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Empowering Owners

We work with dogs of any breed, size or age - and we empower owners with lifelong skills to continue successes.

  • Leash & potty training
  • Staying & coming
  • Destructive chewing & digging
  • Stealing food, clothing, or other objects
  • Barking, howling & whining
  • Food guarding & begging
  • Mouthing, nipping & playing rough
  • Anxiety & submissive urination
  • Jumping up & hyperactivity
  • Aggression & anxiety

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We strongly believe that the key to sustained obedience and training is to empower owners to be an integral part of the training experience.

Dog Training Elite in Austin offers expert in-home dog training near you in Austin.
In-Home Training

Dog obedience classes are held on a consistent basis and are included in most packages. Our dog obedience training classes are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds)!

Dog Training Elite in Austin offers professional group dog training programs near you in Austin.
Socialized Group Training

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Award Winning Dog Training Services in the Austin Metro Area

Welcome to Dog Training Elite in Austin! We are a professional, family owned Austin-based dog training company with over 40 years of experience that specializes in strengthening the bond between your dog and your family, with a strong emphasis on teaching your dog the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions. Our Austin dog training programs are certain to meet all of your training needs. Unlike a lot of other dog training companies, we understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our dog training programs to accommodate your unique situation. Dog Training Elite in Austin also trains service animals and dogs ready to volunteer in the community as therapy dogs and companions to those with special needs. We also offer a fun and challenging personal protection program as well!

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Meet Our Trainers

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Our Balanced Theory

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after proper conditioning), when the owner says "sit," the dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

  • Empowering Owners
    We empower Owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.
  • Personalized
    We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.
  • Environment Specific
    We train wherever issues tend to arise (i.e. jogging, park, home).
  • Supportive
    We support Owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").
  • Involved
    We work with all members of the household.
  • Simplified & Customized
    We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 20 min/day follow-up practice.
  • Continued Training
    Additional programs / group sessions offered after in-home training.
  • Lifetime Investment
    We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.
  • Satisfaction Ratings
    Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.
Dog Training Elite in Austin has award winning in-home dog trainers and top rated dog training programs.

Why Dog Training Elite in Austin?

Lifetime Investment

We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.

Value Priced

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our professional services at prices that are budget friendly.

Local Trainers

All of our local dog trainers are trustworthy, willing to be there for our clients and love what they do.

Simplified & Customized

We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.

Come Meet Us!

We are often at home shows in your area! Our passion for dogs and service sets us apart. All of our local dog trainers are trustworthy, willing to be there for our clients and love what they do. We want to build a community for our clients that love their dogs just as much as we do and once you begin the training process with us, you become a part of the Dog Training Elite family.

Proud Sponsor of The Malinois Foundation

At Dog Training Elite in Austin, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite in Austin work's with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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Dog Training Elite in Austin - AKC STar Puppy Instructor
Dog Training Elite in Austin - Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
Dog Training Elite in Austin - AKC Community Canine
Dog Training Elite in Austin - PRTA Pro
Dog Training Elite in Austin - IACP Member
Dog Training Elite in Austin - AKC Member

