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Group Dog Training Class Schedule

Please Note: Group Classes are for Dog Training Elite Clients Only

Dog Training Elite offers small dog training classes after obedience training is completed and only once a dog is fully immunized. Dog obedience classes in Philadelphia are held on a consistent basis and are included in most packages. Our dog obedience training classes are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds), so that you can train your dog to obey you... regardless of the many distractions screaming for their attention!

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COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

{fran_location_name} has been approved to reopen and resume offering our in-home training and group classes in Philadelphia. We have reorganized our training programs to fit social distancing and heightened sanitation measures. In order to keep you and our training staff safe and healthy, we ask for your assistance on the following protocols.

In-Home & Office Guidelines

  • If you or anyone in your household becomes sick, please inform us immediately. We can cancel and reschedule training sessions at no extra cost.
  • Please follow general hygiene guidelines before and after your session, including hand washing.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all training tools before and after the session.
  • If possible, most of the training session will take place outside - in your backyard or at a nearby park.

Group Class Guidelines

  • We are limiting the size of group training sessions, so you must sign up online first.
  • Only one person is permitted per sign up (RSVP for the number of dog attendees only). Multiple dogs are ok, but if they need more handlers you must sign up for each person individually.
  • If you or anyone in your household becomes sick, you must reschedule.

We understand that you are excited about training your dog(s) and we want to provide you with services as quickly as possible, but we must maintain the health of our trainers in order to provide this service. Thank you for being flexible and proactive about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Dog Training Elite offers professional group dog obedience training classes for all clients in Philadelphia.

Why Are Group Dog Training Classes Important?

  • Provide Socialization
  • Training Practice in Distracting Situations
  • Fun and Friendly Community Building
  • Small and Highly Personable
  • For all Breeds and Sizes
  • Included in Most Packages
  • Basic Obedience Training Required
  • Only for Fully Immunized Dogs

Classes are a mix of all dog breeds and sizes, and our classes provide necessary socialization skills and practice around high levels of distraction. We like to make our group classes exciting for both dogs and handlers, we have created fun training games and an environment that feels less like a class and more like a social outing. We are building a community and our dog training groups tend to feel like a family and less like a dog training group. Friends are made, bonds are formed, and both dogs and dog owners look forward to their once a week group training sessions.

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Not all training packages may be available at our {fran_location_name} location, please reference our pricing page for complete information on services offered.

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

Betsy has totally transformed our almost 2 year old Cane Corso. Her patience and true understanding of dogs and dog breeds is the key to her success of both the dogs and the handlers. I can’t say enough about the effectiveness of Dog Training Elite and Betsy, I am grateful for the knowledge that I have been provided and the wonderful relationship that I now have with my Zeus!
— Mark Checchia
Posted March 18th 2023
Betsy of Dog Training Elite Lancaster is wonderful. The speed with which Betsy has taught our German Shepherd Dog to be respectful of us, to come when called, and to sit or go to a place until released is incredible. Betsy is a great trainer who adjusts the training to each dog. Betsy also comes to us, meets us at a dog park, and meets us at other places so our puppy can be trained around distractions rather than solely in the quiet and comfortable surroundings of our own home. I would highly recommend Betsy for dog training of any kind: family pet dog training, service dog training, protection dog training, and difficult or recalcitrant animal training. Hire Betsy and you won’t go wrong.
— Patrick Gillespie
Posted February 25th 2023
Betsy with Dog Training Elite Greater Philadelphia is an outstanding trainer. Betsy has taught my grand-dog manners and protection. I am elderly and was worried to have the dog come visit because she would jump on me and my wife. I can now enjoy my grand-dog, and thereby spend more time with my daughter and son-in-law. Thanks Betsy, for enriching an old man’s life!
— Charles Marsh
Posted February 25th 2023
I cannot say enough positive things about Betsy and Dog Training Elite – Lancaster. Our six-month old German Shepherd Dog is in psychiatric service dog training with Betsy and is progressing phenomenally! Sasha had been to obedience class and had a prior in-home trainer, but reverted back to her non-service ways shortly after each session. Betsy introduced us to a gentle electronic training collar and spent time ensuring that we were comfortable with it before use, then Betsy trains Sasha on each command – ensuring that Sasha knows the command – before we use the collar. Betsy meets us for training at different places to ensure that Sasha is comfortable and will mind in varying environments. Betsy is an amazing trainer and she customizes the training to the breed, strengths, and personality of each dog – and human! We will never use a different trainer. If you want a personal reference, please ask Betsy for the contact information for Sasha’s fur-parents at your first meeting with her. I will be happy to answer your questions.
— Lisa Marsh
Posted February 25th 2023
Dog Training Elite is by far the most high quality dog training in the area. If your aspiration is for your dog to be impeccably trained, then without hesitation, ask for Betsy. She is a top notch trainer, who surely puts the “elite” into dog training! Betsy was hard working and patient, and always provided clear step by step instructions of what was expected. She came with a positive attitude every visit and reserved judgement, therefore putting us at ease, making us all feel confident in our abilities to transform our dogs’ negative behaviors into more desirable ones. Betsy took the time to get to know each of our dog’s personalities and what would work best for them. She actively listened to our family’s desired training outcomes and was able to create the most effective, custom action plan in order to achieve our goals. The dogs loved when Betsy worked with them, and instantly became trusting of her and her teaching methods. Our once Airedale “double trouble” duo has gone from rambunctious and running the household to calmer and much more well mannered and manageable. Everyone at home, including the pups, are visibly happier.

