Group Dog Training Class Schedule

Please Note: Group Classes are for Dog Training Elite Clients Only

Dog Training Elite offers small dog training classes after obedience training is completed and only once a dog is fully immunized. Dog obedience classes in Greenville are held on a consistent basis and are included in most packages. Our dog obedience training classes are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds), so that you can train your dog to obey you... regardless of the many distractions screaming for their attention!

Conestee Park
840 Mauldin Rd, Greenville, SC 29607

Group Training Class

Saturdays @ 9:00am

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Group Training Class

Saturdays @ 10:30am

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DTE Facility
2514 River Road Piedmont, SC 29673

Group Training Class

Thursdays @ 6:00pm

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Dog Training Elite offers professional group dog obedience training classes for all clients in Greenville.

Why Are Group Dog Training Classes Important?

  • Provide Socialization
  • Training Practice in Distracting Situations
  • Fun and Friendly Community Building
  • Small and Highly Personable
  • For all Breeds and Sizes
  • Included in Most Packages
  • Basic Obedience Training Required
  • Only for Fully Immunized Dogs

Classes are a mix of all dog breeds and sizes, and our classes provide necessary socialization skills and practice around high levels of distraction. We like to make our group classes exciting for both dogs and handlers, we have created fun training games and an environment that feels less like a class and more like a social outing. We are building a community and our dog training groups tend to feel like a family and less like a dog training group. Friends are made, bonds are formed, and both dogs and dog owners look forward to their once a week group training sessions.

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Not all training packages may be available at our Dog Training Elite Upstate SC location, please reference our pricing page for complete information on services offered.