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

DTE has been the best training experience kayo loves group class and Donny is a great and patient trainer and very straightforward which i love! Highly recommend them for training or service training! It’s been a great experience
— SamanTha Ortega
Posted August 28th 2022
I couldn't be more thankful to have found Dog Training Elite for me and my squirrel-obsessed, leash-pulling and very vocal 3-year old Shepherd mix, Savannah. We had tried another trainer in the area whose training style just didn't mesh with the lifestyle or relationship I envisioned for us, but after my initial phone call with Donny and after meeting Seirra, I knew right away DTE was the perfect fit. Before we started training, walks were a nightmare on my shoulder and frustrating for everyone involved; but after just one session, it was literally night and day. Fast forward a few weeks later and Savannah is still the same sweet, happy-go-lucky girl she's always been (and loving her new off-leash freedom), but is an entirely different dog when it comes to her manners in the best possible way. I went from being mortified and apologetic of her constant demand barking in public, to now getting compliments from strangers about how well-behaved she is. I can honestly say our relationship is stronger now than when we started, and I love seeing her grow more confident every day. We just recently started the group classes and I'm so excited to build upon the foundation Seirra help us set during our in-home sessions. From Donny to Jenny to Seirra, I truly can't speak highly enough about the entire DTE team!
— Lauren Sandelin
Posted January 26th 2023
I cannot recommend DTE enough. From the moment I contacted them explaining my intention to obtain and train a school therapy dog, Donny offered to help with the puppy selection process and sent information for our breeder. This led to the selection of the perfect puppy candidate for the task. Then we started training with Seirra - and my opinion of DTE got even better when I wasn’t sure that was possible! Seirra has been a true joy to work with and I truly look forward to every session with her.
— Rebecca Peel
Posted January 24th 2023
We hired Dog Training Elite when we had a ~7 month old puppy. We had two prior dog trainers that we worked with (one that was good but moved and another that we didn't find effective) but our puppy was still a handful. He pulled really hard on the leash when walking making him hard to walk for more then a few minutes as it was pretty unpleasant. And he was just generally really stubborn - he knew what he should do but didn't want to do it. We started working with Seirra who was great. Our first walking session was a challenge and Donny ended up coming out to to help us. It took some significant work and iteration trying different techniques but 4 months in, his behavior is MUCH improved. He's more obedient but still goofy and fun and much more pleasant to walk and play with. In general, we really felt like the DTE team takes a well balanced approach. They obviously love dogs and are really kind but know when to enforce the rules and show some tough love.
— Taylor Pearson
Posted January 1st 2023
We have had an incredible experience with Dog Training Elite. Donny gave us a free consultation that made us feel like we would be in extremely capable hands. Jenny then helped us understand exactly what Sherlock needed from us, taught us how to be good trainers, and how he can become more confident around other dogs. As a shelter pup rescue, we had no idea what to expect - we are beyond happy with the results, and he is a completely different dog because of Jenny. The group training is a huge benefit to Sherlock as well! We still have a long way to go, but we would absolutely recommend anyone looking for training to go here first. I don’t think we could be happier with this program.
— Davide Smith
Posted October 22nd 2022
So glad we came across Jenny and Dog Training Elite! We have had so many issues with our pit/lab mix and tried other training when she was a pup, but training gave way when we had our twins, and our dog became overly protective of them and more aggressive in general. Donny initially went over all the options over the phone and didn’t rush with our concerns. Jenny was our trainer and couldn’t have been a better experience, you can tell she has a true passion for this. After 5 lessons, we have a completely different dog. The anxiety is down, we don’t worry about incidents with other dogs on walks anymore, and she doesn’t jump on or overwhelm our guests at home. Overall you can tell she’s just a happier dog. Jenny answered all our questions along the way and made sure all our issues were addressed. We were on the fence whether to invest in the training and if it would be worth it. SO glad we did! The progress in just a few visits with Jenny is incredible! Can’t wait for group classes!
— Gary Becker
Posted October 5th 2022
I cannot recommend DTE Austin enough! I have a 1 year old Bernedoodle, Bentley, who is so full of love, personality, and energy that he had a hard time controlling his emotions. He was a reactive barker and struggled with not getting his way, demanding constant attention, and pulling on the leash making walks a tug of war battle every time. After only one session, Bentley was a brand new dog with emotions under control, showing little to no barking or jumping! Today marks one month since training started and after only 4 sessions with Jenny, Bentley knows and holds his “place,” comes when called, obeys when gets told “off,” and even went for a walk with me this evening without his leash on, staying by my side heeling for the duration of the walk! He is a more well-rounded pup, well-behaved house guest, and still has his lovable personality that makes him unique. I can’t thank Jenny and DTE enough for the time, energy, and personalized care they put into training my Bentley! I am so grateful for what they have taught him/us thus far and am excited for us to join the group training sessions in a few weeks!