Posted February 21st 2023
An absolutely incredible experience. Betsy and her team are literally the reason I’m able to keep my pup. I found on the street outside of my home, clearly used to breed and mistreated. This meant she obviously came with a lot of baggage, of which I was unable to handle on my own. Betsy came in and showed nothing but empathy for our situation, and even after Peri’s apparent dislike for authority, she never gave up and saw our potential. Peri will now sit anywhere I command her no, and not. I’ve until I say so. She has stopped chewing random things in my home, I haven’t lost a sock to her stomach (to then find it a couple days later) in months. I could not be happier, nor more grateful to have Betsy and this team in my life. 10/10 recommend. The concept of training WITH your dog creates an unbreakable bond between the owner and canine, and I’m so happy I chose this route opposed to a send away training. Best of all, we have a friend for life 🥲
— Antonina Esposto
Posted February 15th 2023
Dog Training Elite solved my dog's fear based aggression very quickly. It was almost immediate. I realize that every dog is different and hesitate to set expectations but my experience was great. We now able to have visitors in the house and not lock the dog in a room. I am even able to take her off leash for walks. Something I never would have imagined before training. The Staff at Dog Training Elite were great and responsive.
— Dan Madel
Posted February 7th 2023
This technique has been very helpful with our dog who’s been well trained but whose guarding instincts made inviting people into our home very stressful. Betsy is awesome and her technique is proving a great tool- totally improving our experience with visitors. Frida still guards all of the time- but now she will focus and listen for direction and go to her place as people are coming in when asked.
— Temre Stanchfield
Posted December 31st 2022
Excellent dog trainers! We have a three year old Golden Retriever who had many issues, among them a fear of getting in a car, pulling while walking, and basically ignoring the command “come”. Our trainer was professional and so kind, we got these issues resolved in no time. I highly recommend this company. We are now happy pet-parents of a well-trained dog!
— Diane Micklin
Posted December 12th 2022
Couldn't ask for a better partnership in training Drake. Betsy and the team are extremely knowledgeable, and have not only provided outstanding instruction for Drake, but I have learned a lot myself. By practicing the skills that Betsy has taught us the results have been astounding. Too bad I can only give five stars because a well-trained dog is invaluable and give 10 if I could. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
— Zacary Mountz
Posted December 11th 2022
Betsy is a terrific dog trainer and a wonderful person! We live on a 52 acre farm in Chester county and have 2 dogs she helped train over the last 2 months. They would often run off into the woods after deer, fox, skunks (yuck!!) but after the training they stay right with us all the time. They are happy they get more freedom off leash and we are happy they don’t run off! Couldn’t recommend more highly!
— Jennifer Hall
Posted November 17th 2022
Ollie is a 20# Terrier Mix we adopted from a rescue organization 2 years ago. He came to us with serious problems-wild eyes(wouldn’t make eye contact), repetitive behaviors(running for hours in patterns, chasing lights and shadows), extreme fear and anxiety over separation, loud noises, car rides etc. We watched training videos, read books on dog behavior, had 4 sessions with a prior trainer, spent hours playing with interactive dog toys, rocking him to calm him down and trying to provide a peaceful, safe environment. It felt like we had a special needs dog and indeed he had most of the characteristics of Canine Compulsive Disorder. We worried constantly. Medication from the Vet, calming chews, and working with him over time helped to some degree, but we couldn’t seem to get past his episodes of extreme anxiety which would override any progress. Then along came Betsy with DTE. Despite Ollie’s problems and our resistance to implement the e-collar, Betsy was certain she could