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Danielle helped us to train our Great Dane puppy in no time. We have a toddler and a new born in our house and we wanted to be sure Ringo would be gentle and respectful of the kid’s personal as well as listen to all his commands. With Danielle’s help, we were able to get our 7 month old, 70 lbs, Great Dane to place where we feel comfortable with him around not just the toddler, but the new born baby and guests as wel with minimal supervision.
— Paul Fickenwirth
Posted June 6th 2024
Outstanding training and outstanding results. Our minigoldendoodle was a wild one until we enrolled him. After 5 lessons he is a pleasure to have. The group lessons are a plus as our pooch does not interact with bigger dogs like he does at group class. The decision to use Danielle proved to be very well worth it!
— paul
Posted May 20th 2024
Danielle is amazing!! She has trained our Dutch Shepherd puppy and totally transformed her. She has learned so much from her private lessons and our group lessons. I highly recommend Danielle at Dog Training Elite!
— Robin Cook
Posted May 11th 2024
Danielle is amazing. You can tell her love for dogs as soon as you meet her. She is so patient, and her instruction is very clear. Our dog Odie has made great strides in his training both at home and in group. I highly recommend Danielle at Dog Training Elite.
— Pat Small
Posted May 6th 2024
Dog Training Elite RI has been a game-changer for Sully, our dog, thanks to the exceptional training provided by Danielle. Her commands for both the dog and the trainer are comprehensive and effortlessly understood. She is undeniably a seasoned expert in her field. I highly recommend her services to anyone, regardless of their dog’s breed or size.
— James Lampman
Posted May 4th 2024
We reached out to Danielle regarding our 6 year old hound mix who’s part beagle and we are not sure what else. Lexi was your typical dog, behaved generally well and knew commands such as sit, stay, down, etc. She barked at pretty much anything, and would jump on anyone who walked through our door to try to lick their face. Fast forward to late 2022 we noticed Lexi become more skittish and would appear anxious since our son would at times lunge at her unexpectedly. This lasted through the year and she was getting more and more anxious. Fast forward to winter of 2023, our son HATED bath time for a bit as two year olds do, and Lexi started to not quite attack me when clean up his toys but would get aggressive and put herself between me and the toys I was trying to clean. We resorted to locking her in a room at bedtime for my safety since I was pregnant at the time. She also started going after our dog when other dogs would just walk by our home, or if we accidentally so much as stepped on her paw, she would attack our other dog, most times drawing blood. We were at a point of, “do we re-home her”, we have young children and we’re not sure we could trust her to not hurt them or us. This was a dog who completely changed from an easygoing dog to one who became so anxious with children in the home. We are BEYOND grateful to Danielle for coming and working with us, it saved our first baby and showed us that if you put in the love, time, and effort you can also have your beloved pet back. Danielle came out in the end of March for our first one on one session. After the first class we practiced the “come, off, quiet” and within that first week, we noticed a big difference with her barking, jumping on people and coming after me at bedtime. Others who came over that she normally jumped on also noticed a big difference. As the weeks went on, we continued through the program and we got Lexi to the point of being on a leash not pulling, lunging at other dogs and was able to walk along side Danielle’s dog in the final one on one. If you are hesitating, do we try this?, DO IT! We have a completely different dog back and she listens better than she ever has. We are so grateful for this training.
— Shannon Tacelli
Posted April 26th 2024
Danielle was great. We have a 10 month old bully mix who is very energetic we also have a child on the way and knew we needed help before she arrives. She helped us to get him to listen to us and follow directions both around the house and while out on walks. We have seen steady improvement with our dog as his training progresses.
— Benjamin Phillips
Posted April 23rd 2024
I am a student at Roger Williams University working on a dog scent project. I couldn’t have been happier with picking Dog Training Elite to help me out. Kona was very well trained puppy who showed great work doing her smell training. I would highly recommended this company for all type of training. Danel greatly helped me out answering any and all questions I had. And she did it with a smile on her face the entire time.
