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At Dog Training Elite Utah County, we are also passionate dog lovers! Our program is designed from 40+ years of dog training experience gained by Dog Training Elite's CEO, John Mestas...who has created a positive dog training experience which stands apart from any other programs. What began as a small movement in the dog training world has gained incredible momentum. Dog Training Elite has attracted attention from both clients and trainers with our unique, successful in-home training model.

Dog Training Elite has developed a highly successful Utah County dog training program that empowers dog owners and their canines to work together, creating strong bonds and sustained obedience.

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Not all training packages may be available at our Dog Training Elite Utah County location, please reference our pricing page for complete information on services offered.

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Our Balanced Theory

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after proper conditioning), when the owner says "sit," the dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

  • Empowering Owners
    We empower Owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.
  • Personalized
    We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.
  • Environment Specific
    We train wherever issues tend to arise (i.e. jogging, park, home).
  • Supportive
    We support Owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").
  • Involved
    We work with all members of the household.
  • Simplified & Customized
    We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 20 min/day follow-up practice.
  • Continued Training
    Additional programs / group sessions offered after in-home training.
  • Lifetime Investment
    We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.
  • Satisfaction Ratings
    Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.

We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

I highly recommend Dog Training Elite!! Brock has made the most amazing changes in just a week! I couldn’t do this alone! Jake is incredible and patient with my pup. Even though my Lab was crazy… he’s learning how to be an absolute gentleman! I am so impressed with everything at DTE!

Posted September 6th 2023
I am seriously blown away by how effective this training has been for our dog just after 5 weeks. Every trainer we’ve interacted with was extremely nice, informative, and we can tell they really care about our dog! Our dog’s behavior has changed tremendously, he listens to us more than he ever has in the 7 years we’ve had him. My wife and I were sort of nervous to spend this much money on dog training (we spent almost all of the money we have saved) but after seeing the results, we are so happy that we did. 5 stars isn’t enough!
— Mike Mazda
Posted August 27th 2023
Dog Training Elite Utah County is without a doubt the best option for dog training, I am so extremely happy with my experience. Before I started training, taking my dog, Finley, out caused me a lot of anxiety because I never knew if or how she was going to react. Then I made the best decision ever and hired them to help me with training and the results are incredible. Evan and Ryan were wonderful and helped me help Finley live her best life. I could not be happier with how well-behaved Finley is, while still being able to show her very goofy side!
— Katie Watson
Posted August 3rd 2023
These folks are compassionate and will also be honest with you. They are flexible yet structured. They are fun and serious about what they do. They are personal and professional. You know a thing is full of goodness if it can hold paradox and nuance and adjust to context. I trust them a lot and appreciate what they teach me. I have trained service dogs myself before but I got this new pup and my old methods weren't working with her so I took the leap to get into a beginners mind and learn a new way of doing and thinking about things with these folks and I'm glad to add this to my toolkit for working with my super smart independent pup. This is a passion of mine and they met me with their passion and helped me do far more for myself and my dogs than I was anticipating. It wasn't just helpful and liberating, it was therapeutic to trust them and myself working with my girl. If you put in the work they ask you to do, you will see results. It's the best part of my week. Highly recommend these people (Evan, Ryan, and Deidre) and the organization as a whole as well. Made me want to work for/with them...
— Jill F
Posted July 21st 2023
Our cute little puppy was seriously struggling after we brought a new baby home. He was nipping at my older kids, not listening, and totally testing his boundaries. We were very close to re-homing him but decided to try dog training elite. I loved that they did the free in home session and they had so many good reviews. I would 100% recommend to any dog owner!! Simba was an entirely different dog even after just one session. We had Ryan as our trainer the entire time and he was the best. We never felt any judgment on our serious lack of knowledge with dog training and he always checked in to make sure we understood and see if there were questions. You can tell he has a passion for animals and really wanted the best for Simba and our family! I love that once the personal training ends we have group classes and there is an open communication forever that we can call or text with any dog training questions that might come up. It is worth the investment for your pup and I feel like now we can have a well behaved pup that we feel comfortable taking anywhere and can really be part of the family!
— Jennilyn Wihongi
Posted July 11th 2023
We are so happy with our experience with Dog Training Elite! We just finished all of our private lessons and the change we have seen in our dog is amazing. We adopted an 5 year old pit bull mix and she lacked basic obedience and was very nervous and reactive with other dogs. In working with the trainers at Dog Training Elite we have helped her learn how to navigate those stressful situations, and we have learned how to handle them as well! We are now confident taking her on walks or to parks, she is now more obedient than most the other dogs we know, and we even recently introduced to her my parent’s German Shepherd (we tried before finding Dog Training Elite without success which was one of the things that lead to us making the investment in training, but I’m telling you, with the tools they give you it’s like night and day)! She is doing so well and I can’t recommend Dog Training Elite enough! We are excited to start group lessons.