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

Dog Training Elite has wonderful and personable trainers. Thanks to them, I can bring Ritzli on outings to dog friendly places around Greenville. Also, thanks to DTE, after our fence broke in our yard, I didn’t have to worry about Ritzli darting out before we got it fixed. I would definitely recommend DTE to other dog parents!
— Lillian Fant
Posted May 18th 2024
I can't thank my friend enough for referring me to Dog Training Elite. Choosing this place has been an absolute game-changer for my 2-year-old lab, who was struggling with behavioral issues. Opting for the 1-week camp option turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made for my dog. Strangers now comment on how well behaved he is in public. All of the trainers are incredible and you can tell how much they love working with animals. I couldn't recommend this place more!
— morgan steffner
Posted May 17th 2024
All of the trainers at Elite Dog Training are amazing! They gave us so many helpful tips and tricks for our puppy, Bella. Bella is so far ahead of other dogs her same age in regards to following instructions, thanks to these wonderful trainers. They truly love what they do and are dedicated to helping clients and their dogs develop self-confidence in their training abilities. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the program and the people who run it. They really care and want you and your dog to be successful.
— Trisha Slaughter
Posted May 16th 2024
Amazing staff! My dog went through the week training camp and came out the other side a different dog! This training not only helped my dog with obedience but with confidence as well. If your dog has anxiety with meeting strangers and being out in public I definitely recommend!!
— Gabriella Arthur
Posted May 4th 2024
Omg this place is amazing! My dog used to be very skiddish & reactive around other dogs & couldn’t go out in public without barking & lunging. After completing the training course, he’s learned to listen better & is so well-behaved, especially when we’re out in public! I think the training boosted my dog’s confidence too because he’s not as jumpy or stressed as he used to be around other dogs or crowded environments. Best place to get your pup trained for sure!!
— Sophia Steele
Posted May 2nd 2024
I have used dog training elite for BOTH of my dogs’ training. I have a Bernese mountain dog and a German shepherd. The trainers are so so patient not only with the dogs but with their humans too. My second dog just “graduated” his obedience training today! I love having the confidence to be able to take both my dogs on a walk and know that they know what to do. Training has also helped get my GSD’s endless energy out, which has been so great! I would recommend DTE to anyone who has a dog!
— Lindsey Deligny
Posted April 29th 2024
10/10 would recommend. I was a skeptic with what I was convinced was a hopeless "tough case" German Shepard /Bernese Mtn Dog. Hyperactive, barked at guests, barked at us, wouldn't recall, chased the cat, picked on our other dog, actually ate more than one steak off the counter.. etc. Treats or food were the only thing this dog would cooperate for. And don't get me started on leash pulling. DTE helped my dog trust me and build up his own confidence; while teaching me how to guide him and love him the whole way. I cannot tell you how satisfied we are with his progress. Our dog is WAY calmer, holding commands and learned a few new ones. It's improved all of our lives. We are so grateful for Dog Training Elite Update SC. If you don't think you have time.. I promise you do, and your dog will love you for it.
— Gabby Kreiger
Posted April 26th 2024
Great trainers who know what they are doing, They know how to get the best dog out for the best life of the dog ! Had only 3 lessons so far with astonishing results for my German Shepherd ! Looking forward to the seemly unlimited capabilities.
— T TM
Posted April 23rd 2024
We adopted a 4 yr old 86lb labradoodle this past summer. Trevor had been abandoned by his first family. He was full of love but had no boundaries! I was walking through downtown Greenville about 3 months ago and passed by 2 gorgeous golden retrievers taking place on a statue. I turned around and saw Danny, the trainer, from a distance. I asked, “are you a dog trainer?” I called Dog Elite the next day. Hands down, THE BEST investment we have made. Trevor has soared in his training! The dog we swore would ruin our home and maybe our marriage has become an absolute delight! Danny, Casey, McKenzie and Sydney are knowledgeable, easy to work with and crave to see success with your pet. We did the in home program which helped us in our own environment. Thank you Dog Elite! Trevor has manners and boundaries now! We are a MUCH happier family.
Posted April 5th 2024
Unbelievable how much our dog has improved! You get what you pay for. They are the best!
— Zach Molter
Posted March 9th 2024
This dog training program was life-changing for us and our dog Maple. Maple's main issue was recall. We would spend an hour just trying to catch her at a dog park to leave. We were skeptical at first because we felt we had tried everything and we didn't think anything would improve her recall but we were pleasantly surprised. After 6 home visits with Dog Training Elite, Maple is like a whole new dog. She gets more confident everyday, she will come, place, sit, stay, and heel. This experience has given us more peace of mind and her more freedom. Huge thank you to Mackenzie and Sydney for all they did for us and Maple. They were so professional and kind and we could tell they enjoy what they do. We can't wait to bring Maple to group classes. Thank you Dog Training Elite!
— Camille Ouzts
Posted March 2nd 2024
Dog training elite is absolutely amazing. Each of the trainers were always so excited to work with Nala. They were very supportive and wanted Nala and myself to be successful. Always had quick and helpful responses to texts. 100% would recommend to anyone who wants to train their dog. Worth every penny. Nala was so happy when she graduated obedience training.
— Michael Adams
Posted February 29th 2024
I have experienced multiple ways to train my dogs. With my two now, a Border Collie and GSD, I wanted to try something different in order to work on unique training needs. My Border Collie was having behavioral issues and my GSD was just a puppy still, he's trained but needs help with distractions. I reached out to DTE to have a different experience, instead of a formal training or boarding. I was intrigued by DTE because they explained to me of having multiple options. We did day boarding camp, where you got to drop off and pick up your dog, so you still got to bond nightly, then we did in home training and we are soon starting group training. Day boarding allows the trainers to focus on your dog then teach you what they learned, and you know they are working your dog as they only have a handful of dogs at the facility that time. In home is nice because you are able to have your normal day to day distractions and environments, allowing the dog to feel comfortable but also know they need to execute the task at hand. My GSD loves to bark at the neighbors dog and we were training while the dog was out, giving him that big distraction and getting corrected in real time. The other benefit of in home is the DTE trainers bring their own dogs, allowing a new unique dog to be added to the mix. My Border Collie is not good with other dogs coming up on him in public, so we were able to experience that in a walking scenario to work through real life actions. After a few weeks of working my border collie with other dogs and his brother the GSD i have seen his anger issues calm, he is realizing whos the boss and he doesn't have to have a chip on his shoulder. We are soon starting group classes to continue training. Still more to work on with both but because you get so many sessions in your package we will be continuung our training in the weeks to come. DTE is not just the cookie cutter classes or experience, if you want to work with a team that cares and is willing to work with you and your dog this is the team to use.
— Christine Rowland
Posted February 24th 2024
We got our sweet Bella at 5 months old. She came with high anxiety and no manners having her mom die at 3 weeks old and living most of her time outside with her large litter. Our vet recommended Elite and we are so happy we did it. Bella is a very different dog who continues to gain confidence every day and with each new experience we expose her to. She is well mannered and has become the pup we knew she could be. Jared and each trainer are so very knowledgeable and caring with each dog they train. We are excited to continue in group classes for the next 6 months.
— John Thomas (John and Susan)
Posted February 3rd 2024
DTE has been a wonderful experience! We needed help with excessive puppy biting that did not end at the 6-month mark, resource guarding, and pulling on the lead. DTE helped us with all of these things and more. All of the trainers are wonderful with dogs and humans! Their communication was excellent! They were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I highly recommend them!
— Shannon Papadopoulos
Posted February 2nd 2024
I can not say enough great things about Dog Training Elite - Upstate SC! They worked wonders with, Riley, our high energy and uncontrollable dog that had developed bad habits like opening the dishwasher to reach food on the counter! Jared, Mackenzie, Danny and Sydney are amazing instructors. They were all professional and personable and made us feel at ease leaving our baby with them all day! At the end of each day they gave us a summary from the day and videos of her performing the new commands. Riley has learned so much in just 1 week of training and the behavior changes are amazing!
— Paige Hughes
Posted February 2nd 2024
Dog Training Elite of Upstate SC has top notch training options and phenomenal communication!! I knew they were a fit from my first inquiry. Their knowledgeable trainers cultivate an interactive positive learning environment that guided me and our pup back to walks, car rides and outings. Highly recommend to become part of their pack!!
— Brandi Bennett
Posted February 2nd 2024
The training with this group was amazing and life changing for our dog and our lives with him. We learned so many important details about how to handle our dog and about dogs’ behavior. We hope to go on to have him become a therapy dog. DTEU exceeded our expectations and all of the personnel were so knowledgeable and professional. We are so pleased and grateful to DTEU!!! Liz Jones
— Elizabeth Richardson
Posted February 1st 2024
This was a life saving experience. They literally saved my dogs life. I get very emotional with the progress my Luna has made and I owe it all to dog training elite upstate. I would recommend them to anyone. Don’t give up on your pups they are worth the time and effort. I have learned so much and my relationship with my pup has grown even more!
— Rachel Blong
Posted January 26th 2024
I can not say enough great things about Dog Training Elite - Upstate SC! They worked wonders with our high energy and uncontrollable dog that had developed bad habits like opening the dishwasher to reach food on the counter! Jared, Mackenzie, Danny and Sydney are amazing instructors. They were all professional and personable and made us feel at ease leaving our baby with them all day! At the end of each day they gave us a summary from the day and videos of our dog performing the new commands.
— Paige Ellenberger Hughes
Posted January 19th 2024

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