— Bailey Roberts
Posted October 4th 2022
DTE is amazing! Jenny is my trainer and one of the best people I could’ve asked for! I started training because I was overwhelmed about raising a dog alone, and I over estimated my ability to go through the “puppy phase”. Luckily, Jenny and Donny were there for me! They helped me instill good habits early on and answered all my questions! I have a miniature dachshund! I was warned that they are a stubborn breed because they like their independence. I’m happy to say that I don’t believe I’ve experienced any more difficulty than anyone else because of my dogs breed! I’m almost positive I have DTE to thank for that!! We started our evaluation at 9 weeks old and immediately began training when he was 16 weeks old. He is now a service dog. Yes, a dachshund as a service dog! I couldn’t have done it without Jenny and Donny’s help! I have a well behaved dog who is currently learning task training. He gets complimented by people everywhere we go! I’ve seen his confidence grow so much throughout this program! For instance, he used to hesitate to place on a tall stool. Now, he can place on a fire hydrant! He doesn’t let his shortness or length stop him from achieving goals! My sister also trains with DTE! Our dogs now know the difference between play time and work! Training is one of the best decisions you can make! Highly recommend DTE!
— Natalie Mireles
Posted October 4th 2022
The best money spent on my dog! Iggy started training when he was 3yo and I didn’t expect too much of a change, but Jennys instructions plus our consistency and repetition while applying them made HUGE difference. After several months of training Iggy’s 100% reliable with recall under any circumstances. He comes when called even if squirrels and cats involved. We can walk him off leash now, being confident he doesn’t get himself into trouble and stays with us under “heal” command. The key to success is to follow instructions and do exercises every day. I couldn’t recommend this school enough. Simply the best!
— Olena Tkacheva
Posted September 26th 2022
I have a 1 year old German Shepherd Dog. He was reactive to other dogs, afraid of them, and acting like he wanted to fight. So I could not take him to the park, a restaurant or even a walk around my neighborhood. I am so lucky to have found Dog Training Elite Austin. My dog and I have completed about 3 months of the program, at first working independently with Donny, and now in the group program. The training has completely changed my dog’s life and what we are able to do together. We take long walks around the neighborhood and around Ladybird Lake. He is able to go to Home Depot or lay down at my table at any of Austin’s dog friendly restaurants. I know that he will respond correctly to the commands I give him which gives me the confidence to take him anywhere. Thank you Donny, Jenny and Sierra at Dog Training Elite!
— Amy Alger
Posted September 26th 2022
After adopting a precious rescue dog last year, I was disheartened when she did not get along with other dogs. This training has made all of the difference and I can’t believe how far she has come. Through their patient, persistent, kind and calm ways the trainers at Dog Training Elite Austin can help with even the most intimidating circumstances in dog training. Thank you to our trainer Seirra for being simply the best!!! I love that I can take my dog with me now (everywhere that she is permitted). I can’t say enough good things about these folks.
— Andrea Dennison
Posted September 18th 2022
Dog training elite has truly changed the life of our rescue dog Cora, as well as the life of me and my husband. We cannot thank them enough for all the structure they have given us to help strengthen our bond with our dog-reactive dog and make her life more comfortable and happy. We rescued Cora from AAC when their kennels were full, she was guessed to be about 5 when we adopted her. Her reactivity towards other dogs came out around week 3 and it got to the point where we struggled to take her on walks and had to avoid dogs at all costs to keep her and other dogs safe and happy. We also have a cat and she was reactive towards our cat so we had to keep them in separate parts of the house for months. After many failed phone calls with dog trainers, we were introduced to Donny and his team at DTE from a friend and after one 20 minute phone call with Donny, we knew this was the training course we needed to help manage Cora’s reactivity and help her have a happy life. We recently finished our 7th in-home private class with Donny and now we are doing group classes with other DTE dogs every Saturday for the next 8 months. After just one private training course, Cora was infinitely more obedient, able to ignore dogs from far distances and a lot more confident in settings that used to freak her out. Initially, we were a bit concerned about the e-collar but we truly credit a lot of the growth in Cora with the collar and it helps keep our minds at ease in situations where she may still react. Donny is