Posted June 26th 2023
Some of the best money I have spent! We have an 18 month old Goldendoodle named Maple. She was not behaving well - pulling on walks, jumping on house guests, barking at strangers on walks. It was to a point where I had to mentally prepare myself for her evening walks. We knew we had an issue that needed to be fixed. After doing some research I found this company. Evan the owner will come to your home for a consultation with your fur baby and recommend the program he thinks suits them best. We purchased the 5 in-house trainings and our trainers name was Ryan. He did such an amazing job and quite honestly I feel like we have a totally different dog. I take her on multiple walks a day, have no anxiety when company comes over. I am blown away with the results. Thank you Evan and Ryan! Appreciate all of your help!
— Jonni Glassman
Posted June 21st 2023
Ryan was so helpful at training Coach and wanted to make sure we were successful! He was always willing to stay a few minutes past the end of our lesson to answer any questions, as well as teach us extra tips and tricks for our training. We could not have gotten our amazing results without Ryan and Dog Training Elite. I highly recommend them to everyone!!
— Jackson Gardner
Posted June 4th 2023
very informative and helped me in deciding what to do for my dogs :)
— Marie Good
Posted May 26th 2023
These guys know there stuff! It has been life changing for our family as first time dog owners. Dallin, Jake and Casey we do helpful and I could tell they really loved working with our labrador retriever. Thank you. Thank you

Posted May 21st 2023
We love Evan and Dog Training Elite more than words can explain!! I have been astounded by the support system that this group has to offer. We have an especially difficult and aggressive dog that we are in the process of training. After just one in-home lesson, Evan has dropped what he is doing to come to our home and teach us training tricks… TWICE!! I have never worked with a company/program of any kind that cares for their clients the way that Evan does. He always says, “we’ve got your back” and I know that he means it. I would recommend DTE to anyone, there’s no one else I would rather have train my dog.
— Tali Skabelund
Posted May 13th 2023
We've tried dog training before with a different company but gave up due to no results. When we tried DTE we were skeptical but even just the free hour-long consultation with Evan showed us this place cared more than the other. We also noticed results after the first session. We worked with Deidre, Ryan and Evan to train our dog as a service dog for PTSD clients we work with. They are a great team and each of them know how to cheer you on and encourage more from you and the dog. Plus, they focus on building confidence and, when you're the only handler/dog in a public space with good behavior it really goes to show how much hard work the team and us put in. We could not recommend these guys more!
— Zachery Linscott
Posted April 29th 2023
We worked with Ryan for our in home sessions with our two Malamutes! One malamute is 4 years old and the other is 10 months old. Ryan was awesome to work with! We’ve had a great experience and seen major changes in the behavior of both our dogs. We highly recommend Dog Training Elite. They were always on time, professional, and eager to answer any questions! We work at least 15 minutes a day with our dogs on their training. Some weeks are better than others, but it’s surprising how fast they picked everything up! The only issue that we’ve run into is that the dog collars are very inconsistent when it comes to having a thick coat like our malamutes have. We switched to longer prongs and have ordered some winged tipped prongs to see if it can make better contact with their skin. A lot of the frustration we had with our dogs behavior has completely disappeared. We can’t wait to continue working with them at group classes!
— Cody Ward
Posted February 19th 2023
Evan and Ryan were excellent. Spent plenty of time answering my questions and always make themselves available. Their training dramatically improved my relationship with my dog. My dog is awesome, but you know, he's a dog. He does annoying things. Now that I have the tools and methods to communicate with him, the frustration is gone! This was easily the best money I've spent on anything dog-related.
— Tyler Smith
Posted February 10th 2023
Our 1 year old Rottweiler, Bear, completed Elite Training Camp with trainer Erin. This experience was an absolute life changer! Erin was amazing and made sure that she helped address the unique issues that we were experiencing. Before training, we had reached the point where we dreaded taking Bear out in public because he didn’t listen to us and was hard to manage. At home, he was always trying to assert his dominance. That all changed after working with Erin. She taught us how to get the very best behavior from Bear. We are happy to have such a well behaved dog and Bear is happy that he can go more places with his family. I absolutely recommend Erin and DTE.

