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Our almost 8 year old golden doodle, Rooney, completed DTE’s Elite Training Camp a few weeks ago. We’ve always thought he was well behaved but since having kids 3 years ago, he has been in need of some serious brushing up on his obedience (not listening, eating food off kid plates, out of control excitement when guests come over, walking on a leash). Doug and his team did a fabulous job teaching Rooney place, off, and especially heel! He’s a big boy and we’ve never found an answer to his pulling and tugging. We’ve tried all the harnesses and now thanks to DTE, he is a joy to walk with! We feel so much confidence having guests over and not having to worry about Rooney being out of control. We enjoyed seeing the videos and reading the daily notes about his training and the team did an excellent job of teaching us how to reinforce everything upon completion. We are so pleased. Who can teach an old dog new tricks? Dog Training Elite Indianapolis!
— Allison Pfaff
Posted September 12th 2022
Doug and the staff were amazing! I was really glad I went with them. They taught Cash and I so much. Now, everyone tells me how good of a boy he is!
— Trinity McAllister
Posted September 12th 2022
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend using Dog training elite!! Doug worked with our lab puppy Daphne and was amazing!! Doug is an amazing person and an 11/10 trainer. We’ve seen a total transformation in our dog. He is so patient, kind, and very informative. I will never recommend another training nor use another one when we get another dog. Can’t speak highly enough of Doug and this company!!!!!
— Chastie Pogue
Posted August 26th 2022
I can’t say enough about Doug and Dog Training Elite! After only 3 sessions my friends were commenting about the change in my dog. It was so much fun and so beneficial for me as well. My pup loved it and got so excited every time he saw Doug. We will continue our training…it’s way too much fun to stop!!!
— Judy Cohen
Posted August 18th 2022
Doug is an amazing trainer and is so passionate about the work he does!
— Kelley Rosequist
Posted May 18th 2022
We have a 10 month old Dutch Shepherd. He is very intelligent and high energy breed. Doug was great. He listened to our concerns and came up with a plan. 3 in home sessions were so informative. He taught us so much and our pup is so well behaved I wouldn’t hesitate to take him anywhere. I would highly recommend Doug and his team!
— Jason hacker
Posted May 18th 2022
Doug is top notch! High level of customer service, accountable, professional and driving results. He is passionate about dogs and he truly cares about improving the lives of dogs and their owners. His extensive business background shows that he not only knows how to train dogs but also how to bring a quality service to market. Wish I could give him 10 stars, highly recommend!
— Kyle Christie
Posted May 13th 2022
Doug and staff are great! I feel more confidant with my dog in public, and she now listens to my commands. Doug and his staff care deeply about what they do, they are very passionate about dog training. My dog is now more confidant than ever to be outside. Training Elite has provided my dog and I stability and a great future! If you want you dog to be trained, I cannot recommend a better training company.
— Sam Pratt
Posted April 22nd 2022
I was blessed to work with Doug and Donna in my experience with Dog Training Elite. I reached out to them to gain some support in training my impulsive dog to help keep her safe. They took me by surprise with their compassionate approach on training for both pets and their humans. I had a hard time with the process but was supported by Donna and Doug and they both were reassuring and encouraging of myself and my dog. They were always ready to champion my dog in her accomplishments and believed in her ability to succeed even when I lost hope. They offered me lots of grace, guidance, and patience. They were easy to reach and always just a phone message or call away. I would recommend them to anyone who is needing support in helping their pet to build their confidence and responsiveness with their human.
— Shannon Roberts
Posted April 8th 2022
I love my dogs, but I didn’t hold much hope that they could be well behaved pups; that is until we began working with Doug from Dog Training Elite of Indianapolis. Buddy and Coco are six year old brother and sister Havenese that are completely loveable until they aren’t. Coco especially has always had a mind of her own. She is very smart, but also anxious at times. It wasn’t until we started working with Doug that we realized with the right encouragement not only does she want to please, she’s actually happier and more confident and calmer because of it. We have had a trainer before, but not of this caliber. We’ve used three different kinds of bark collars in the past, none of which were manageable. No system that we’ve tried in the past compares to Dog Training Elite of Indianapolis. It is in a league of its own! It may be the simplicity of their approach, or the calm and trusting guidance of Doug; most likely it is both! I can’t tell you how grateful and happy I am that we have done this training. Buddy picked up the commands very quickly and listens to me now too. Not only have Buddy and Coco learned a lot, so have I and our family is so much better for it. I really appreciate the gentle guidance and didn’t feel overwhelmed like I did with past training efforts. This REALLY will be the only and the last dog training you will need. Give them a call, you’ll be so glad you did.
— Jayne Reed
Posted February 28th 2022
Doug does an amazing job and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a well behaved dog!
— Debbie Carlson
Posted February 23rd 2022
I have three rescue dogs, 2, 5 and 7 years old. My biggest fear was that they would not be "trainable" dogs. Boy was I wrong. They have become well-behaved and courteous pets now. Dog Training Elite of Indianapolis is the best! You won't regret the investment. He is effective, patient, soft spoken and the dogs actually still like him. One day during a break he had them in his personal office on his lap looking at his computer screen. Who does that other than the dog owner? I can't say enough. Hire him.
— Kathryn Stuart
Posted February 2nd 2022
Dog Training Elite has changed my life forever. My 1 yr old German Shepherd wouldn’t do anything I asked of him. He would sit in the parking lot at the vet and 3 staff members and myself, would all struggle to get him into the building. Once inside the building he was fine. He was friendly and playful with the staff but wanted to give Momma a hard time. He was fast approaching 100lbs, so I knew I had to do something quick. He would not obey any of my commands and he would jump on my back when I was not looking. He was overly playful and it could’ve led to injuries. I came across an ad about Dog Training Elite. At first, I was skeptical and didn’t think I had time to help with training Sonnie. I had my first consultation with Doug, sat on it for a little bit and decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I taught him a few tricks when he was a pup, but nothing compares to the training he’s received with Doug for the past 3 weeks. It’s like I have a different dog now! He obeys my every command. I feel relief knowing that I will be in control on our walks, at the vet and even in my backyard! Doug is calm and relaxed during training and it helped win Sonnie over so quickly. He happily wags his tail when he sees him coming which makes me happy too.
— S W
Posted February 1st 2022
I could not be more pleased with the training. Very professional and personalized services. My puppy was able to build confidence and learn several commands such as come, sit, heal, off, down, and place. The training techniques worked quickly and we were provided with daily progress reports and the techniques to reinforce the training at home. I would highly recommend them for your training needs.
— Judy Hinman
Posted January 15th 2022
I am grateful that I found Dog Training Elite of Indianapolis. My Fur baby learned so much in a short period of time (two week class). I am looking forward to his continuous growth with the skills that he has learned.
— Kim Rowe
Posted January 15th 2022
I had a phone consult a few weeks ago with Doug, about a behavior problem I was having with my dog. He was able to give me good, step by step advice, and after a couple of weeks of a consistent routine, I am definitely seeing an improvement. I know it’s up to me to help keep her on track, but after one slip up on my part, we’re doing pretty good! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!
— Julie Blandford
Posted January 9th 2022

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