patient, caring, and really good at what he does. He tailored his approach to Cora’s specific reactivity needs and was hands on with us from day one. Not only has he taught Cora amazing obedience but he has been so patient in teaching me and my husband everything he knows so we can continue training once the classes are over. We are very happy to say that Cora and our cat Weasley now get along and are able to be in the same room together, and I know that wouldn’t have been possible without Donny! So much stress has been lifted having the two of them cohabitating and Cora is a completely different dog from training (so much happier and confident) now that she has the skills to push past her reactivity. We cannot thank Donny and his incredible team enough and would recommend them to anyone looking to strengthen the bond with their dog and give them the confidence to live a happy life with a lot less stress and reactivity. We are forever grateful!
— Emily Malin
Posted September 2nd 2022
5 stars is not enough for DTE Austin – especially for Jenny! (Donny and Sierra you are awesome too but we spend most of our time with Jenny haha) Jenny and DTE Austin have become part of our family. They have changed our lives by helping us train our lovely Sunny and make her into the Service Dog she was meant to be. I've struggled with medical issues my whole life and this year, I reached my lowest of lows. My doctors suggested I get a service dog, but I didn't realize how hard navigating that process would be. With the help of DTE, the process became so much less daunting. Once we got Sunny, we enrolled her in DTE Austin's service dog training, and wow, it's been such a great journey. To start, Jenny graciously came to our house for the first appointment, to talk to us about our situation and meet Sunny. We clicked from day 1 and were so comforted by her calmness and grace as she explained everything to us. Before we knew it, we started obedience training. Since we started Sunny as a puppy, we didn't have tremendous habits to unlearn, and got to focus on teaching her everything correctly from the beginning: Sit, down, place, heel, etc. Jenny coming over to our house every week was a highlight for us. We always made sure to do our homework so that Sunny could move quickly through the process. It only took 5 weeks to have the best trained dog I've ever seen. I honestly couldn't believe how fast this would be. We then began task training and Jenny again made this simple for us. We've seen such a difference already. I can't imagine life without Sunny, and that's because of the work DTE Austin has done to help us train her. Through it all, if I ever had a question, Jenny, Donny, and Sierra would respond SO QUICKLY. I ask A LOT of questions but they're always so patient with me. DTE Austin has always made me feel like I'm their only customer. Their attention to Sunny and I is incredible, so when we started group training classes, I was in utter shock that they have so many other dogs and they also all feel like they have all of DTE Austin's attention. I really don't know how they do it. They truly provide the most personalized, caring service. But anyways, group classes are soooo fun! We love continual learning. It has become one of the things we most look forward to every week. Overall, we cannot recommend DTE Austin enough. Team, you've truly changed our lives. I mean it. We love being a part of the DTE Austin Family. Jenny, Donny, and Sierra, sincerely, THANK YOU.
— Genesis Miranda Longo
Posted August 29th 2022
Where to begin! Our sweet Airedale pup, Penny, was socialized early and often, graduated puppy kindergarten, completed a 4-week board & train, and yet despite feeling like we'd "done everything right," still had developed a frustrating case of leash reactivity and overexcitement around other dogs. I spoke with Donny on the phone after reaching out for a free home evaluation and was immediately impressed with his calm confidence and professionalism as he assured me that DTE aims to be every client's "last trainer" and invested in their growth and success for as long as we need the help. After several weeks of working together, I can confidently say this has been true of our relationship w/ DTE, as Donny continually checks in with us after Saturday group classes (a HUGE factor in Penny's gradual improvement) to see how we felt things went, and consistently makes himself available to us via text and phone call. We couldn't be more grateful to have found DTE and look forward to our ongoing partnership in helping Penny be the best girl she can be!
— Tyler Hansen
Posted August 28th 2022
As cliche as this is going to sound, if we could give more than 5 stars, we absolutely would! Finding Donny & Jenny (and Sierra too, now that we’re a part of the group training sessions) was the miracle we needed. We recently adopted a Great Pyrenees who began exhibiting some concerning behaviors after the first few weeks of settling in with us—profound crate anxiety and separation anxiety, terrible leash pulling, obeying only on his terms, and most concerning and dangerous—unprovoked and unexpected reactivity and aggression toward others in public that we imagine was out of the need he felt to protect us. We had taken him out in public on several occasions and after two terrifying encounters, we got to the point where we began worrying we might have a dog we’d never be able to have in public with us again. And no matter how hard we tried to establish boundaries on our own or correct any or all of the concerning behaviors, it felt