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Dog Training Elite Rhode Island is proud to provide the highest rated dog training services at an affordable cost near you in Providence / New Bedford.

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Danielle, scruffy and Kona are the best. Danielle works well with the puppies and dogs. Our Molly was trained by Danielle and she absolutely loves her. Our dog Molly is going to be working with Danielle to get her service dog certificate. Molly is doing an awesome job with Danielle's guidance and advice. Would highly recommend.
— Nicole Marshall
Posted April 29th 2023
I can’t say enough about Danielle and her training ability. My lab which happens to be a very large dog, was not quite a year old and extremely playful when Danielle came to my house to train him. I was very impressed on how she was able to control him and he listened to her. She taught me how to work with him and now he behaves so well and listens. He used to jump on anyone coming over to the house and I just have to use my command and he stops. He’s still young at 15 months and turning out to be such a good and happy boy!
— karen poulin
Posted March 22nd 2023
Danielle is fabulous. We have two puppies and she has taught us the tools to train them. Our goal was to have our dogs be part of the family and have people enter our home without getting knocked over by Al and Tess. They are getting better every day with the commands Danielle has taught them. She is very kind and flexible. I would highly recommend her business.
— Melissa wilbur
Posted February 11th 2023
I can’t truly express how thankful I am for the patience and commitment Danielle has shown us. After working with multiple trainers and vets, along with trying various medications, I was at the end of my rope. My two year old dog had developed severe and dangerous separation anxiety. She broke out of crates, caused significant damage to our house, and was dangerous to herself - she jumped out a second floor window! I was desperately trying to find ways to help her, so we could avoid my worst nightmare - not being able to keep her. Four months into our crisis, after spending thousands of dollars on doggy daycare, trainers, and medicine, I connected with Danielle. I was losing hope because nothing seemed to be working. Danielle knew she could get better. She encouraged, coached, and supported us each step of the way. Thanks to Danielle, Snoopy is now safely staying home alone in her crate for long stretches of time and my family has been able to resume everyday life!
— Keri Jardine
Posted February 11th 2023
Dog Training Elite is the best for teaching your best friend some manners! Magnum is a Wiemerana who is 13 months old, full of energy and extremely excited to see people. He no longer jumps on everyone who stops to say "Hello"!
— Carol Baker
Posted January 28th 2023
Danielle & Scruffy are great! Can’t believe how much better behaved my boy Gino is since we’ve started working with Danielle.
— Wendy McInnis
Posted January 21st 2023
We have had the most incredible experience working with Danielle, and we can’t believe how much our pup has grown and changed since we started working with her! She is encouraging, capable, and very professional. We are so proud to be part of the pack and I would recommend working with Danielle to anyone!
— Cassie Goryl
Posted December 28th 2022
Danielle is amazing! We have a 15 month old very leash aggressive German Shepherd. Danielle has shown us how to get control of this and we can now go on walks and rides with him in a car without him flipping out. We can not thank her enough.
— Rob
Posted November 6th 2022
Danielle is an amazing trainer! Our Coon Hound responded great to the training.

Posted October 10th 2022
Danielle is such a kind and patient trainer and she will work closely with you to ensure both you and your dog understand all areas of the training. I highly recommend calling her if you are struggling with basic obedience or if you need more advanced training.
— David Webb
Posted September 23rd 2022
Danielle is one of the kindest, most patient people I have ever known. Turns out those traits transfer perfectly for dog training. I would let her train my kids if she would :)! She is truly amazing!!!
— Dog Training Elite Greater Cincinnati
Posted September 23rd 2022
I spoke with Danielle in great length about what i expected to get out of training. I have had 4 dogs trained on e-collars so, i am not new to the method. Danielle took the time to answer all of my questions and worked to accommodate me in any way she could. Although I opted for a different training method. I can not thank her enough for the time, understanding and compassion she showed me. I HIGHLY recommend Dog Training Elite to everyone! I can't say enough good things about their training techniques, their compassion for the dogs, and their willingness to work with owners to obtain the perfect pet!
— Jodi Peters
Posted September 2nd 2022
Danielle is fun-loving and patient. My Goldens took to her and The Dog Training Elite methods right away. I highly recommend!
— Gavin L
Posted August 3rd 2022
So happy we decided to try Dog Training Elite! Danielle was the best, my nervous English Springer Spaniel loved her and her behavior is so much better! We learned so much, it was worth every penny.
— Debra B
Posted August 2nd 2022
Danielle has the patience of a Saint and my dogs warmed right up to her! I totally recommend
— Sally Comparetto
Posted August 2nd 2022
Danielle is an unbelievable trainer ! I highly recommend her !!!
— Lisa Weir
Posted August 2nd 2022
Danielle has been working with dogs her whole life from volunteering at a no-kill shelter to owning and operating a successful dog kennel business. There is no one I can think better suited to handle the challenges of training, and to teach you the best methods for getting your pup in top shape.
— Matt Dolson
Posted August 1st 2022
Danielle is been great. Our pup Tyke has learned so much with Elite’s proven methodology. An amazing trainer ! 100% recommended

Posted July 31st 2022

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