help. First order of business was assuring and reassuring us that the collar is no more than a “tap on the shoulder” to gain and reinforce his attention. The changes in him are unbelievable! He is calmer, happier, and more trusting. Though we are continuing to work with him, Ollie’s repetitive behaviors are rare and he actually rode in the car without shrieking and jumping hysterically. Although Ollie is still a work in progress, DTE has been a God send and has given us a sweet boy that we can actually enjoy. Betsy has been professional, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable, and only want the best outcome for the dog and the owner. We are so appreciative. Thank you DTE
— Tammy Gascon
Posted November 9th 2022
Betsy is an amazing trainer. Her love of dogs and her passion for helping to improve their lives and relationships with their owners is obvious. She truly cares! I had reservations about the use of an E-collar at first, but she taught us how to use it correctly and it turned out to be a fantastic and very humane training tool. I highly recommend Dog Training Elite!
— Ed Erb
Posted November 9th 2022
Betsy has truly changed our relationship with our dog (and our life, at the risk of being dramatic)! We brought our Gilbert home to Philly at 10 weeks old, and he was instantly overwhelmed and terrified of the city - he wouldn't leave our apartment without being carried, would only go to the bathroom inside of our apartment on pee pads, and could not be left alone in his crate without going absolutely nuts. We were at our wits end and called Dog Training Elite and I am so happy we made that call! In just a few short weeks you can see the growth and confidence he has. After just a few sessions, we can now get outside and go for walks, Gilbert only wants to go to the bathroom outside, and he can stay in his crate for longer and longer periods of time. You can see his proud and confident smile when he accomplishes something new and can explore with us! I whole-heartedly recommend Betsy to anyone looking for dog training, and anyone with a new puppy! Even after puppy training is complete, we will continue to train with Betsy to ensure our Gilbert is set for city life for life :)
— Brittney Koff
Posted November 4th 2022
Betsy and Dog Training Elite Greater Philadelphia are remarkable trainers. I've seen her take young dogs with high energy and limited discipline and make them into well behaved and safe companions. Betsy and the team at DTE Greater Philadelphia have a unique ability to help aggressive dogs become happy and civil pups while also developing others into fully trained service dogs (therapy, autistic support, mobility, etc). Their training approach is kind, effective and long lasting- a combination not frequently seen in trainers. And, I love the mobility and convenience - they will customize a plan to come to your house when you're free and work with you to bring the best out of the handler and the pup! I fully trust Betsy and wholeheartedly recommend her and the team to train any dog. Worth the money!!!
— Kate Alley
Posted November 4th 2022
I am amazed at what betsy and dog training elite of greater Philadelphia can do ! I have seen dogs completely change and go from demons to angels! Her advanced training is completely unmatched. I trust her 100% !
— Kim Rauenzahn
Posted October 26th 2022
I really can’t put into writing how grateful I am that I found dog training elite. My Airedale is a bit over one year old and we spent six months with a different trainer, trying treats, slip leads, prong collars and she was still so reactive on a leash to other dogs. People were scared of her and I dreaded walking her. I’ve had three sessions with Betsy and it’s a miracle. I don’t dread taking Addy for walks and her behavior on a leash is a 180 degree difference. Addy is still my affectionate and loving dog, and she listens!! I will never be able to thank Betsy and Audra enough!!
— M G
Posted October 22nd 2022
My 6 year old pup is finally learning not to bark and lunge at other dogs since we started working with Dog training elite Greater Philadelphia! Thanks Betsy and Audra!!
— Tricia Riley
Posted October 10th 2022

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