— Seth Jablonki
Posted April 23rd 2024
In Dec 2022 I brought home an 8 week old, highly energetic, husky malamute shepherd mix. It was immediately clear that I needed more training than I knew at the time and I enlisted the help and expertise of Danielle at Dog Training Elite. I started with the puppy training package which provided the fundamentals. I then followed that with Advanced Training, which built on the fundamentals and included e-collar training and group classes. The group classes are where the rubber meets the road and the practice of all the training you’ve done comes together in practical application. Danielle excels at providing patient instruction to the dog and the owner. She offers solutions to problems that aren’t a one size fits all solution. I chose Danille because I highly valued a balanced training approach that came by way of treats and praise, as well as using the modern tools at our disposal including prong collars and e-collars. The e-collar is an invaluable communication tool and I knew it would be the right method for my dog. I highly recommend Danielle, her approach, and her training.
— John Babb
Posted March 30th 2024
I would definitely recommend Dog Training Elite!! The amount of care and one on one experience is worth the money! I've seen such improvement in my pup since we started!
— Kimberly Thompson
Posted February 26th 2024
Excellent organization, and Danielle is awesome!
— Joe Crabb
Posted February 10th 2024
We recently got a puppy to be little sister to our 6-year old lab mix, and looked into training for them both. We couldn’t be happier to have found Danielle at Dog Training Elite RI. They have both come so far with their obedience training, and we will also be doing service animal training. Danielle’s love of dogs shines through in all of her classes. This was the best decision for the happiness of our fur babies!!
— Robert Bolt
Posted December 2nd 2023
Daniel is the best, From the initial training to the followup classes we have been very happy.
— gary chiasson
Posted November 22nd 2023
Danielle and her team are fabulous! My dog, Phil, is very before and she work with him with such patience and care. He has built up his confidence and training skills so much with Danielle’s help. Highly highly recommend
— Caroline Barr
Posted November 19th 2023
Owen has come a long way since starting training with Elite. He has improved with listening and understanding commands , as well as leash behavior. Highly recommended
— Jeff Palumbo
Posted October 21st 2023
Danielle was great! Extremely easy to work with and made you feel comfortable right away. She really listened to your concerns and helped recreate the situation so that you can work through it in real time. My dog is extremely reactive and she worked with me to give me the tools and confidence I need to help my dog. I am grateful for the training and would recommend her to those whether you are just starting off or need help on problematic behaviors such as reactivity!
— Jessica Contois
Posted October 6th 2023
My boyfriend and I have had such a positive experience with them. Our trainer is so patient and attentive to our dog, Skye, and he loves her. She is super helpful with any advice that we may need to better work with him. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dog trainer.
— Jamila Coulter
Posted October 3rd 2023
We highly recommend Danielle from Dog Training Elite Rhode Island. Our dog was experiencing aggression through his anxiety and Danielle was able to turn our dog into a confident and proud boy! She was knowledgeable in her practice and beyond patient while training our dog. We cannot thank her enough!
— Miriam Eble
Posted September 30th 2023
We are so impressed with Danielle and Dog Training Elite! Aggie Rose, our Jack Russell, has really benefited from the private and group classes offered by Danielle. Aggie’s behavior around other dogs and humans has improved beyond our expectations – no more barking at other dogs, jumping on guests or pulling on her leash. Danielle has an approach that combines patience & knowledge into successful training sessions. The real bonus was Danielle’s ability to customize the training to address Aggie’s unique quirks. She helped Aggie to stop attacking the shovel and rake, making it possible to have her outside while working in the yard. After a few sessions, we were able to garden again with Aggie tagging along and only digging when we asked her too! Aggie Rose is a calmer and happier family member and we owe it to Danielle and Dog Training Elite. Thank you so much, Danielle!
— Jeffrey Coolidge
Posted September 22nd 2023
— Francelly Montano
Posted September 3rd 2023

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