and freedom taking Noodle out and about. We ALWAYS get compliments about how well-behaved he is and it makes our lives so much easier. We love DTE Austin!
— Connor Morita
Posted August 7th 2023
My experience with Dog Training Elite (DTE) and their skilled trainer, Donnie, has been nothing short of exceptional. Donnie's expertise and dedication have truly transformed the behavior of our two dogs, Oliver (6-year old Aussie mix) and Bean (3 year old pure bread Aussie). I am delighted to share our journey with DTE, which has empowered us to overcome our Beans’s anxiety, given us the confidence to take her out in public, and allowed us to enjoy peaceful, long walks together. From the very first session, Donnie exhibited a remarkable understanding of dog behavior and a genuine passion for his work. He immediately recognized our Aussies anxiety and provided us with effective tools tailored to her specific needs. Donnie's patient and compassionate approach made it evident that he truly cared about our dog's well-being. The progress we achieved under Donnie's guidance was astonishing. He equipped us with techniques to help our anxious Australian Shepard gain control of her emotions, providing her with a sense of security and trust. Thanks to Donnie's invaluable training methods, our once fearful dog has blossomed into a more relaxed and confident companion. One of the most significant achievements of our training experience was the newfound confidence we developed in handling our Aussie in public settings. Prior to working with Donnie, taking her out to busy places was a nerve-wracking experience for us. However, through gradual exposure and Donnie's support, we now confidently take her on outings, knowing she will respond positively to various stimuli. Additionally, Donnie's guidance has greatly enhanced our dogs' leash manners, particularly during long walks. Both Oliver and Bean have become better-behaved on the leash, allowing us to enjoy leisurely strolls without the struggle of pulling and tugging. Throughout our time with DTE, Donnie exhibited professionalism, reliability, and genuine care for our pets. He always listened attentively to our concerns and tailored the training to address specific challenges we faced as pet owners. His commitment to our dogs' progress was evident, as he continued to follow up with us regularly, even after our formal training sessions were complete. In conclusion, I cannot recommend Dog Training Elite and Donnie enough for their outstanding dog training services. They have given us the tools to transform our once anxious Aussie, instilling confidence in us as responsible pet owners. Our dogs, Oliver and Bean, have benefited immensely from their expertise, making our time together more enjoyable and rewarding. If you're seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable dog trainer, look no further than Dog Training Elite and the remarkable trainer, Donnie and team. Thank you, DTE, and Donnie for making such a positive impact on our canine companions and our lives!
— Tanner Rosenthal
Posted August 6th 2023
Dog Training Elite Hill Country is magnificent! Gray and Denise have only been generous, upfront, and friendly with me and my dog! Axel is an ESA who is going with me to college; he is very high energy and rambunctious. Their training program equipped me with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to train Axel even with his outgoing personality traits. I have gained a stronger bond with my dog and have made new friends since enrolling in this training. If I could leave a review with one million stars, I would! Thank you so much, Dog Training Elite Hill Country.
— Hannah Etter
Posted July 26th 2023
Donny and Jenny have been with us since before Day 1, aka Keva’s gotcha day! They sat with us and discussed our needs and wants in a service & therapy dog and helped us choose the breed, breeder, and training program that would be right for our family. We have spent the majority of our time at DTE training with Jenny. Jenny is kind, patient, generous, and understanding. Her unconditional support helped me so much as Keva and I grew as a pair. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done 🐾💙 It is also worth mentioning that Jenny & the DTE team have helped me gain confidence to travel with Keva and bring him to essential appointments and my work. Thank you for all you have taught us and for helping us get this far!
— Sarah Joyner
Posted July 25th 2023
I brought my dog Fresa to Jenny and Donny when she was about 2.5 years old. She’s a cavapoo who had a lot of anxiety and we were struggling with leash pulling, barking, and started to show leash aggression while we were on walks/in cafes. I had been skeptical about e-collars previously but it made such an improvement with boundaries for both me and my dog. It allowed us to build confidence in each other and get an excellent foundation for obedience and improve her self control. Many of my friends have even commented on how she seems less hyper/anxious as well. The training has helped me understand my dog and her little quirks on a different level along with building trust between the two of us. I fully believe this transformation is from this dog training program and can’t imagine doing another one if/when I get another dog. Thanks Jenny for all your help and support!
— Tara Welton
Posted July 25th 2023
The team at Dog Training Elite Austin is personable and professional. Before getting my dog, I called for assistance in selecting the right dog for my situations. The owners answered all of my questions and guided me with the dog selection process. All of our training sessions have been informative and builds on the previous lessons. My puppy shows great progress after each lesson and helps me to keep the training going between sessions with clear instructions. This is a great team and a great company.
— Ron Stinson II
Posted July 23rd 2023
We got a giant schnauzer puppy to be trained as a therapy dog for our daughter. The stubbornness of the breed and his size we knew would be a challenge. We would have given up had it not been for Dog Training Elite! He in almost 5 mos now and DTE has done wonders to help us with puppy training! He is still challenging and we have a lot of training to go but he is turning into an obedient, smart, and affectionate guy. DTE is reliable, great communication, extremely knowledgeable, and we look forward to each training session with them!