Posted January 31st 2023
This is hands down, the best training place you could do with your dog. They have an amazing program and it is a game changer for having an obedient dog. Evan runs a great program and our trainer Deidre was so awesome. They are so professional and are really there for you. So nice! Everyone who interacts with our dog is so impressed by her behavior.
— Tina Sterzer
Posted November 26th 2022
Our Staffie had some major Aggression and obedience issues; with him already being 5 years old and with recently bringing a newborn home, we were nervous and knew we needed help correcting our dogs bad behavior. A friend highly recommended Dog Training Elite and we could not be more grateful. We have learned how to fix the hierarchy in our family pack as well as how to communicate better with our Staffie and now feel like we are in control. We highly recommend Dog Training Elite to any one needing help with aggression or anxiety to basic obedience. The trainers are excellent and put your mind at ease when you are nervous in those first few appointments. The trainers are sure to make sure all of your concerns are addressed and teach you the tools to achieve success with your dog. We will be putting our second dog into obedience training next and we are very excited. Thank you Dog Training Elite!!!
— Milani Hedquist
Posted November 16th 2022
We were on the verge of putting our dog down due to multiple instances with aggression and not wanting to have another family have the same problem. We were in tears for days about what to do. Then I got a recommendation from a friend to check out DTE and they offered a free consultation and so we decided to check it out. Evan and Ryan came over and he came in and talked to us and observed our yorkie, Chewie. After talking with us he asked if we wanted to go see his dog in the truck and see what the Training has done for his dog. I was floored by the obedience and submissiveness of his dog Echo. But was still unsure it would work for my dog and be worth the money. Evan told us to think about it and see if it was a good fit for us. No pressure from it at all but the confidence he has that it would help. Is what ended up selling us. So we signed up and started our training and our experience with our dog changed overnight. He got knocked down on the food chain from thinking he was large and in charge to realizing we were the owners and he needs to listen to everyone in our family. No matter the age. It has been a game changer for us and our family. We had never had a dog before and were lost at what to do and they helped us not only learn, but understand and implement. We had issues come up along the way and the owner came over immediately that day to address it and help correct his behavior and help us know what to do. The trainers, Ryan & Deidre, were always very good at explaining what they were doing, how the dog reacts, why he behaved or was acting a certain way to the training and they were gentle, kind, and patient during the whole process. I would recommend Dog Training Elite to anyone looking for help with their dog. It is a game changer for me and my family and I know it will be for you too. It was worth every dime and we are only through the inhome training. I look forward to continuing with it all in the group lessons too for the next 12 group lessons. So glad we found them and the confidence and help this team brought us was phenomenal. Highly recommend.
— Jessica Bentley
Posted November 9th 2022
Loved working with Ryan and Deidre, they are super knowledgeable and honest! I would highly recommend going with this company to train your dog! I see a huge difference with my dog!
— Mario Garcia
Posted November 3rd 2022
I own a year-old wire terrier (or Terror) mix, and I love her to pieces. However, my husband has had a stroke and needed our dog to be a lot calmer...and I was super-hesitant about any trainer being NICE enough to my dog, my little blond-haired Winnie. Well, I agreed to a home evaluation and was instantly impressed with both Evan and Ryan. You could tell they knew dogs well, and Winnie fell in love with them both, so I signed up and couldn't be more grateful. I loved the six visits to my home, and Winnie has learned so much about obeying simple commands, and she still loves both me and my husband. It's been a win-win situation all around.
— Kathy Farnes
Posted November 1st 2022

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At Dog Training Elite Utah County, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite Utah County work's with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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