hopeless. (Also, it’s wise to mention that GPs are known to be quite stubborn and they’re instinctual protectors—we weren’t even sure if it would be possible to improve any of these areas of concern.) But alas, we went down the rabbit hole of professional training options and stumbled upon DTE and thought with their offer of a free in-home evaluation (and all of their glowing reviews too—clearly they’re doing something right!), what did we have to lose? I could get into the nitty gritty of how in just that one visit, we were sold, but there’s so much more to focus on. After the 5 in-home training sessions with Donny, we have a whole new dog. Arlo is obedient and will follow our commands with little to no dismissal, he will loosely walk on a leash and even off leash as well as recall in the setting of significant distractions, his crate anxiety is nearly non-existent, and we can confidently have him back out in public without him reacting the way he was previous to training. We are constantly receiving praise from neighbors and strangers for how well-behaved and obedient of a dog we have, which truly feels surreal considering where we started. Arlo is so much more confident, respects us as his leaders, and is now officially able to live his best life thanks to the help of all at DTE.
— Jenelle Ritchie
Posted August 28th 2022
Amazing and patient team. We started training at 5 months. DTE was conscious of this and gave her extra love during training.
— Belinda Brouette
Posted August 28th 2022
From the very first time I read the website and spoke on the phone with Donny about DTE’s approach, I knew this was the right training relationship for my goals of training my puppy to be a therapy dog. I couldn’t feel more fortunate to participate in their teachings. DTE is truly one of a kind and so are the incredible trainers Donny, Jenny, and Seirra. Me and my dog Sookee are truly blessed to have found such a winning combination. My friends frequently ask me how I got my dog in such good training shape in such a short period of time, especially because she is still a puppy, and I’m able to share some of the wonderful things I’ve been learning in the last couple months thanks to DTE. They are so impressed and frankly, so am I! I didn’t know I was capable of such positive consistency, boundary setting, and willpower. It’s amazing the ways DTE’s philosophies can influence how you examine your own interpersonal life. You will not go wrong by working with this wonderful team. It is visible on all the owners’/dog faces during group classes too. They are innovators and just generally awesome people. Can’t recommend enough!
— Ashlee Silver
Posted August 27th 2022
We absolutely love dte! It’s helped Loosa and us gain confidence. We’re about 3 months in and are starting to work on off leash and excited to see what Lil loose can accomplish! We’re technically first time dog parents (we grew up with animals) and I had severe anxiety with making sure we exposed Loosa to everything we could think of to prevent any unfavorable behaviors or fears. The internet is great and helped me with initial puppy training but it’s also okay to bring in a professional to help you and your dog get on the right start. We’ve learned so much from Donny. I can live without the fear of my dog taking off into traffic or eating something he’s not supposed to.
— Laura Cohen
Posted August 27th 2022
I am so grateful to have found Jenny and Dog Training Elite Austin. I am located in NY state and wasn't able to find the training I needed. I had a veterinarian hand selected 8 week old golden retriever puppy, and the trainer I was going to use locally was not as qualified as I'd been led to believe. At that point I had 2yo twins and a 6yo with autism that was now terrified of the puppy. Jenny saved me!!! We had a long phone convo and formed a plan. The basic obedience was done with my sister and Jenny in Austin all while keeping us involved via zoom until Monroe was finished and able to return to NY. My son and I just returned from advanced task training in Austin and are looking forward to his dog attending school with him. Jenny is passionate about helping families and dogs. She helped my son overcome his initial fear of the dog who now sleeps with him every night. This isn't about just teaching your dog to sit, this is establishing a life long healthy loving relationship with a member of your family that just happens to have fur. Jenny is a superb problem solver for just about any issue. Mornings were crazy with the kids! Jenny suggested one small tweak to our routine and the problem was solved immediately. Jenny's constantly supportive, encouraging and professional at all times. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite! The basic obedience and group classes are awesome! You get both Jenny and Donnys training style during group so that's a great dynamic. The social aspect of group for the dogs is important but also distractions really give you and the trainers ideas for areas of improvement. They can do it all! Service dogs, basic obedience and manners. They're just really great down to earth people who happen to be exceptionally gifted with dogs.
— Roberta Gargano
Posted August 17th 2022
We are so happy we found Jenny and Donny. They have helped us train my sweet golden to perfection. Samson has been trained perfectly for me. I wanted a service animal for my ptsd but I wanted to do it right. If you actually want your dog trained. Please consider them.
— Sadie Schafer
Posted August 9th 2022

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