— A I
Posted July 23rd 2023
If for some reason I could only recommend one business for the rest of my life, it would be DTE Austin. We adopted a 6 month old puppy, Celia, in January. She is a boxer / german shepherd mix, and we had one of those moments at the shelter where she truly picked us. We learned that she had been in and out of the shelter, returned by other families after only a few days, and had suffered both physical and mental trauma after being attacked by multiple dogs in her past. We still felt like with a home willing to give her a chance, she could thrive into the sweet affectionate puppy we got a glimpse of while meeting and playing with her. After having her home for a week, we realized we were in way over our heads. She started to display behaviors we weren't prepared to deal with including extreme reactivity (barking, lunging, fence fighting) to dogs, to the point I couldn't have her in our own back yard to go to the bathroom if any other neighbors had their dogs outside. We broke down multiple times that week feeling hopeless that we'd ever get to enjoy life with this dog, when we found Jenny and Donny. During our evaluation phone call, we knew they were the trainers for us. We were nervous our dog was beyond help, but with every behavior we mentioned, it was clear they had been there before. They assured us that if we were committed and trusted in the program, we could get our dog to be the best version of herself. Jenny came over for Celia's first session the next day, and we were quite literally counting down the minutes until she arrived. After just one session, we saw dramatic changes in our dog's behavior. We finally had the tools to regain control over her training, and from that point forward we made leaps and bounds with each session. Jenny was so invested in hearing what had gone well / we needed help with, and tailored our training to address Celia's biggest challenges every week. After a month, we were able to have guests over for the first time and were even getting compliments on her behavior! She was calmly waiting on her place when strangers walked in the door, she was ignoring plates of food left out on low tables. Things I never imagined were possible in such a short period of time. We're now in the group class phase of our training, and I can't believe I'm working with the same dog. She went from having full meltdowns every time she saw a dog in the distance, to calmly holding a "sit" or "down with up to 15 dogs in the same class. The road wasn't easy, but Jenny and Donny have been there every step of the way, providing us the tools to be more confident handlers of a reactive dog. I can't recommend this program enough, thank you for everything DTE Austin!!
— Jackie Conlan
Posted July 23rd 2023
I have a one-year-old rough collie named Hope, who was raised on a farm. She was a very obedient and smart dog, who listened well to my commands and learned new tricks quickly. However, she had a big problem: she was terrified of public places. She would cower, whimper, and try to run away whenever we encountered strangers, loud noises, or unfamiliar situations. This was a huge issue for me, because I got her to be my service dog. I suffer from CPTSD and anxiety, and I need Hope to be by my side at all times. I tried many different methods to help Hope overcome her fear, but nothing seemed to work. She was too stressed and overwhelmed to respond to treats, praise, or toys. I was desperate and frustrated, until I found Dog Training Elite Austin online. They claimed to have a proven system that could help any dog become more confident and calm in any environment. They specialize is Training dogs for PTSD. I decided to give them a try, and I'm so glad I did. Dog Training Elite Austin trainers were very professional and friendly. They assessed Hope's personality and behavior, and designed a customized training plan for her. They used positive reinforcement, desensitization, and counter-conditioning techniques to gradually expose Hope to different stimuli and situations that she feared, while rewarding her for showing calm and relaxed responses. They also taught me how to communicate with Hope better, and how to provide her with the support and guidance she needed. The results were amazing. After just a few weeks of training with Dog Training Elite Austin, Hope became a completely different dog. She was no longer afraid of public places, but instead curious to explore them. She was able to walk calmly on a leash, greet strangers politely, and ignore distractions. She was also more attentive and responsive to me, and more bonded with me than ever before. She became the perfect service dog for me, always ready to help me cope with my anxiety. I can't thank Dog Training Elite Austin enough for what they did for me and Hope. They truly changed our lives for the better. If you have a dog who suffers from fear or anxiety, I highly recommend you contact Dog Training Elite Austin today. You won't regret it!
— Shelley Elliott
Posted July 22nd 2023
Dog elite training has been so wonderful. My daughter struggles with anxiety, so we got a dog to train to help with this and it has been life changing for her. We are so appreciative of their services!
— kelli reid
Posted July 22nd 2023
Jenny is an expert Dog trainer. Her knowledge of service dogs is truly impressive! She changed my life as well as my dogs! Wouldn’t be where I am at without her!
— Parker Fillmore
Posted July 10th 2023
Our puppy Archie (smooth coat border collie) was a handful. We were at our wit's end with his potty issues, neediness, and disobedience. Gray and Denise of Dog Training Elite were just that - elite! Gray's easy way, kind heart and expert dog training skills helped Archie transform into a WonderDog. Off! Come! Heel! Place! He does it all. Archie can even file our taxes now! 😉 He's even working on his MBA, thanks to Gray. And Denise made sure Gray was on-time and well equipped with helpful literature and everything we needed to make this experience absolutely awesome. You'd be lucky to have this team helping you help your dog reach his/her peak potential.
— Robb Duke
Posted June 26th 2023
I chose the option to have training at my home as well as group gatherings. I have a high energy Aussie/Boarder Collie and she is responding very well. Gray Has such patience and confidence with her. Keona is still full of energy, but she listens to commands and is learning new things as we go. Training the pups is the easy part but do keep in mind that the human element has to be willing to learn and work with your loved one for the process to be successful I highly recommend his company and the services they offer.
— Kimberly Reaves
Posted June 23rd 2023

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